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Lincoln College is rumored to have ghosts in the 1866 University Hall, where a face appears in the bell tower and white misty forms appear in the windows. The ghosts, whose footsteps also are heard from time to time, are believed to be a boy and girl who passed away in the late 1800s. Also, in Olin Sang Hall, a poltergiest tinkers with the electronic equipment and closes doors.

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300 Keokuk St
Lincoln, IL 62656
United States

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40.15696823980603, -89.36134350293287
Logan County, Illinois
Nearest Towns:
Lincoln, IL (0.6 mi.)
Broadwell, IL (7.5 mi.)
Hartsburg, IL (7.7 mi.)
Beason, IL (8.9 mi.)
Atlanta, IL (9.8 mi.)
Mount Pulaski, IL (10.9 mi.)
Elkhart, IL (11.4 mi.)
Chestnut, IL (11.7 mi.)
New Holland, IL (11.8 mi.)
Emden, IL (11.8 mi.)

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  1. Aleczander Sisk  |  

    I heard there is a lot of activities going on in the Lincoln college theater in the music room I checked it out for myself I stopped at the music room`s door and I had an awkward feeling that some one is watching me people say that this girl named Mary died in that room and I also heard that a lot and I mean a lot of activities is going on in the basement of the theater thank you for letting me comment.

  2. I used to go to school there and I stayed in Hoyle hall and at night like around 3 or 4 I’ll hear footsteps in the hall or someone would knock on my door and there were none at the door nor a shadow at the bottom of the door. I also used to hear marbles roll across the floor real late at nite.i did have English in university hall and when I go to the washroom it alway felt like someone was wit me so I stop goin by myself or wait til class was over. so yes I believe Lincoln college is hunted

  3. I used to go to college here. I lived in Olin sang…. It’s not there anymore for an odd reason. But- yes. I have experienced some ghostly activity. The ghost would unplug my roommates and my computers…. We’d be watching tv and the tv would randomly shut off or turn to snow. Creepy for sure. Rumor has it that there used to be a house built on that ground before the dorm…. And there was a little girl who died in the fire.

    • Grace Lukoskie  |  

      I live in OS as well. On the second floor two door down from 218. My dad had done a paranormal investigation in this building over the summer and he has heard his name on one of the equipment. I myself have seen the door of 218 opening and closing by itself at 2 in the morning. I’ve seen this electrical box by that room swinging by itself, and a shadow of a girl in the restroom at 1130 at night, and made all the lights flicker crazily.

  4. I use to go to Lincoln College and use to live in Olin Sang and one day I was watching a movie and it was on pause so I can go to the bathroom and when I came back it as still paused. I turned around for one second and all of a sudden, the movie started playing and the remote was on the other side of the room. I had told my family and friends and no one believes me.

  5. I went to lincoln college in 2006 for a simester i lived in olin sang, in the only room that had carpeting, supposedly it was the room that a girl had burned to death in after falling asleep smoking a cigarette it was almost nightly that my window unit ac would kick on by itself, or my tv would turn on change several channels and then turn off. I wish i could re member the roo. Number, but when you entered the builing from the entrance right off the street it was the second room on the right when you came up the stairs. I remember talking with a couple girls who had shared that same room in the previous year and they showed me a picture they captured in that room and in the picture behind them, clear as day, was an image of a disfigured face. I have heard rumors about university hall but can definetly attest that olin sang was indeed haunted, however it was never scary or incomfortable, inconvenient at the most.

  6. Grace Lukoskie  |  

    I was exploring on the third floor of University Hall, with permission of one of the secretaries on the first floor. I knew immediately when I got into an old classroom that there have been people up there before, signing their name on the chalkboards. I heard that it was haunted. The area alone gave a creepy feeling, but it didn’t bother me. I was up there for about a half hour alone. I was feeling brave, and asked if there was someone on that floor with me, that they would move something. There was nobody on the second floor either. I heard what sounded like either footsteps or a heavy wooden door creaking very loudly. I walked to the other side of the room to where my backpack was and speed walked out of there. The noise didn’t stop until I was on the landing of the second floor. That was last week. Last semester, I was returning a pair of dress shoes to the dressing room in the Johnston Center after a choir performance. I had to turn on all the lights before going down there so I could see. I walked halfway up the steep wooden steps, and forgot to turn the lights off. So I turn off the dressing room light. I was about to turn off the greenroom light. I heard this high pitched laughing. It was so clear and it sounded like it was in front of me .I was the only one down there in a physical realm. I flew up the steps, forgetting to turn off the greenroom light.

  7. i went to lincoln college from 2007 to 2009 and i had class in university hall at the top and i would always see someone walk past the doorway and if your standing outside at night and look up you can see a girl looking back at you out the window!!!! i heard she hung herself up there i also was told by the security guard Steve that the school was built on top of a old Indian burial ground

  8. I have multiple experiences when I was there I was part of the express and dressing room was particularly haunted I had forgotten some equipment and a mirror fogged up and it said leave now. I never went down there alone again. another thing I witnessed was a little girl starring back at me late at night in the university hall and the basement of university hall I was told a murderer used to live there and you definitely feel a presence there. I never went to the bathroom in university hall ever.

  9. I went to Lincoln College from 2007-2011 as a Theater Major and worked there another 2 years as a shop fireman and technically advisor. I basically lived in the theater and, by proxy, University Hall. I have seen countless unexplained occurrences and heard many a sound or voice when there was absolutely no one in the buildings. I watch a student get knocked flat on her back and recieved a hand print on her face from the strike. I was pushed up a slant in a prop wheelchair after joking about there being a ghost in University Hall. Many a story in this man’s life from that campus. Ask specifics if you would like in depth stories.

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