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This ship, built in 1797, boasts several ghosts, including: Neil Harvey, who was executed when he left his assigned station at his gun in fear during a 1799 battle with the French; Captain Thomas Truxtun, seen in an old-fashioned Navy uniform; Carl Hansen, ship’s watchman until 1965, whose ghost likes to play cards and give tours; an 11-year-old surgeon’s assistant who was stabbed to death by two sailors; and a sailor who hanged himself on board, who hovers around the gun and forecastle decks.

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301 E Pratt St
Baltimore, MD 21202
United States

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39.285729150094475, -76.61119455096923
Nearest Towns:
Baltimore, MD (0.3 mi.)
Mount Vernon, MD (0.9 mi.)
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Pumphrey, MD (4.9 mi.)
Charlestown, MD (5.2 mi.)
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  1. This ship is actually the second Constellation built in 1853. The spirit aoard this ship is from that era and not the gentleman that was executed for abandoning his post.

  2. Been on board with my daughter in about 2005. The top and middle decks are fine, but the lower deck definitely does carry a negative feeling of some kind.

  3. The lower deck has a very eerie/negative feeling i noticed something very strange the day i walked towards the ship the day is was ask to work there with my job catering for an event. I had to go to the lower deck to get cups and plates that people had left and it was so weird i felt like something was standing behind me and i felt a brush of air when i went to turn around nobody was down there i stayed on the top level the remainder of the night. Don’t gotta tell me twice i was out of there

  4. We spent the night on the Constellation as part of an immersive experience with my daughter’s Girl Scout troop. We slept in hammocks on one of the lower decks, and took turns doing the night watch duty. This consisted of one adult chaperone each hour throughout the night taking two of the kids and walking each deck of the ship twice before waking the next person to take the next group for the next watch.

    I had the 2 am watch, which was just as dark and eerie as you would imagine. There was definitely a spooky, watchful vibe on the lowest deck, which made the hair on the back of my neck rise, but we didn’t see or hear anything. The rest of the ship was silent and deserted on all levels. We had just finished our watch, and settled back into our hammocks while the next parent took her two girls around.

    The deck with the hammocks was pitch dark, except for some ambient light coming in from where the ladders went up to the next deck on either end of our deck. I was in my hammock, watching the other parent go by with her flashlight and her two kids sticking really close to her as they walked from one end of the deck to the other and then climbed the ladder to next deck. Then I froze in my hammock, because about 30 ft behind them, I saw a man with a lantern. He looked like an old man, wearing a long coat and knee length pants, He held his lantern up to light the way ahead of him. I saw him start to go up the ladder that the girls had just gone up—about halfway up, he paused as though he was listening to something. Then he just wasn’t there anymore.

    The next day, I asked this parent if she or the girls had seen anyone on their watch. She immediately got a serious look on her face and asked me why I had asked. I told her what I had seen, and she told me that she hadn’t seen anything, but had felt the whole time like someone had been walking behind her. Even though she turned and looked several times to assure herself that no one was there, she said she hadn’t been able to shake the feeling that someone was there.

    And based on what I saw, someone was.

  5. My mother and I went on US Constellation early ‘2000’s. We journeyed to the lower deck and had quite an experience. The minute that we lowered ourselves to enter the lower deck, I said to my mom that the people must have been really small, and a small man dressed in an old time military uniform met us and his reply was yes the men were really short during those days. He took us on tour telling us all the history inside the ship, pointing out medical room and all. We followed this peculiar little guy until we reached what appeared to be a semi dark area and he disappeared. I touched the wall and felt around realizing that this guy must have went straight through the walls. My mom got scared and made her way to upper deck and I followed. I thanked the people at the information desk for the tour guide in the civil war outfit, and their response was ” Mam we don’t have any tour guides even more so not dressed in civil war outfit. Me and mom still talk about our experience to this very day.

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