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This building was formerly the town morgue, and the apparition of a woman in period clothing has been seen walking around the upper floor of the building.

(Submitted by Callum Swift)

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Geographic Information

103 S H Street
Lompoc, CA
United States

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34.63801390039968, -120.45806238058498
Santa Barbara County, California
Nearest Towns:
Lompoc, CA (0.1 mi.)
Mission Hills, CA (3.5 mi.)
Vandenberg Village, CA (4.9 mi.)
Vandenberg Air Force Base, CA (8.3 mi.)
Los Alamos, CA (12.6 mi.)
Casmalia, CA (14.4 mi.)
Buellton, CA (15.2 mi.)
Orcutt, CA (15.8 mi.)
Sisquoc, CA (18.3 mi.)
Solvang, CA (18.5 mi.)


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  1. The now Denmat building on Central Ave in Lompoc. The workers downstairs say they hear children playing will the computer and chairs, and hear running from the upstairs. I was here one Sunday afternoon and heard the running and I work upstairs, this was before anyone had told me about the ghost, so it just confirmed it for me.

  2. I worked here in the late ‘80s. A coworker and I were talking on the ground floor across from the office which sits directly underneath the unused elevator shaft. We suddenly noticed a woman in a long white dress and big floppy hat (1930’s flapper style) walking around the upper balcony which surprised us because neither of us had seen her come in. As he started to walk toward the stairs, we watched as she walked to the elevator shaft, opened the side maintenance door, and stepped through closing the door behind her. We both ran upstairs to this maintenance door and tried opening the nailed shut door. To this day, I am at a loss for an explanation.

  3. I’ll definitely share my story I used to work at the Lompoc furniture mart. I was a delivery driver I must say I had captured evidence of this building being haunted. I was also fired for paying to much attention to the paranormal sightings and captures. I left a voice recorder over night in the third floor and picked it up the next brought it home to my computer to listen to the files. You won’t believe what I recorded between 11pm till 5am non stop noises voices and more. I captured a gunshot and a women screaming for help and it that scared the crap out of me since I knew there’s been many sightings of a women ghost in the Lompoc furniture mart. I truly believed she was probably murdered. I also captured voices of men talking and tools wood dragging like if someone was working but at 3am store is closed ? In a different note I’ve felt cold spots everywhere in that store you feel your being watched very creepy eerie feeling the last evp recording was the voice of a women asking please help me after that my ex manager at that time found my recorder in the ground and fired me for me not concentrating at work and focusing too much on what really goes on in that store paranormal hope you enjoyed my story feel free to reply

  4. I was at the old Lompoc Furniture Mart building this afternoon with my wife, looking at their sale items, as they were closing. Going down the stairs to the main floor I grabbed the bannister railing, as soon as I did I got the surprise of my life. I felt an electric shock and saw a woman to my left wearing an old satin dress, with her hair in a bun at the top of her head. Then she vanished. I was stunned. She was dressed from the 19th century. There where maybe twenty other people on the downstairs floor and a few on the mezzanine, but no one seemed to notice anything but me.

  5. I feel the little kids chasing me down the stairs one time in the funiture mart.I feel and looked up to my suprise i saw a lady dressed in a white dress.She scared me.10/10 definetly go there

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