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The ghost of a murdered woman allegedly roams the park and can be seen in the hour leading up to midnight.

If you've had a paranormal experience here, or have any additional information about this location, please let us know!

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    Geographic Information

    306 S Jefferson Ave
    Mesa, AZ
    United States

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    33.40979799999999, -111.67935299999999
    Maricopa County, Arizona
    Nearest Towns:
    Gilbert, AZ (7.5 mi.)
    Apache Junction, AZ (7.5 mi.)
    Mesa, AZ (8.3 mi.)
    San Carlos, AZ (10.8 mi.)
    Queen Creek, AZ (11.4 mi.)
    Chandler, AZ (11.8 mi.)
    Tempe, AZ (13.3 mi.)
    Fountain Hills, AZ (14.1 mi.)
    Scottsdale, AZ (14.4 mi.)
    Tempe Junction, AZ (15.2 mi.)


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    1. A friend and I read about this park on this website years ago and decided to go. We arrived around 11:30 pm and we’re both too scared to leave the car so we just rolled down the windows. Shortly after 12 am we both heard a very loud woman’s scream coming from inside the park. We could see that there was no one in or around the park. Normally I don’t actually believe in this sort of stuff but I can’t deny what we both heard! Super scary!

    2. I went to Jefferson park today at 11:15 pm. I heard someone behind me that said boo i also felt someone breathing on me at the same time. then i also saw a white shadow by the light by the bathrooms. seen a lot of shadows. i heard a women scream and say no. then i smelled by the back of the bathroom and it smelled like rotten flesh or a dead body. i manly smelled that around the bathroom. the lights even flickered to. i do believe that there is someone there because when i heard all of this i was with two other people, all three of us didnt make a sound.

    3. I went to the Jefferson park today with two of my family members. we stayed there until 11:30 pm. I heard some one scream and say no. then i was walking with my family and i heard a female voice say boo and breath on me. then there was this black cat that was at the park. i would see that cat walking then it would disappear and then it would reappear. that cat followed us every where that we went. you would turn your head and then look back where the cat was it wasnt there. it was like that cat was following us every where we went. i seen the shadows that every one says that they seen. i smelled a rotten flesh or a dead body smell by the bathrooms. the lights would flicker on and off. then you would see a shadow fly by the would see her go from tree to tree. it felt like the ghost was trying to escape what happened to her. you would see this ghost hide behind a tree then disappear and reappear some where else. i heard a gate close twice but there was no one there or even closing the gates at that time.

    4. I went to the park tonight around 12:40ish, we visited the tiger house shortly before and met these people telling us about Jefferson park. we headed down there, there were 4 of us but only 2 of us went on a walk around. At the beginning we would think we saw something but then all of a sudden it wouldn’t be there, kind of like our eyes were playing tricks on us. there was a parking lot closer to the bathrooms so we moved our car over there. we got out and didn’t even walk halfway to the bathroom, I heard a whisper coming from my right side. at first it sounded far away and the my right ear got warm like from someone’s breath. and I asked my friend if he just said something and he said no and then he heard a whisper too. he said he heard it say shhh and I heard it say go back. right afterwards we got in the car, my left ear was really cold and my right ear where I heard the voice was warm

      • I have heard about this girl many years ago. I’m trying to find out her name. I would like to go there some night and talk with her.

    5. Me and my cousin went at one Halloween night and brought his ouija board to try to contact her. and as we got there and walked into the park it got colder and foggy and we attempted to contact her with no avail. but i did happen to see her wandering through the trees. and when we left i noticed she was watching us. as she was looking out from behind the trees closest to the main roads we where turning on

    6. My little cousin has had her birthday party here once a few years ago, after that, she was getting visited by this girl that would refer to herself as “mom”. It got to the point where my cousin was thinking that she was her actual mother. She lady would tell her to do things to hurt either herself or others. Keep in mind, my cousin was around 3 years old when this started. She woke up one day with an upside down cross scratched into her arm. She would also say that her “mom” was telling her to do things that she shouldn’t. One day, she was talking to me about how her “mom” who was a bad lady drowned her kids and killed herself. She said that the lady had one baby who survived who was now an old man. I don’t know of any other three year old who even knows of this kind of stuff. She also would tell me that the mean lady wanted to hurt her two baby brothers. One day she spent the night at my house and was saying that the lady was outside in the dog house, but she couldn’t come in because my house was protected. My little cousin and her house and family have all been blessed multiple times. The first time did not work, the priest talked about how when he did it, the lady was sitting on my cousin’s mom’s bed laughing saying “you’re not getting rid of me that easily”. I will never return to Jefferson park after these experiences. I don’t even know about it being haunted, I just don’t trust it.

    7. I live near there and celebrated my childs birthday there and there has benn some scary shit there. Fuck you hater ghosts.

    8. Jennifer Jacobs  |  

      Has no one way he’d supernatural? Salt and burn the bones /body of the woman who died there, that’s how u get rid of the spirit, well actually she’s a vengeful spirit. A vengeful spirit is the spirit of someone who hasn’t ever or hasnt/didn’t or couldn’t move on and because they were stuck they ended up becoming a vengeful spirit. And before anyone says anything yes I know it’s only a TV show but I do believe in things like ghosts/spirits and think why not, why wouldn’t it work. .

    9. Southwest Paranormal Society  |  


    10. came here tonight with my girlfriend and her friend. we arrived around 11pm and didn’t see much activity except upon arriving at the park, my girlfriends screen in her car glitched twice which has never happened before.
      we heard a low whistle and one loud noise. lots of shadow figures, white orbs and seeing things in the corner of our eyes. what scared us was around 11:50 we were in our car looking at our surroundings when we saw a figure limping, it felt like an old man but he gave us zombie vibes. he was limping towards our car and obviously we freaked and went to drive away, as we were doing so he appeared right next to the bathrooms which would of been impossible for how slow he was moving in the first place. came back around and he was gone.

    11. Went there on sat. Oct 16th/October 17th around midnight. Nothing short of a terrifyingly good time. The chick who walks fast back and forth across the southern end of the park, near broadway, and disappears in the alley? Also she had animals following her, which also vanished in the light. She walked towards the street, then doubled back, assumingly to coax the animal that followed, which it did not, so she continued on quickly, doubled back again- the animals posted up in a front yard, so she continued back towards broadway- then poof. There is an alley in the area she vanished in- but it’s super dark, crazy to think that’s where she came from or went. She had dark longer hair, 5’5”ish, skinnier build, walked fast, wearing pants and a fitted t shirt. She was accompanied by 1 if not 2 animals, chihuahuas or cats, I’m not sure. Things only got weirder after this event…….. sure there is some vagrant activity around here, but there is mos def some activity you can’t chalk that up to. We heard the screams of 2 girls, that sounded gut wrenching!! Seeing a tweaker in the park would be the best case scenario for this local

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