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Once a major stopping over spot for celebrities on their way in and out of California, the Santa Maria Inn’s main attraction is its former star power. However, some people claim that rooms 210 and 221 are both haunted by the ghosts of former residents. Haunted activity includes the sound of footsteps, a piano that plays by itself, objects moving, doors opening and closing and other various activity.

If you've had a paranormal experience here, or have any additional information about this location, please let us know!

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    801 South Broadway
    Santa Maria, CA 93454
    United States

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    34.9437982, -120.43614830000001
    Santa Barbara County, California
    Nearest Towns:
    Santa Maria, CA (0.6 mi.)
    Orcutt, CA (5.4 mi.)
    Nipomo, CA (7.2 mi.)
    Garey, CA (7.9 mi.)
    Guadalupe, CA (7.9 mi.)
    Casmalia, CA (9.1 mi.)
    Sisquoc, CA (9.8 mi.)
    Los Berros, CA (11.1 mi.)
    Callender, CA (11.8 mi.)
    Vandenberg Air Force Base, CA (14.3 mi.)

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    1. Wayne Louie - SpiderWayne  |  

      During my stay at the Santa Maria Inn I did a live stream from room #210.
      This room is believed to be haunted by a Sea Captain that was murdered by his mistress long ago.

      While we were streaming live a couple of strange things happened like two tripod stands and a bottle of 7up fell over… hmmm this scared the crap out of my sister and I.

      The hotel and staff are really nice. It is also in two sections, the main building and the historic building. The historic building is where we stayed in room 210 but there is also another room there, room 221 with is supposed to be haunted by Rudolph Valentino.

      If you want a really good place to stay think about staying here.


    3. I stayed in the Cary Grant room in January 2014. I’d read a comment online that someone has seen an apparition of a man in a white hat in that room, so I kept a light on and let my GoPro cam run most of the night. Got LOTS of lights shooting around fast, slow, zig zagging, coiling and twisting. At one point noise in the hallway (no one there but could have been a guest). I also hung up my wet bathing suit on the shower head of the bathtub to dry out. When I came back after dinner there were muddy footprints in the tub. I’m quite sure I didn’t step in the tub, I just took my bathing suit off in the room and hung it up. But it makes me second guess that maybe I stepped into the tub? Pretty sure I did not but can’t say I’m 100% certain on that one. I mopped up the muddy footprints with a clean white towel and virtually no dirt showed up on the towel. Hmmmm.

      Anyway I also stayed in the Marilyn Monroe room a couple of weeks after that and set my camera up but NOTHING showed up on cam. So whatever happened in the Cary Grant room was not dust. Also I had goose bumps a number of times in the Cary Grant room, and when reviewing the video there were a number of times lights streaked toward me on the bed.

    4. I stayed at the Santa Maria Inn a few years ago with my family for a graduation, I had the Jean Harlow room 142 and my parents had the Carey Grant room right across rm 144. We went to the graduation came back to our rooms to relax went to eat and then at dinner my mother was telling me
      she saw a man dressed up elegantly top hat tuxedo and a black cape standing in front of the mirror in her bathroom area there is an open area with a sink and a mirror and the bathroom is in a separate room I was really not believing her but I listened to her story we went our separate ways we were leaving the following day. I went into my room turned on the Television I was sitting on the bed near a wall the corner of the room where I was sitting was getting cold so I got up to see if the window was open no I had closed it before I left I checked the air conditioner no not on it was June but not hot it was comfortable until it started getting cold so cold that I had to turn on the heater but that didn’t seem to help I walked to the other side of the room it was normal totally weird so I got my camera and I attempted to take a picture and my camera went dead I changed the batteries opened a new pack and it still wouldn’t work, I checked the whole room from the bathroom to I can’t explain what it was I guess I was getting a visit from Miss Harlow herself I read that when a ghost wants to manifest it self electronics will go dead and unexplained cold spots will happen, I was a skeptic but now I am a believer.

    5. “Look how red this is”. An EMF meter is for measuring electromagnetic fields so when they place it near a lamp or computer… Yeah it gets red… How come every time someone decides to shoot a haunting video there is always someone how repeats OGM! over and over?

    6. well two days ago we booked a room we got room 221 we searched up our hotel to discovered its haunted in room 210 and 221 we stayed in room 221 at night we thought we seen a outline of something on the empty bed but before that we had heard a loud knock on the door and heavy breathing this is not a joke if you wanna stay in that hotel stay away from those rooms unless your not afraid but Im saying if you go in there not afraid you will come out afraid

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