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The ghost of a young girl is said to haunt the locker room of the middle school. She slams lockers, flushes toilets and turns the automatic hand dryers on. Legend claims that a young girl was killed on the farmland that the school now stands on. Some locals call the little girl Lily.

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6915 E Guadalupe Rd
Mesa, AZ 85212
United States

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33.362288, -111.68397600000003
Maricopa County, Arizona
Nearest Towns:
Gilbert, AZ (6.1 mi.)
Queen Creek, AZ (8.4 mi.)
Apache Junction, AZ (8.6 mi.)
Mesa, AZ (9.0 mi.)
San Carlos, AZ (9.7 mi.)
Chandler, AZ (9.9 mi.)
Tempe, AZ (13.5 mi.)
Santan, AZ (14.5 mi.)
San Tan Valley, AZ (14.9 mi.)
Sun Lakes, AZ (15.2 mi.)


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  1. Well back in 7th grade,during p.e. I needed to go back to the locker room to grab a pencil. All alone I went to my locker and tried to unlock it. No successes. So then the lights flickered on and off then the dryers and a shower turned on. I said “fuc* the pencil” and got the hell out of there.

  2. In seventh grade I needed to take a wiz during PE so I went to my locker room. I had just made it to the toilet when the sink and hand dryers turned on, and I RAN

  3. i go to school there now im in 8th grade and there is one certain door in the school that always opens by itself and you cant open it without pushing a metal bar and the bathrooms its every single bathroom when you walk in the girls bathroom the hand dryers turn on right away

  4. I was about to leave the locker room when I came in late and I read the board and it said dress out I came back out to look at the board to see if we needed sport folio but instead the board said don’t dress out i knew for a fact that it didn’t at first bc I’m not one to halusinate but I personally think it was Lilly trying to get me to stay in the locker room longer so she could mess with me some more what do u think?

  5. I was changing in the locker room alone, because my partner was not their to open the lock and I don’t really remember the combination to her lock, so it took a while but I got it. But when I got the locker open the people were a ready gone to do spikeball or some activities, I got changed and went to the bathroom to wash my face and hands but when I started to wash my face and hands I saw the lights flicker a lot, at first I thought it was just the lights going out or something. When I was done washing my face and hands, I was about leave but once I put my hands on the door I heard the toilet flush. No one was with me, so to make sure someone was their with me I went to the bathroom to check, but no one was their with me. So that’s where I ran out of their telling myself “NOPE!”, I told my friends about the event that just happened and some of them believed me and some didn’t really. This was in 8th grade at the time.

  6. so one in P.E i had to head back to the locker room because i forgot my pedometer so i went back into the locker room where the rack of pedometers were and the air dryers went off and i heard a loud squeaking noise. at first i thought it was no big deal because maybe somebody was in the bathroom so i got my pedometer and left but the whole time nobody came out of the locker room so i started to freak out

  7. 5 years ago when I attended highland jr i had early morning practices for sports. we would have to enter thru the unlit girls locker room to go to the gym but I went in alone, there was music playing from the stereo. not so creepy until I listened to the heavy metal (???) song that was blaring scary lyrics, quite different from the pop tunes the pe teachers usually played 😉 as I walked thru, a locker door SLAMMED from the back of the locker room and I turned to look but nothing was there except 1 emergency light that showed all the locker doors open– which is weird because most people lock them?? then a hand dryer turned on and I ran out of there after that!!! never believed in the tall tale until then!!

  8. I go to this school and I just started last week. The first time I went to the locker room an automatic hand dryer went off and I was told it was Lily. This is so real and creepy

  9. spooked 8th grader  |  

    bro I go to this school and its really haunted. I went to the locker room alone for something during PE when the motion sensored hand dryers went off and I ran and literally wanted to die. I also have seen lockers close and sinks turn on and stay on. it is haunted no dout about it.

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