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Reported to have been built on the site of an old execution site for the Spanish army, it is claimed that the soldiers who died on the spot continue to haunt the hotel to this day.

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    1234 Chartres St
    New Orleans, LA 70116
    United States

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    29.9619098, -90.05967079999999
    Orleans Parish, Louisiana
    Nearest Towns:
    New Orleans, LA (1.0 mi.)
    Gretna, LA (3.3 mi.)
    Arabi, LA (3.3 mi.)
    Terrytown, LA (3.9 mi.)
    Harvey, LA (4.2 mi.)
    Marrero, LA (5.0 mi.)
    Jefferson, LA (5.6 mi.)
    Metairie, LA (5.8 mi.)
    Chalmette, LA (5.9 mi.)
    Timberlane, LA (6.1 mi.)

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    1. Loved my recent stay. Had 2 unexplained events happen to me. By the pool/courtyard I sensed a woman- the name Helen came to mind. She seemed happy just watching all the guests enjoying herself. The last night I was there-Rm 407-had an experience. I was wakened by a blast of freezing air on my legs from my knees to my feet. Was startled the first time, thought I might be dreaming, moved closer to my husband. Within 2 minutes it happened again. I knew I wasn’t dreaming. I checked again to see that I was completely under the blankets, I was. I sat up looked around and moved even closer to my husband. I was startled, yet did not feel the need to leave my room. It happened a third time several hours later. I knew there was a spirit or entity in my room. They say sudden cold is a presence. I told my husband and friends and shared with the staff. The staff mentioned an old employee named Ellen. Maybe she was making my bed with me in it. I didn’t feel threatened, just startled. I would like to have explained it rationally but can’t.

    2. A friend and I stayed at Le Richelieu this past weekend; we were both first-timers in New Orleans. We loved the hotel, but definitely had a strange experience our second night there.

      After a day of eating and shopping around the Quarter, we came back to the hotel to rest a bit. I had just bought a new bracelet, and was wearing that on my left wrist, along with my fitbit and a ponytail holder. I put up my hair before I bathed and took everything else off of my wrists. Once I came out of the bathroom, my bracelet was on the nightstand, but my fitbit was nowhere to be found. I thought perhaps I had taken my fitbit off separately, maybe in the bathroom. I looked in there and it was not there. Then I wondered if I had lost it at some point during the day… but I checked the photos on my phone and there were some from an hour or so prior in our room (which I had not left) that plainly showed it on my wrist.

      We tore the room apart – went through drawers (that we hadn’t even opened, we were just living out of our suitcases), went through every item in our luggage, looked behind and under furniture (with a flashlight!) and I even stripped off my bedding. It was nowhere. I was feeling spooked out, so I googled the hotel to see if there had been other strange happenings here… yikes!

      I asked out loud for whatever entity had taken it to give it back. We then went to bed and resumed tearing the room apart again looking for it in the morning. Found it under my bed, near the foot of it. The same bed we had looked under at least four times and with a flashlight! You try to reason these happenings away…. Maybe we just overlooked it? But I know we didn’t. In fact, it was the very first place I checked for it because it was just a weird feeling spot* in the room.

      *Side note: Several places in the quarter we’d get a weird quicksand-type feeling in our feet. It was almost vertigo-ish. It would pass in an instant, but it was very disorienting. It happened a few places around town and also in our hotel. I have googled and googled to see if this is a common thing there, but have found no further info.

      • It’s the children. They took a necklace that we never found. I suspect somewhere in the walls of the hotel there is a stash of jewelry. I wrote an update further down.

    3. My brother stayed in the Paul and Linda McCartney suite. One night he saw Linda’s apparition walking around in the suite. I think it was the year 2006. That would be about 8 years after Linda’s passing. He reports Linda’s form was as solid looking as a person would be, she was silent.

    4. MiChelle Scrimpsher  |  

      My husband & I were returning after a tour of the city. As I stepped through the door into the lobby, I saw a man standing near the door leading to the parking area. He was about mid-20’s with dark hair & eyes, stocky build with very muscular arms. The first thing I noticed was he was smoking but I didn’t see or smell smoke. He held his cigarette pinched between his thumb & index finger. He was wearing work pants (not a uniform) and a white shirt that was tight across his biceps. The shirt had 2 chest pockets – one was buttoned & the other had something sticking out of it. What popped into my mind was “That’s his pay envelope.” He was standing facing the front desk. He glanced up & nodded like he was acknowledging someone and then disappeared. He looked to be from the 1930’s-1940’s era. It wasn’t frightening at all, just eerie that I absorbed so much information from what was at most, a couple of seconds.

    5. Room 421 , i was woken twice by a large dark grey entity pinning me to the bed. Totally unable to move or yell out this had me extremely rattled. i thought it was a dream until it came back a second time.I eventually threw it off me to the side of the bed.When I got the lights on it was gone

    6. My wife and I stayed in your hotel several nights in March 2005. Around 1:30 am on our second night I was awaked by someone walking through our room. That person walked to the closet, opened and then shut the door to the closet. When I first heard the person walking I looked around the room but did not see anyone. It was dark in the room but there was a little light coming in the room from under the door to the hallway. I got up, turned on the light and opened the closet door. There was no one there. Really weird.

    7. Jacquie Brethen  |  

      Oh so many happenings over the years of staying at Le Richelieu. Children pulling my covers, asking questions, taken jewelry that we never found, furniture being rearranged on the floor above us in the middle of the night, a soldier in the room pressing on my chest, etc. The building was a civil war hospital, orphanage, furniture factory and I think pasta factory as well. The executions were held against the brick wall in the parking lot. The kitchen was a former room that was so haunted no one could stay in it so it was converted. You get used to it and want to interact with those souls still hanging around. It is so disappointing that the daughter sold it to the J collection. They have torn out the bar. No date scheduled to reopen. I miss staying there. The communal balcony felt like home. We knew our a French Quarter Fest room neighbors. Always fun and sharing snacks and drinks.

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