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This country club is believed to have brunt down, but was abandoned for several years prior to this. Locals who ventured inside reported seeing strange figures following them around and hearing voices that called out to them.

(Submitted by Callum Swift)

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Geographic Information

15862 Grand Avenue
Lake Elsinore, CA
United States

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33.65772382864461, -117.37327784305307
Riverside County, California
Nearest Towns:
Lakeland Village, CA (2.1 mi.)
Lake Elsinore, CA (2.7 mi.)
Sedco Hills, CA (4.9 mi.)
Canyon Lake, CA (6.1 mi.)
Wildomar, CA (6.7 mi.)
Quail Valley, CA (8.1 mi.)
Good Hope, CA (9.6 mi.)
Sun City, CA (10.7 mi.)
Murrieta, CA (11.6 mi.)
Perris, CA (12.0 mi.)


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Comments (9)

  1. elsinore resident  |  

    this is incorrect. The country club that burned down was off of lake shore on the other side of the lake. the place pictured is the boys’ school.

  2. This place is off lakeshore follow the trail dowb from amys casle veen here a few times always a good spook i dont think its actyaly haunted and it being off the main road is less spookie

  3. My home is very near the Burned Country Club Site, it was a beautiful building, abandoned for years, the ruins and chimney remain and is inhabited by a homeless man frequently seen around town. It does have a creepy vibe and I’ve had mechanical problems occur there for no reason when passing on my motorcycle. A murder occurred near there some years ago in another house built around the same time.

  4. Your image is of the naval academy, need to update this cause that is not correct. country club burned down years ago. I’ve been inside and all the way down too the basement with friends at night when I was a kid. interesting place but not haunted sorry guy but the chimes sure is.

  5. Just to clarify, both posts above are correct, the photo from the blog is titled wrong. There are both of those sites here in Lake Elsinore. Both have had reported paranormal activity. I apologize for the long comment, but I figured soe people may be interested in some of the other places not mentioned yet.

    There sre also some other sites too. Aimees Castle built in the 1920’s, as well as the Chimes , a former antique store, which recently was purchased by two Real Estate Brokers and they use it as a business and residence. They happened to be the agents for the person who purchased the home I rent and according to them, there has been no paranormal activity and none reported for many years.. There is also another area that is reported haunted, which was the site of a former mansion as well. I cannot recall the details as I heard about it when I first moved here years ago. The area is off of Lake Street, Like the country club there are only a couple of things that remain like some stones from the fireplace and a few bricks etc.

    The photo in the article is of the Military School. They do not allow entry into the building because there is a real danger from asbestos which is literally falling all around inside. This has halted a few projects that wanted to use the building. The building is a gorgeous art deco period design. Its truly a shame that the economy has prevented any restoration, as the site is huge and there are many pictures of how it used to look around the area. .

    The one thing I have found kind of odd is that the caretaker of the place stays off to the side of the main building in a small camping trailer and has for years.

    The complex of buildings that used to be there have many foundations and former structure remnants behind the actual remaining building that is seen in the photo. This actually has a lot of space, and the caretaker would be able to be kind of sheilded from the busy street and also have his belongings out of site, since its obvious he is living there, or they. You see their vehicles and jet skis right there. Kind of trashy in my opinions, as it just takes away from the beauty of the structure. So it has struck me as odd that his camping like set up is right there in front and slightly off to the side of the property buildings. In my opinion , pretty much as out in the open as one can get in this city.

    Considering nearby there are some camp grounds that can see the property from where they are, and trailer parking as well. All of which are protected and away from the busy street, which is one of the few routes to go around the lake.

    Its quite a strange set up. You see this beautiful old ornate building , boarded up, and then a campsite right there. A lot of people thought it was squatters and have tried to get the town council to have them moved, but to no avail.

    There is also a phantom train sound that is another legend around here. Its at the base of the mountains along the west side of the lake, and there are no trains anywhere close. I have heard this many times, I just attribute it to someone with a train sound car horn, but it is always a distant sound and since I have moved to the location I am in currently a mile away , which is no longer up against the mountain, I haven’t heard it. It does sound real though, what ever it is.

    There have been numerous unexplained sighting along those mountains too. There are reported Native American burial sites, and a lot of UFO like experiences. I lived up along the foothills and I have seen many things I cannot explain. I

    wouldn’t say Ghosts, but there is an unusually high amount of military air traffic and on occasion I have seen something odd and then seen military searching the mountains for hours.

    I have noticed very odd animal behaviors up there too.One such night when I saw some weird lights, at dusk, later it completely black outside and the sound of hundreds of coyotes , and I mean hundreds of them. I’ve never heard that many again.

    But as far as a scary place,in general it is .There are Lions, Jaguars, Bob Cats, Coyotes, Golden Eagles, Hawks, Owls, and Bats. But wildlife and food chains dont stop there as there are other creepy things well like, Killer Bees, Red Fire Ants, Scorpions, Tarantuals, Velvet Ants, giant (water bugs ? which are what a lot of people call them) American Cockroaches by the herds at night walking around, and Tarantula Hawks, Lots of Wasps. Army Ants. Oh and lets not forget the wonderful Black Widow and Brown Widow Spiders. Everywhere,

    The water in the lake is pretty, but nasty. They closed it two summers in a row for deadly algae. They allow jet boats in this tiny lake and the boats leave chemicals in the water and are ridiculous loud. The local governemnt in the town doesnt enforce the noise statutes and all of the residents who live near the lake are treated to noice from 6 am to 6 pm every day. It is way beyond what anyone should have to listen to in their home. The lake is also really small, and to allow the high speed boats is the only way to get launch revenue I am sure.

    I mention all of the above in case any thill seekers are planning on visiting the abandoned paranormal sites mentioned, please be careful as the nature here is deadly.

    • Linda Ainsworth  |  

      Wow. Thanks for the info. My b f s brother and family live there up against the mtns. I’ve been there a few times. Didn’t know about such goings on.

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