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The palace is haunted by five entities, with the identity of only one apparition known. This is the spectre of Albert Humphreys, who died in a suspicious shooting accident on the third floor, and still roams the hallways of the house. The four other entities reported in the mansions are probably restless spirits from the Mount Prospect Graveyard, which was unearthed and hastily reburied some time ago.

(Submitted by Callum Swift)

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770 Pennsylvania Street
Denver, CO 80203-3619
United States

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39.7282493, -104.98049300000002
Denver County, Colorado
Nearest Towns:
Denver, CO (0.8 mi.)
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  1. A couple of years ago, a Colorado based paranormal group hosted a event at this mansion. My mother and young daughter and I went to the event and the paranormal group provided different types of research instruments for us to use during the investigation. Our group used an Ovulus and walked around the house, trying to sense the presence of anything. The Ovulus said a lot of different words that were hard to make sense of. The freaky thing that happened was that it said my daughters name and also my name, but it spelled my name incorrectly as Amy and my name is spelled Aimee. My daughter refused to hold the device after that and she was pretty upset. There was also a section of the house that was sectioned off by a long rope and the Ovulus said “off limits” while I was commenting to my mom about why it might be closed. Also, one of the investigators was down stairs setting up snacks for the tourists. She mentioned that she keeps her recorder running at all times while in the house. Later, when we all convened, she played back her recorder and the voice of a girl child said “what are you doing?” Before the investigation, there was mention of several people seeing the apparition of a child in the past. One really fun experience was when a group of us were in the small theatre downstairs. The investigator set an EMF in the center of the stage while we all sat around in a group. The investigator asked if there was a small child present. For a long while, there was no response from the EMF detector. The investigator talked about Halloween approaching and asked if the child enjoyed Halloween and if she liked candy. Honestly, the EMF detector went crazy and I also felt a type of cold spot or draft go by my arm. I physically had goose bumps. I know that people make up a lot of stories and that there are a lot of urban legends, but this experience was real. I am infatuated with the paranormal, but haven’t had much opportunity to investigate. My sister, on the other hand, has investigated in particular, an old cemetery off of Colfax. She has tons of crazy recordings and also photos of full body apparitions. In a few photos, she didn’t even know that she captured anything until she later reviewed them. There are may recordings and photos with nothing at all. She has one picture on her cell phone, of a women in a white gown and another with a young man in uniform. I don’t mean to be disrespectful, but don’t understand how other people don’t believe that there is ghosts and that there is something else after death. There is so much evidence.

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