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Former head nurse Edna Alcorn was jilted by her lover for a woman with red hair; long after her death, she is known to be feisty with anyone with the same hair color (usually shutting off lights and locking doors). The other ghost seen here is that of a sailor usually sitting in the same seat of the auditorium.

(Submitted by Chris Berglund)

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11206 Lexington Dr
Los Alamitos, CA 90720
United States

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33.798446, -118.05444130000001
Orange County, California
Nearest Towns:
Los Alamitos, CA (1.1 mi.)
Cypress, CA (1.6 mi.)
Rossmoor, CA (2.0 mi.)
Hawaiian Gardens, CA (2.5 mi.)
La Palma, CA (3.3 mi.)
Stanton, CA (3.5 mi.)
Westminster, CA (3.9 mi.)
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Artesia, CA (4.9 mi.)


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  1. their is also more thing in the base the theater has more that two ghost their is a story that a man got killed in the theater and the people how killed him chopped his body into peaces and put it up stair were the theater was and .you could still see the Stan of blood on the sealing.their is also to be said in the theater ,rotting flesh orders ,lights turning of and on,seeing some one run across the stage with no one on their. Their are story’s about the chapel in the base it had to go through and exorcism but it didn’t work . The first priest they called up to do the exorcism said that he wasn’t able to do it that the entity of many spirits was way to the mane part of the base their is said to be a little boy how is dressed in pants and a striped shirt is said to be seen in the base by a bonch of people.thought their is some thing very strong their from what i felt going over their with my uncle ,thier are still a lot of more entitys in that area than we think.

  2. I know that they’re are many other spirits that haunt the base, but I think that this is the voice I heard. It was early in the morning my buddy and I were at work getting ready to start our day. It was bring your dog to work day so I made a joke about the family of coyotes that live in the airfield being our pets then we heard a woman laughing behind us. We both froze and looked around but couldn’t find anything or anyone and at that time no one else was there or could even get in the building without keys. I have also experienced hearing doors slamming and people running down hallways after everyone had left for the night. I’ve also talked to other soldiers who claim to have seen a sailor in WWII era uniform hitchhiking.

  3. I worked there as a civilian. Yes, the place is very haunted. I’ve heard, felt, seen, strange things. The air is thick and cold no matter what time of the year. A lot of accidents happened there and a lot of people were victimized sexually when they had a bar, reception room and hotel for troops. It was just barely functioning before they updated and remodeled most of the buildings. Everything was original and held a past that was ingrained into the walls and furniture and the atmosphere. It has all been updated. When I was working there it ran down and falling apart. The place holds a lot of sad memories. Too many to tell.

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