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These aren’t alleged, this just happened to me personally on Dec 30, 2015, just 2 weeks ago. I came out to Denver to do some work for a couple of days. The weather was bitterly cold, 4 or 5 degrees in the mornings and maybe 20 in the afternoons. The work we did the previous 3 days were 15 hour days and nothing but sleep in between. I was saying at the Hilton Garden Inn, room 715, over a 4 day period and the last night I was there something came to me.

I was asleep, no idea of the time. I started having a dream. In my dream I was awaken by the feeling there was something/someone in the room with me. In my dream I sprung awake and saw I was in the hotel bed, white comforter, blanket, and sheet. Mine at home is blue and blue. I saw standing at the far corner of the bed a pair of brown pants, oldie time pants, not dockers or denim. They were standing there but from the waste up there was no body. I could see past the pants through where the body should have been to hotel closet and wall but they were misty/blurry.

At this point I actually wake up rather quickly and surveyed were I am. Doesn’t appear to be anything in the room with me. Now though is were the night gets weird.

I fall back asleep and in my head I heard a man hollering a women’s name. There is no dream, no pictures, just a voice and a sense of cold and snow. Its an old timey name, not a Carol or Megan. He is yelling this name with a sense of urgency. The voice had a clarity beyond anything you hear with your ears. This I’ve never experienced. After a while I’m able to wake up. The women’s name I could remember, it was so clear. I have to mention here I have never had a voice in my head other than my own.

I fall back asleep and it starts a second time. In my head/mind there is the man’s voice and its hollering this women’s name, a sister, a wife, I don’t know. Just over and over with the sense of cold and a snow storm.I wake up again, starting to freak a little bit. No dream, no pictures, just a voice hollering a name and a sense of a cold snow storm.

I fall asleep for the third time and it starts again! This is the third time I “hear” in my mind the man hollering the women’s name. Over and over. Same urgency, same blizzardy feeling. No dream, no pictures. I wake up a forth time.

I fall back asleep again. Unbelievable. I sleep the rest of the night bothered and wake up with the alarm. NOW I can’t remember the women’s name. I get ready, meet up with the rest of the team and we drive 45 minutes to the airport. On the way I try to remember her name but can’t.

I’ll call the rest of this story speculative coincidences, but the shuttle driver was too close.

At the airport we drop off the rental car, Its around 8 degrees and I shoot for the shuttles. The guys are still at the rental car drop-off. One shuttle leaves, 2 shuttles leave, what the hell they doing. One member joins me at the shuttles, 2 are still dealing with the rental car person. Bill says look at that girl walking away from the shuttles, boy her face is cherry red. I’m freezing and glance over at her. Why was she walking away from the shuttles? There was nothing int he direction she is heading. Didn’t make sense. 2 more shuttles leave. Finally the two more shuttles come up and we get on the 6th one driven but a short, older blond woman. We board and the guys say the rental claimed we hit something that marked the driver side bumper, left yellow and white scratches. We didn’t hit anything, we went from work the hotel and parked in parking garages.

Now the woman gets up and walks to the door as more people were boarding and says, “Hi, my name is Miriam, let me help with your luggage.” I practically hit the freakin floor. Was that the name I heard repeating in my head? Why were we delayed long enough to get someone with an old timey name? No other shuttle driver said a word other than “Leaving!”

We ended up having breakfast next to our gate at Colorado Trails and the final thing was it started snowing while we were waiting to board the plane.

As I said, I’ve had paranormal instances happen to me in the past but this was 4 separate instances in one night.

(Submitted by Dave M)

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  1. They were standing there, but no body could be seen from the ground up. I could see through the pants to the hotel closet and wall where the body should have been, but they were foggy or blurry.

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