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This 1928 hotel is said to be haunted; the spirit of a little girl is rumored to reside on the 19th floor. A ghostly couple wearing formal attire also has been seen.

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20 W Baltimore St
Baltimore, MD 21201
United States

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39.289784, -76.61611490000001
Nearest Towns:
Baltimore, MD (0.2 mi.)
Mount Vernon, MD (0.5 mi.)
Lansdowne, MD (3.9 mi.)
Baltimore Highlands, MD (4.1 mi.)
Brooklyn Park, MD (4.2 mi.)
Charlestown, MD (5.0 mi.)
Arbutus, MD (5.1 mi.)
Pumphrey, MD (5.1 mi.)
Rosedale, MD (5.8 mi.)
Dundalk, MD (5.8 mi.)

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  1. My partner and I stayed here last night, I chose the hotel because it was historic (I work in historic preservation). Other than that, we had no prior knowledge of the hotel. At 3:30 am this morning, a quarter was lifted, dropped, and then spun on our desk. We both were taken aback, because the quarter did not fall from anywhere, it was laying flat. It also spun for a prolonged period of time, and we just laid there, in disbelief. You can imagine how this noise cut through the silence of the night. Immediately afterward, the heat came on, as there was a cold spot near the desk.

    This morning, I asked the front desk attendant about the incident. She told me it was probably the little girl playing, and that the housekeepers see her and hear noises all of the time.

    Despite all that, I would stay again.

  2. I stay here for Valentine’s Day weekend. This place is definitely haunted. It wasn’t until Sunday night my gf tried to go to the 16th floor to use the microwave but the elevator took her to the 19th floor 🙁

  3. My husband & I just returned from staying at the Lord Baltimore for a wedding. We heard from some people that the hotel was haunted. We went to the 19th floor out of curiosity and did not see anything out of the norm. We left early Sunday morning at 7:00 am. I pushed the down button for the elevator. When we got in my husband hit “L” for lobby. All of a sudden my husband said “Look what floor we’re on!!” I looked up and we were on the 19th floor but the doors were not opening. My husband said “Should I hit the open door button?” I said “NOOOOOO!” I pushed “L” for lobby several times and the elevator starting going down. It was like the little girl was saying “Come back and see me!”

  4. My husband and I stayed 3 nights at this BEAUTIFUL hotel while our home was being painted. The first night nothing. The 2nd night my husband was still at work and I was the only person in the hotel room. While in the shower I kept hearing a noise like something hitting the floor many time repeatedly. I thought it was my husband but why was be making so much noise? So I turned the shower off the noise stopped I called out to him heard nothing back so I jumped out looked outside the bathroom and no one was there and the room door was locked. So I thought was that the shower? So turned the shower back on and didn’t hear it again nor thought of it again. So about 2 hours later my husband arrives to the hotel and he said he wanted to take a shower while I went to pick up dinner. I went to go get dinner. He said when I got back something weird just happened to me? I said what remembering what happened to me in the shower. He said while in the shower he heard a noise like something hitting the floor. He said it happened like back to back 4 times just like mine except mine was 7-12 times. He said he turned off the shower to yell out to me and he said before he could open his month he heard it 4 more times. He said it sounded like someone bouncing a ball. He then opened the door and no one was there. He said he was creeped out. I said OMG and told him my story and when he said bouncing a ball I knew that is what I heard. we both were creeped out for about an hour but forgot about it. The last night was the worst so we went to bed about 9pm and about 11pm turned the TV off. My husband was asleep and I was right after the TV was turned off. We both were awaken around 2am by the sounds of someone running up and down the halls and that noise of someone bouncing a ball. Both VERY creeped out my husband looked out to the hallway the noise was gone and no one out there. We laid back down and fell back asleep then about little after 3am same thing my husband and I this time looked noise stopped and no one there we laid back down about 3:45am same noises and my husband didn’t even looked be called front desk and by the time they answered the noise stopped he told them about noise and so he didn’t sound crazy he blamed it on someone has a kid they aren’t watching the front desk said “Sir I am so sorry but there are NO CHILDREN on your floor and I don’t think we have any children guest at the hotel tonight. These type of things are uncontrollable and we have had many calls about those same types of noise from 12am until you all night on all different floors. We sometimes have these night. I can change your room for you but not sure that will help.” My husband said no that is ok and hung up. He then explained everything to me needless to say we didn’t sleep the rest of the night and surprisingly we didn’t heard anything else. Attached pic of inside hotel

  5. I was attending a conference a couple of months ago and my two friends were staying on the 18th floor and invited me up so we could meet and figure a plan for dinner. While sitting there they told me the hotel was haunted and about noises they heard from the vacant floor above. Just as I was about to roll my eyes we all clearly heard what sounded like a marble bouncing on a hard floor coming from above but on the far right side of the room. My friends said “Seeee!” A few minutes later we heard the same sound coming from the opposite far left side of the suite and it happened multiple times on both sides. Later we went up to the vacant floor to have a look and the entire floor was carpeted. Kind of creeped me out!

  6. My husband and I stayed here after a holiday party at the Ravens stadium. We arrived back at the hotel close to 2 am and when we got on the elevator, it took us to the 19th floor. We kept pushing to button for our floor, but the elevator would just close its doors and open right back up on the 19th floor. We just thought the elevator was malfunctioning so we wandered around the floor for a little while and then found steps down to our floor. Nothing else happened that night.
    I went to work on Monday and told one of my coworkers where we stayed and she said “Oh!!! Did you go to the 19th floor and play with the ghosts??”
    Instant goosebumps. Even my husband, who is a non-believer was a little freaked out.

  7. I stayed there is week for one night for a work trip. I knew nothing about the ghost stories. At 2:10 am I awoke from a dream/nightmare with four little girls, who all looked the same, playing in the hall in a white dress. I awoke and started to say my prayers. It felt like someone was in my room with me and the sheets on the bed would tighten, like someone was moving on top of the sheets. The next morning I was telling my coworker about the dream with the four little girls and then we Googled the Lord Baltimore and ghosts and were freaking out to learn about the little girl ghost. My room, on the 9th floor, also smelled really musty late in the evening and the next morning even though the a/c was on all night. We went to the 19th floor for drinks in the evening and also visited the ballroom, two places where “Molly” was often seen but I only saw her in my dreams!

  8. My daughter and I stayed here in April 2017. We were on the 14th floor, and had a lovely corner room. We went to a concert down the street and went to bed around midnight. Around 1:30 am my daughter was playing on her phone. She looked up and saw a woman walking through the room to the bathroom – full apparition! She was wearing a long sleeve dress, and she had curly hair in an updo. She hid under the covers for the rest of the night!! She didn’t tell me about it until we were half way home the next day.

  9. I stayed here 2 months ago. It was ALOT. Upon checkin I sat on the bed to take off my shoes. The safe opened by itself moving the curtain in the closet back. The tv kept turning off. The kicker was when the toilet seat went up by itself. There was pee on the rim. There was bio e traveling with me and the noise from the seat hitting the back against the cover was extremely loud. After that I prayed . It stopped until I went to sleep. Then there was someone running up and down the hallway and they knocked loud Keon my door. But no one was there. I won’t be back.

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