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At Knott’s Berry Farm, many places are rumored to be haunted. At Camp Snoopy, Peanuts Playhouse is rumored to be haunted. Employees have reported chills, voices, lights that go on and off when the power is off, and the felling of someone following them. Also, the Kingdom of the Dinosaurs ride is believed to be haunted by a maintenance worker who died here in a fire years ago, and the apparition of a young boy has been seen there as well. There was once a parachute ride that is no longer in operation and is said to be haunted by a man who jumped to his death from it in the 1980s. And on Virginia’s Gift Shop’s second floor, the employee breakroom, witnesses have heard unexplained noises and felt cold breezes, and doors are said to open on their own.

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Buena Park, CA 90620
United States

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Orange County, California
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  1. In high school we sang @ Knotts. My friend & I got stuck, in the dark, on Kingdom of the Dinosaurs. We kept feeling touched & thinking we heard people coming to help but no one came. Finally we just got our of our car & went out an exit door. We decided not to tell our friends or teachers about our creepy encounter.

    • At night the silver bullet ride after me and my friends closed the ride, the ride started by itself and we saw what looked like a person inside the booth

    • Last night I stood in the knotts hotel and I experienced a paranormal activity I spirit ghost etc sat at the edge of my bed on the fourth floor and so I walked out side and spoke to a maintenance worker that’s been here 13 years and before I got to tell him what floor I was in he told me the floor I was on and then got into detail and told me about similar stories that was identical to my experience…

  2. i worked at knotts in the mid 1970’s (for a few years) and before that (from the late 1950’s thru the 1970’s), my grandmother lived across the street (on Grand and Crescent) – so we would go all the time…….i have to tell you though, having worked there “after hours” sometimes until 2 or 3 in the morning – and, as a child…….NEVER having an experience (other than the fake ghost that used to fly across the graveyard in ghost town) – I wouldn’t doubt that MANY of the buildings are indeed haunted (especially considering the fact that Walter brought many of them from other ghost towns in the West and had them “re-assembled” when he expanded the park from it’s Chicken Dinner Restaurant and Preserves business…….).

  3. I currently work here. I work in the only store in Fiesta Village that has an upstairs stockroom. It was a late and I was the only person in the store. I heard a thump upstairs then what continued to be footsteps walking over me. Every time I moved somewhere downstairs, the footsteps would follow upstairs. A coworker of mine was closing a different night and heard a little kid laugh underneath one of the registers after another late night. She too was alone in the store.

  4. I used to be a Major security officer their and we and some of the people working for Jerry Shumard and Roland “the midget” Reyes would be told to “scare” employees by pretending to be ghosts and spirits. Man we had a great time making them pee their pants LOL!

  5. I worked at Knott’s from 2004 to 20011 in bulding maintenance and I have been in every creepy crack or room basements roofs secret rooms by my self late at night and have never seen or heard one thing. Sorry but I had full reign of that place and never felt threatened

  6. I was an employee between 1998 and 2002. The train tracks surrounding the park and the switch house are haunted. They were before this incident, but we lost an employee one year who was crushed between two of the train cars afterhours when the train was being “parked” for the night. I and a fellow employee were using the tracks as a shortcut out one night (against regulations), and uncannily during a discussion of the place being haunted heard what sounded like someone banging a hammer on the tracks several feet from us: We happened to be exactly where you can see from one end of the park to the other down the tracks, and there was no one there. We could hear it loud and clear. This was before the train employee lost his life. I personally have heard noises like someone stocking shelves coming from the otherwise empty second floor stockroom of the Casa California gift shop, or typing on the computer if I was stocking. I would investigate, carefully, and I WAS the only living being up there. The very heavy rolling door (Not automated) to the same shop has been said to move on its own. Closed registers have made noises like transactions being rung up. Voices, laughter, and other noises can be heard and the feeling of someone there when you know you’re alone… You wouldn’t feel threatened since this was such a fun place to work or visit: They are just enjoying the environment.

  7. My first time there was on 9/11/2016 and I couldn’t handle the feeling of many spirits at knotts. I got the worse headache from it taking so much of my energy I had to leave. When I got home I fell asleep from being so tired I was only there 3 hours but I was drained from so many spirits. I really have to do research these spirits are from late 20″s 30″s. I will do more research but I have a feeling it was people who worked on that ground @ knotts !

  8. As a former employee, I can verify that Knott’s is extremely haunted. No just the rides, but the restaurants, shops, back lots, parking areas, picnic area, hotel; all of it! They should do a ghost hunters there or something with all of the activity. There are former guests, employees, and older people who probably died on the land before the park was built. An good old Walter Knott is seen in the back lot by his old living area. If your a sensitive or above, don’t go unless you want to be slammed with spirits!

  9. I use to work at Knott’s for about 4 years from 2011 to 2014. I so are I had one Strange ghost in counter at Camp snoopy during Halloween haunt. I did my last Park service clean up in restrooms from the fiesta to camp snoopy. As I got the back restroom in camp snoopy.. near the boat ride is now at.. As I was taking out the trash in the restroom I heard a child crying. . I was alone and it was dark- having in mind that Knott’s just close. So I dropped when bag and walked out. While I was standing near the door I heard a little boy saying ” Mom” as his voice sound as if he is walking further away. So I was like ” hello” are u lost” while I was falling his voice to the dark area of where the camp snoopy boat ends. I couldn’t see him but I can hear him crying for his mom. I then rushed to a near by phone and called security. Once they got there I said I heard a child crying and I think he is lost”. Two security check the area and said that they can’t find anyone. Than he said tell me exactly what u hear.. so I did after he said what I heard was a ghost. He also said that a little boy died while walking a bring and fell in between the wood to his death. That people will hear him cry for his mom. I guess I was one of those people too

  10. I was a scenic painter for a few Knotts Scary Farm seasons. Working alone, when the park is closed to visitors and on occasion, alone. While painting a maze in Fiesta village, a shuffling, walking noise I kept hearing while inside the maze. It’s already creepy there late, but never found anyone there at the time the noises were heard. A few props continually fell over in a mock living room set for the Quarantine maze. I began wearing headphones and listening to music after that.

  11. Heard many stories in 30 years at Ketenotts. I worked grsveyard at least 15 of those years.I dont think ive seen stories about wardrobe. The Ghost there would make the room smell of roses..None of the ghosts were mean. My guys would talk to them and knew their names. I can get more exact but will talk location. Upstairs virginias…Fiesta village…kingdom of dinosaurs..I encounteted one there and also at Ind. Hall.

  12. Honestly just went to knotts a couple days ago on Wednesday with my wife, our day was going amazing until we had got on the famous “Log Ride” , ride was going amazing until we entered the tunnel on the upper level where it turns completely pitch black, SOMEBODY OR SOMETHING tried pulling my wife by her shirt into the darkness , we were going to report it but we did not want to cause a seen .. will NEVER get on that ride again! Be aware of that ride ! *Note that knotts scary farm starts on Thursday night and they do not scare during the day at all especially on the upper level of that pitch black tunnel ! Something really creepy happening at knotts .

    • Last night I stood in the knotts hotel and I experienced a paranormal activity I spirit ghost etc sat at the edge of my bed on the fourth floor and so I walked out side and spoke to a maintenance worker that’s been here 13 years and before I got to tell him what floor I was in he told me the floor I was on and then got into detail and told me about similar stories that was identical to my experience…

  13. I worked at Virginia’s gift shop in I believe 1975 as a Summer job. I did have an unusual experience in the upstairs break room. It is a very small room and when I went up for a break there was only one other person there. She was a petite woman possibly in her sixties, dressed in a very formal black suit and looked so out of place. She looked like a person from the forties or even the thirties, her short black hair was cut in a “bob”, like they did in the twenties (flappers). She did not notice me when I came in but I said “hello” and she greeted me back. I cannot recall the exact conversation but I learned that she was from Chicago. I distinctly remember she was reading a very thick small book with very thin parchment type pages, like the pages in a Bible but it didn’t look like a Bible.

    I will continue to try and recall our conversation but it was so long ago. I did not feel afraid or threatened in any way, just strange. I left and she stayed in the break room. I never saw her again but maybe someone else who worked there at that time knows who she is (or was). Very interesting experience!!!

  14. My mom used to work in the merchandise department, she said that one night she was going to the stock room to put stuff away after hours and she saw little kids playing in the inventory room. Then during haunt the fog is still clearing out, she told me that she saw bodies walking past her in the fog.

    Now I work there, but in the games department and a lifeguard at soak city. At knott’s when I close the game I’m at, I hear an adult laughing and sometimes when I turn around things are thrown behind me but so far I haven’t been hurt.

  15. Granny is watching  |  

    My granny died there and I love my granny! I wanted to marry her
    she died in soak city when she was pulled under water, and I stayed late at night and saw her there starring at me.

  16. I haven’t seen anyone comment this, but I remember walking past the Chicken Dinner restaurant when I was younger, and as I was walking past and looking in the windows I saw a woman dressed in old fashioned clothes that looked like she was checking on the guests. As I walked to the next window only inches apart, she was gone. Later I saw a picture of Mrs. Knott, and I realized that it was her I’d seen in the restaurant. Has anyone else encountered something like this?

  17. The main train is haunted and I have a photo that proves it. I just went yesterday for Mother’s Day and we were on the main train, the real one that takes you around the park. I took several photos of my 2 year old son with his cousin who is 7 while seated in the train. The last photo I took is very spooky to anyone who’s seen it. My son’s face , his left side has his entire cheek wrinkled like an old man and around his eye and cheek looks like a burned face with scars. It is a scary sight to see. I can’t help to wonder if it’s foretelling of something to come or some spirit in him. I don’t know, it’s just a scary looking photo. Don’t have the image on me

  18. Clifford Bishop ACS  |  

    From 2007 to 2010, I was a Conductor on the Ghost Town and Calico Railroad in Knotts Berry Farm, Buena Park California. I spent hundreds of days and nights in the park. Over this time, I had three definite paranormal experiences and several others that could have been.
    1) The last trip on the train, after closing is called the, “Ghost Trip” because there are no passengers on the train. One late summer evening, for the “Ghost Trip,” I blew the whistle to send the train and went to close the Main Street gates so the Engineers could drive the train back to the Round House. As the train passed through the gates, I saw a blue transparent man in the rear of the second passenger “Chama” car who seemed to be enjoying the ride. I mentioned it to a security person who told me that he was. “Ten Bones” Their code for when they know Walter Knott is in the park.
    2) Another similar night I had the same experience except this time, this blue transparent man looked straight at me, smiled, and waved.
    3) The following experience was on a Saturday afternoon, in broad daylight.
    After all of the guests leave the train, Conductors needs to, “Clear the train.” This entails One Conductor inside, and one outside walking from front to back, including the Caboose to be sure all previous guests have left the train, and nothing is on the tracks. This time I was inside.
    After high – fiving my counterpart at the back of the caboose, I shuffled through the ancient car. As I left the caboose, I saw an attractive woman in a blue dress from a century ago. In her left hand she had a matching blue parasol. She stood on the rear platform of the passenger “Durango” car on the next track. I thought it was a photo-shoot and looked for the photographer and other personnel… there were none. The woman smiled, gave a finger-wave with her right hand, and faded away. It seems to me that these ghosts are, “Resting in Peace” at a place that they love.
    Rest In Peace. R-I-P. It is a blessing we may put on the tombstones of those who we love. Assuming you want to, “Rest in Peace,” how would you achieve that?

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