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A ghostly woman in red is apparently sighted frequently as well as the sounds of ghostly children at play.

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Geographic Information

621 Esplanade Avenue
New Orleans, LA
United States

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29.9631534, -90.05931499999997
Orleans Parish, Louisiana
Nearest Towns:
New Orleans, LA (1.1 mi.)
Arabi, LA (3.3 mi.)
Gretna, LA (3.4 mi.)
Terrytown, LA (4.0 mi.)
Harvey, LA (4.3 mi.)
Marrero, LA (5.0 mi.)
Jefferson, LA (5.6 mi.)
Metairie, LA (5.8 mi.)
Chalmette, LA (5.9 mi.)
Timberlane, LA (6.1 mi.)


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  1. My husband and I stayed at the Lamothe House last weekend, Fri-Mon. I’d not heard anything about ghosts there. However, whenever I was in our room alone (which happened off and on, we were in New Orleans with 35 friends and acquaintances), I repeatedly experienced the sensation of seeing movement out of the corner of my eye in a darkened corner, or feeling like someone was in the room with me. The feeling was strong and not just passing. Our room was #302. No woman in red, no kids laughing, but I certainly didn’t feel like I was alone. At breakfast Monday morning I mentioned this to friends and was told the house was known for being haunted.

  2. I had no idea until I looked up the hotel online. We stayed this past week through the French Quarter Festival and I had weird sensations a couple of times but the laughter I heard late one night and I thought it was some other guests but it seemed odd at the hour it was because most guests would be respectfully quiet. That is so creepy, I am glad I did not know this while I was there.!

  3. I stayed here last night, in room 119. I felt something caressing my leg in bed early this morning. Maybe around 4:00 to 4:30 am. I thought it was my boyfriend so I reached (eyes still closed) to hold his hand. I felt it move away from me right when I reached for it. I felt around for a couple seconds then opened my eyes. My boyfriend was laying facing the opposite direction of me, sound asleep. I was very tired when I felt this happening but I was definitely awake and thankful the sun would be up soon. We had a lot of fun here though. We live uptown in New Orleans but stay in bed and breakfasts for day-cations.

  4. Back in late 70’s I went there with a friend, and we shared a fairly large suite.During the afternoon I went out touring while she napped. When I came back to the hotel, she said she’d been asleep and woke up and heard sounds like people having a party outside the door in the hallway–plates, glasses, laughing–muffled but right outside the door. Her back was to the door. Then a woman appeared next to the bed and reached down to offer her a plate of cake. My friend said she thought that I must have let this lady in the room while she slept. She said no thank you to the cake. She was still hearing the party outside the door when I walked in the room. I asked if she was hungry and ready to go to dinner. She said someone just offered her cake. She askede about the party. I didn’t know what she was talking about. She said weren’t you here a few minutes ago? I had been gone for hours. There was no one in the hall when I came in, and I heard no party sounds. She said “didn’t you let the lady with the cake in the room?” I said I hadn’t been in the room since I left the first time, and the room was locked when I got back. It left us wondering if the lady “walked” through the door to share party cake.

  5. We stayed in room 117 last night, the light in the little spare bedroom went off by itself, so we turned it back on this kept happening so we finally just left it off we heard tapping an noises in our room, tv came on an off, light in front erea kept flickering nothing happened during the day it all started around midnight thats all that happened but thats enough for me it scared me enough for sure.

  6. We stayed in room #405, July 22, 2017. We knew nothing of any haunting. Our friend turned the overhead light off and went to bed. A few minutes passed. Light came back on. Turned it out again. Came on again after a few minutes! My husband turned it off. Didn’t come back on. Interesting to say the least!! I have pics on my phone but not available on my iPad

  7. Josiah Lawrence  |  

    I stayed in room 104. When me and my wife first got there we new something was up. We always felt like someone was watching us. And often times I felt like I could see something in my peripheral then quickly disappear. It wasn’t until our second night things got really spooky. My wife went to the car to grab her charger, and I was brushing my teeth. When I spit and went to look up I saw the dark outline of what I could only assume was a heavy set, big cheeked man. At that moment I saw the trumpet in his left hand. I turned, toothbrush in mouth and whispered “satchmo?”

    With a brassy trill the apparition disappeared in a puff of jazzy smoke, glitter, and the faint smell of the New Orleans river walk after midnight. After my toothbrush fell from my gaping mouth I came to my senses and ran to where the Trumpet King of the Crescent City had just manifested, but it was too late. He was gone.

    That’s when I noticed something red dripping from under my pillow. With hesitation and wide eyes I reached for the pillow. Underneath was a steaming pile of red beans and rice. Jutting from the pile of creole cuisine was the tip of a letter. I dug it out and through the brown and red stains I read:

    “Hey there, Pops! Be sure to leave a nice helping of big dirty love in Orleans. Leave a nice Yelp review. It really helps the establishment.

    Red beans and ricely,


    Rb&R was delicious.

    5/5 would stay again.

  8. We stayed in one of the courtyard rooms For a week a couple of years ago. Right outside the door was an oval fountain. One night my wife woke me up around midnight and we could hear a kid humming ring around the rosies and skipping just outside of our door. I slowly got up and went to crack the blinds. All of a sudden the AC kicks on and scares the tar out of me. No one was outside.
    The next day I was at a class in town and my wife thought I came home to eat lunch. She was in the restroom and heard something walking around the room but no one was there.
    She played a building style game on her kindle and she went shopping, came back and many of her houses were moved around on the screen.
    That evening we went out to eat and have drinks. We decided to experiment.
    She set her game up, turned the default timed sleep mode off and we took a picture of the screen and location of objects.
    Sure enough when we got back the objects on the screen were in different locations.
    Really a cool experience there was nothing dark or evil about any of them.

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