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Behind the neighborhood is a wooded area with a trail hidden somewhere among it. The trail supposedly leads to a water tower where shadows run around and ghostly footsteps can be heard. Another figure is known as the blonde lady who will pass by in the distance or follow you around; she’s harmless. Otherwise, there are many colds spots; dizziness and headaches are also reported.

(Submitted by Chris)

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Geographic Information

Horse Thief Canyon Road
Corona, CA
United States

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33.71660929592783, -117.43322932707088
Riverside County, California
Nearest Towns:
Lake Elsinore, CA (7.0 mi.)
Lakeland Village, CA (7.4 mi.)
Canyon Lake, CA (9.5 mi.)
Trabuco Canyon, CA (9.6 mi.)
Sedco Hills, CA (9.7 mi.)
El Cerrito, CA (10.0 mi.)
Good Hope, CA (10.1 mi.)
Quail Valley, CA (10.8 mi.)
Rancho Santa Margarita, CA (11.1 mi.)
Mead Valley, CA (11.3 mi.)


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  1. A lot of people lie about paranormal activity. But this is cleary not something to lie about the trail will give you chill and onetime I think I even saw a shadow but you cant really be sure!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I went up last night with a few friends and there was this one little spot that was freezing and then it got hot when we walked out (note: it felt 70 actual temp was 99) so we decided to start video taping and saw a light like figure on the phone.

  3. Heard a murder scream like a girls voice then shortly after heard Howls from kiodis it was a pack of them like as if they heard the scream to kinda like they were worning us so we left

  4. I walk my dogs by this area every morning and felt cold spots about 20 degrees colder. It covers about 100 sq feet. It is in the location of Mountain and HT. There are a group of trees near it. I have never felt this in any other part of the perimeter of the community and national forest but right here.

  5. I lived in this neighborhood it was my 1st childhood home. My parent bought it new and it was early 90s brand new construction. I live here for over 14 years. Not just the trail is haunted the whole community. My house was at least. I would constantly see shadows. Hear loud thumps upstairs. I did not like being home alone. My dad would get woken up by an old inidan lady shaking him unitl he would wake. She had long whote hair and was wearing the traditional native head dress and well as clothes. Ut was almost as if she was warning him to get out. A few years before we moved out they had found old indian artiffacts and had to shut down development. Arrowheads and clay bowls etc. Every single house my parents have lived at since then has been haunted. Not sure if it connected to this house. Also i always have dreams about this house my childhood home weekly. Different dream every time but same house always. My street name was Lucky Spur Lane

    • i Lived out in Horsethief as well back in 1992, on Blackhorse Circle. the day we were going to move in our next door neighbors mother and daughter were killed in an accident. and then a little girl drowned in the community pool. also had bad vibes in our house and we had to move.

      • I know it too late to reply to your message but i live on black horse too near can you tell me the address where this girl died hopefully it’s not our house we moved out to temescal valley back in the year 2003

  6. Marcia patterson  |  

    I used to go to a friend’s house way up in the top of the canyon at the very top six miles up we used to go up there and have fun visit them and there was weird stuff going on in the house a guy was stuck in his room he had been stuck in the same room for 6 months never left the room said he wasn’t allowed to leave the room very very scary place we had the addict catch on fire at Bubba’s and it was very scary the whole roof caught on we were under a great big huge oak tree and fortunately were able to put it out soft figures constantly places very scary very cold they have hidden pockets in the mountain that were Lookouts back in the day they have great big tree houses way way way up in the trees that were meant for Lookouts it is a very very scary place everything they’re saying is very true I’ve even walked up there late night when my car broke down and had to walk that six mile walk all the way up hill by myself at night in the rain and there definitely was something following me but at that time I didn’t know anything about this once I read it then I put it together so it is true Horsethief Canyon is haunted Wegmans

  7. I just went last night with some friends, there was a head peeking over the top of the water tower and heard footsteps following us on the way out, once we got to the car we turned the emf detector back on and made sure the car wouldn’t set it off and after that it start going crazy at the drivers door and back right door but no where else, and one of our friends had an image of a young blonde girl with blue eyes and a green dress running through her head the whole time we were at the water tower but nowhere else, and we also found a chalk drawing on the ground with a house and 6 stick figures and two of them had Xs across their heads and that had never been there the previous times we went

  8. Lived here since 1999.
    Anyone know the history of the Horsethief name and street names?
    Were there natural hot or cold springs running through the area?

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