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This circa 1888 former bath house now houses a quaint, old-fashioned antique’s store which is rumoured to be haunted. Apparitions reported here include a drowning victim in the basement, a spirit who moves a set of china dolls and an entity that is believed to be a man who was murdered while the baths were still in operation.

Submitted by Callum Swift

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Geographic Information

201 W Graham Avenue
Lake Elsinore, CA
United States

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33.6687248, -117.32913150000002
Riverside County, California
Nearest Towns:
Lake Elsinore, CA (0.1 mi.)
Lakeland Village, CA (2.2 mi.)
Sedco Hills, CA (2.9 mi.)
Canyon Lake, CA (3.4 mi.)
Quail Valley, CA (5.5 mi.)
Wildomar, CA (5.6 mi.)
Good Hope, CA (7.5 mi.)
Sun City, CA (8.1 mi.)
Perris, CA (9.8 mi.)
Romoland, CA (10.3 mi.)


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  1. The story I’ve always heard Is that a boy drown in the indoor pool and haunts the upstairs room to the left of the stairway. The pool is now filled in as a courtyard. Having been in the building many times it is very high on the creep factor; Especially that particular room. The building is now used as office space.

  2. Wheb it was an antique store, the back storage room was open to the public, I saw a baby cradle rocking. My daughter and I both tried to stop it from rocking and it would start up again on its own.
    Very very strange.

  3. This is interesting. I am the youngest Grand daughter of Lory and Wilma Watts who owned it for 32 years . The boy that drowned was the sheriff s son. The was taken into the therapy room , which is on the left where the barbershop chair use to be. The pool was enclosed in originally. I believe my Grandparents filled ot in as it was not repairable.
    There is no basement though.

    The girl that playes with dolls this is true and I have seen it. Her name is Cannonball, my Gramma called her, due to she started but moving the cannon balls off shelves. And yes moving the craddles was probably her.

    There is a man that is in a picture at a desk. He was seen numerous times in the left rooms at the front of the shop..

    My Gramma saw a pioneer looking mother with a young girl.

    I was not aware of someone dying in the bath areas. There was 10 at one time,

    The mineral eaters flowed freely from the ground in the back yard when I was young. But It was not running ad of the year before it sold.
    Thats for sharing this place holds a special place in my Families heart .

  4. Leslie A Martin  |  

    I knew your grandparents.Lori and wilma.your grandfather lori was the sweetest man ever.he knew me and my brother dean and my mom.he use to call me jo.the girl from the facts of life.said i looked like her.when i was down and out a few times.walking by the chimes he would walk to the back to a shed where a old car was.and hed give me 100.00 dollars.said it was his secret spot lol.then i moved away came back to find that he had had a stroke that left him unable to talk.i dont know what happened to them after that.but i met there .forgot his name.ive never experienced a ghost but that place was errrie

  5. There was probably a attempted murder here it’s actually been forensic files a show I should say I seen a show on cable that was about a woman who was also almost murdered in a antique store in this city if this antique store is near canyon lake there were people two people murdered close to or in 2003 there it’s very sad and the woman who ran this antique store was almost killed by the same woman that tragic day is probably the woman moving stuff in the antique store before the intruder came in the store she was proably moving China only she isn’t dead she survived the attack

  6. 2003 there was probably an attempted murder here because on forensic files they mention an antique store that a woman came into and tried to stangle to death a woman that worked in the antique store, she was the only one there that day, also there were murders in canyon lake that were related to the attempted murder at the antique store not sure if this is the exact same store or not but this all happened in 2003 and the murderer who killed two elderly women in Canyon Lake Ca it was on forensic files is locked up for the rest of her life!

  7. I experienced a evil demonic spirit with a very bad vibe that he does not want you there and feels like his watching you all the time a very uncomfortable very scary vibe and is very violent. He has big black eyes and black hair. He is possessed and try to go in you with this very heavy vibe.

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