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One story from this cemetery involved a group a teenagers using a ouija board in the 1980’s; at midnight, they jokingly tried to summon a ghost, but instead brought something onto them much more sinister. They said they were surrounded by fog, but an invisible force manifested and charged after them (only visible because the form could be seen parting the fog). Anyone feeling brave (or outright stupid) can try again to see if the ghost is still there.

(Submitted by Chris Berglund)

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Geographic Information

4471 Lincoln Ave
Cypress, CA 90630
United States

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33.83278750000001, -118.05560600000001
Orange County, California
Nearest Towns:
Hawaiian Gardens, CA (1.0 mi.)
La Palma, CA (1.1 mi.)
Cypress, CA (1.5 mi.)
Cerritos, CA (1.8 mi.)
Los Alamitos, CA (2.3 mi.)
Artesia, CA (2.8 mi.)
Rossmoor, CA (3.7 mi.)
Buena Park, CA (4.1 mi.)
Stanton, CA (4.2 mi.)
Lakewood, CA (4.7 mi.)


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  1. Many years ago my daughter and I went to the cemetery to place flowers at my father’s grave (niche). I was cleaning the plaque and my daughter who was about 10 years old, went to collect some pine cones. I could see where she was and no one else was in the area, all of the sudden she ran up to me, grabbed my hand and told me we needed to leave now. She was white as a ghose and freaking out, I asked what was wrong and she just keep saying we had to leave. We got in the car and started to head for the gate, she kept saying we need to get out of here. When we were halfway home, she told me she was gathering pine cones and felt like someone was standing behind her, when she turned around she saw a very tall figure, in a black hooded cape watching her. When she turned around to run to me, the figure had moved to the other side of her.
    She is now in her twenties, and if we go to the cemetery she will either stay in the car or not leave my side. I have always seen and felt and have heard things that are not visible to other people. I was told by a physic many years ago that spirits, were drawn to me and my three children also have this happen to them. We have had many experiences and as I tell my children, don’t fear the dead, it is the leaving you have to worry about.

  2. My husband and I were at the foest lawn Cypress for my great gma funeral. While we were there we went looking for his grandparents graves which were in the same area. He went right I went left and we were talking about where they might be and both heard….
    Over here.
    At the same time an where we met in the middle that’s where they were. Was kinda cool

  3. Around 2009, my cousin and I visited cypress for a week for business. We were always into ghost hunting, so we decided to load a map and list of haunted sites in cypress for us to drive around. While going from one spot to another we happened to drive by forest lawn. We only drove through the (horseshoe) drive way to snap a couple still photos and maybe catch an orb.

    About 2-3 miles down the road we stopped at a light. It was about 2:50AM. No one was near and we were alone in the middle of a large intersection. All of a sudden BOOM as a HUGE load of water drops onto my front windshield. I immediately got out to look around if I was being pranked. And no one was in sight. My cousin and I both tried to make sense of what might have happened as this was no small splash. It was as if someone opened a 5 gallon jug of water over my car. HUGE.

    By this time our light had turned green so I proceeded through but immediately made a U-turn to remain in the area. This time I was in the middle lane. A van pulls up with a single older white male. Then he turns through. My cousin and I were looking out for anyone in area. Then while I’m looking left and he’s looking right. SLAM! A huge hit on my car. I again get out ASAP to look behind but no one was around. I checked the back and not a scratch. It was loud like it would sound if you were sitting inside the car while someone slammed the trunk. We returned to the hotel right after and went through the pictures. Not a single orb or anything until the very last picture and clear as day was a black and white hovering face in the window of the flower shop at forest lawn. An older bald male. This was not a picture in a frame or any other rational explanation for a face to be where it was at. But til this day I can not make sense of any of those incidents.

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