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Littleton Cemetery’s eerie story is about alleged cannibal Alfred Packer, who is buried here. But it’s not Packer’s ghost, it’s his goat who haunts the graveyard. Angelica the Goat, alleged to have been Packer’s spirit medium, is believed to linger in spirit here among the graves.

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Geographic Information

S Prince St
Littleton, CO
United States

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39.6039553, -105.01738869999997
Arapahoe County, Colorado
Nearest Towns:
Littleton, CO (0.6 mi.)
Columbine Valley, CO (0.8 mi.)
Bow Mar, CO (2.4 mi.)
Columbine, CO (3.0 mi.)
Sheridan, CO (3.0 mi.)
Englewood, CO (3.4 mi.)
Southglenn, CO (3.6 mi.)
Greenwood Village, CO (3.7 mi.)
Cherry Hills Village, CO (4.0 mi.)
Highlands Ranch, CO (4.3 mi.)


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  1. I don’t if it’s what I’d call haunted. The cemetery is quite quaint and peaceful located in a rather calm residential area. About a year ago a friend and I hopped on the light rail and decided we wanted to walk through it at night. It’s especially easy to access since a portion of the fence just doesn’t exist allowing easy access. We brought some essentials, flash lights and salt, although the city light illuminated it well. It was pretty and a rather nice walk about half way in. We’d stayed on the path because vaulting over headstones sucks, or tripping over the uneven ground. Half way in we passed a mausoleum and only then did we start feeling uneasy. We slowed down, silently wondering if the other felt this uneasiness. It quickly escalated when I told her it didn’t feel right, and she agreed. So we turned around and began heading, back. It started off as slow walk back, but this feeling that crept up in our spines made us speed up. It was like something had twisted itself around my spinal chord, cemented inbetween the scapulae. Our walks turned into a light sprint, and then it became worse. It was this feeling that filled my chest, this need to get out and as far away as I could. While we hurried out, some kind of stupidity possessed me to turn my head and look behind me, only to see what I was certain was a large shadow figure standing a distance from us. At that moment I turned and decided to book it out of there, my friend following me with the same desire to get the Hell out. It wasn’t until we reached the station that we began to calm down. Was this ghost? I can’t confirm or deny. I really haven’t had the desire to go back since though.

  2. Myself and a friend hopped the fence on Oct. 31st in 2015 with our digital camera’s to photograph orbs. I had heard the cemetery was “haunted” so we thought it would be fun to visit. It did not disappoint in the least. I captured about 100 photos on my digital camera packed full of orbs. I even saw faces in some of the pics. I even captured a Scottish terrier 2-3 times in different places. You could see through this dog. When I first came into the cemetery I asked permission to take pics; that I was there to pay my respects and to snap pics and leave. The only moment I felt the scene had taken a turn is when I was standing by a large tree of the main path. I begun to smell a burning smell; or something like sulfur..very distinct. Unfortunately I do believe from snapping pics in my apartment something had followed me home. I kept seeing something very black standing in my bedroom doorway staring at me. Would never come into my room.

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