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Investigated by TV’s Ghost Hunters, the U.S. Coast Guard ship Taney is the only surviving combat ship from Pearl Harbor, and it was attacked 119 times by kamikaze pilots during World War II. It is said to be haunted by former crewman whose apparitions are seen and footsteps and voices are heard on board at the ship museum. Voices have been heard over the ship’s PA, which is no longer in operation.

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Geographic Information

1101 Key Hwy.
Baltimore, Maryland
United States

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39.285827212814866, -76.60631408888548
Nearest Towns:
Baltimore, MD (0.4 mi.)
Mount Vernon, MD (1.0 mi.)
Baltimore Highlands, MD (4.0 mi.)
Brooklyn Park, MD (4.0 mi.)
Lansdowne, MD (4.0 mi.)
Pumphrey, MD (5.0 mi.)
Dundalk, MD (5.2 mi.)
Rosedale, MD (5.4 mi.)
Charlestown, MD (5.4 mi.)
Arbutus, MD (5.5 mi.)


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  1. Is this that ship that is docked at the Inner Harbor in Baltimore, Maryland right in front of of the Baltimore Aquarium,,??? Then yes this ship definitely has ghostly activity. My oldest son was 5yrs old and is now 19 yrs old and my youngest son was about 6 or 7 months old, and he will be 15 in 2 months. My mom, step-dad, me, and my two sons went on a walk through of this ship cause my oldest son loved ships, sharks the water etc!! My family and I took the boys 2 the Baltimore Aquarium for which they had a blast, but before entering the aquarium my son said mommy we need 2 go on ship and I asked y and he said a man in a white suit was waving us to see the ship with a lil boy. So, I kinda just blew it off due to there were many ppl getting on n off the ship. Then again after leaving the aquarium my son begged my parents and I to take a tour cause the same man and boy was on the ship he had seen b4 going in2 aquarium . As we entered the ship my youngest son started crying n then he screamed so bad my mom took him off the ship while my son, dad, n I stayed on 4 the tour. I took video of the entire walk through and the ironic thing was that we couldn’t hear anything while on the walkthrough, but a few days later while watching the tape u heard voices!! A male voice said thank you for alerting ur mom me and donnie was on board. Come 2 find out there was a father whom had a son named donnie n the father once worked on this ship. We also heard a child’s n then a malez voice saying the same thing were sorry we scared ur baby brother and my son answers it’s OK he is just a baby n my brother cries a lot. N the funny thing is I dnt remember my son saying nothing at all. U could hear a lil boy laughing in n out n u could hear what sounded like gun fire going off in the background very loud but didn’t hear it in person only on the video. N till this day my son remembers. It’s crazy cause I heard nothing until we watched the video. Oh, and a female voice said what Piculiar clothes we were wearing!! It was odd very odd. But I know me n I just have excuses for everything but this was 1 thing I couldn’t figure out. N my son remembers what happened n about 5 yrs ago he went twice n the funny thing is, is he recorded with a voice recorder n I’ll be darned if the ghost boy apologized again 4 his baby brother and asked his life. I have the goosebumps talking bout it!!!

  2. Ok I love old naval ships and such but I swear this is the only one I’ll never go back to. I was in the room where all the fire equipment was kept with all the red helmets and naval lockers and I had this bad feeling in my gut that someone onboard had died and they didn’t want us in that room. I got that feeling and left the room as soon as I did it was gone

  3. Let me start out by saying I don’t believe in ghosts, or didn’t until now. I went here with my girlfriend on the 4th of July (yesterday) it was the last ship we visited and got on at 5 right before it closed so we were one of two couples on board. When we boarded we turned left to descend into the first lower deck. Once down there we began exploring the front portion of the boat near the captains quarters. We couldn’t go all the way to the bow because it was roped off for renovations. I turned to start walking to the back of the ship, when I turned around to make sure my girlfriend was following me I saw what appeared to be a woman walking across from starboard to port side in the roped off area, she had brown hair and was in a yellow dress and white heels. (it looked like an older type of outfit something one wouldn’t wear today unless going for a vintage look) I said to my girlfriend “Look! did you see her, how’d she get in there?” Of course when she turned around the woman had gone around a corner on the port side. Knowing the only way out form that area was through access hatches on the main deck or past where we were standing we quickly walked over to see how she had gotten in or if she was working there. (why would she be in a dress and hi heels if she was working or going up and down those steep ladders). We yelled for her “excuse me miss, how’d you get in there. Do you work here?” and there was no answer. Curiosity got the better of me and I ducked under the rope and entered the off limits area (sorry) but the woman was no where in sight. Who ever that woman was vanished into thin air or made a very quick escape through a locked hatch. Needless to say me and my girlfriend were very suspicious the rest of our self guided tour.

  4. I took my boys on this ship today around 5pm. There weren’t many people on the ship, maybe 2 other families. We walked to the boiler room which was roped off and I pointed my camera inside the room. I looked at the camera screen and saw a human figure below. I looked without the camera and saw nothing. I took this picture and you can see the human figure. I felt like someone was watching us.

  5. I was stationed on CGC Taney in the early 70s never once did I see anything that would seem “haunted. I served watches at all times of the day and night, at sea and in port. I’ve been in every corner, and compartment, nothing. As far as I’m concerned it is not haunted.

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