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Joplin Spook Light, aka Hollis Light or Hornet Spooklight, is a ball of light or group of lights that appear in an area called the Devil’s Promenade. The lights have been seen as far back as the mid-1800s. Legend has it that the phenomena has to do with two deceased Native-American lovers who are searching for each other.

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Geographic Information

Oklahoma East 50 and S 705 Rd
Near Quapaw, OK
United States

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36.94399030963554, -94.61799180498929
Newton County, Missouri
Nearest Towns:
Peoria, OK (3.5 mi.)
Loma Linda, MO (3.7 mi.)
Seneca, MO (7.1 mi.)
Redings Mill, MO (7.5 mi.)
Grand Falls Plaza, MO (7.8 mi.)
Cliff Village, MO (7.9 mi.)
Shoal Creek Estates, MO (8.5 mi.)
Baxter Springs, KS (8.5 mi.)
Lowell, KS (8.6 mi.)
Shoal Creek Drive, MO (8.6 mi.)


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  1. I was working out of Miami,Oklahoma at the time 10 years ago.I had heard of this road from a few locals.I ended up going out there with an individual I was traing for a job out of Miami.We went out there not expecting to see anything on our 3rd trip to this road(same location) we heard and viewed at the same time a beer can or pop can in the ditch right next to us crumbled like someone stepped on it at the same time lights appeared a few 100 feet from us to the north.It freaked us out so much we never did go back.What ever this was did happen and at the same time.My question is were they connected.I would say they were and if you would have been there with us you would of thought so as well.Just so you know the lights bounced around along the road and just like they appeared they vanished.What is funny about the can it was between all three of us the same description smeone stepping on a can(crumbling sound).10 years later I would go back.Also just so you know if we would of just saw the lights we would have said wow look at that.But the can and the lights well…whole different ball game.You can believe me if you want don’t really care.

  2. I grew up in Galena Ks. Just minutes from the spook light. As a child my mother use to tell me tells of the lights. She once said my uncle had a picture of it burning the roof of a car. And that she had seen it turn to different colors a split into 3 pieces. So in my teen yrs, me and many different friend’s would go there and sit, and wait, sometimes we would see it sometimes we wouldn’t. One time a few of us sat on the hood of a car, it appeared, so the driver slowly drove it would back away from us, spit into, then disappear. We did this back and forth until almost daylight. You could tell it wasn’t coming from anywhere but from itself. No car light, or flashlight! Then one other time I took a friend there and as we was sitting there talk for about 5 minutes nothing was in front of us, all of a sudden, boom it was right in front of us on top of the hood out of no where. For maybe 15 seconds then it was gone. That time it starteled me, we started the truck and was gone. I remember looking back behind me to see if it was following us. I know this to be true because I’ve seen it. Believe what you want, go there!

  3. I went to college in Miami in 2008, 2009, and 2010. I’m originally from southeastern Oklahoma. When I got settled in and had made some friends, some of which were locals, they told me about this spooklight. She took me one time and we sat on the end on a road and turned the car off, lights off etc. we waited for about 20 or so minutes before I saw it. It appeared like a white ball of light that looks like it’s literally at the end of this road which is a dead end by the way. I can’t tell you how many hours after that I spent out there. I brought people to see it too. Sometimes you have to wait longer times than others but I saw it every time. One time me and my friend got a big group of people together to go see it. There were about 4-5 cars full of people. We got there and decided to all get out and start walking down the road together. After a minute we saw it and some people wanted to stop but we continued on and then the light looked like it was dancing. Back and forth until all the sudden it seemed like it was so close that we all turned and ran as fast as we could back to our vehicles. I saw it countless times. I’ve seen it be different colors even. Sometimes it got so close that I thought it was going to touch my car. I asked my friend who grew up in commerce if she had heard of it ever getting that close and she said she had and that it burned the persons car. I have driven in every direction on every road around there while someone sits on that road and tried flashing my lights while on the phone with the person sitting on the spooklight road to try and figure out what it is. We even tried waiting until we saw it one night and speeding towards it but it would disappear in a moment. There were nights we waited hours and saw it only for a minute or 2 and other nights it would be dancing at the end of the road all night. It’s unexplainable. I think it was even on unsolved mysteries maybe. Anyways I plan on going again, maybe I’ll try to video it this time.

  4. The Spook Light was one of my favorite places to visit when I was in collage at NEO in Miami. I’ve seen it split into three lights, change color, shine incredibly bright and one time it looked like a mist covered moon. One of my favorite times seeing the light happened after waiting to see it for close to an hour. I was with a car full of friends, we talked and talked, waited, became increasingly frustrated and left. I was about a mile down the road home and said “NOPE! We are gonna see it!” I turned around and BARELY turned back down its road. BAM! It was there and bigger than I’d ever seen it. We were there for while, watching it perform. It flew through the trees and changed colors for us that night. What an amazing thing to experience. Miami, NEO and the surrounding areas are rich with folklore and haunted sites. Be open to experiences and you will have them.

  5. Cassie Sue Tritthart  |  

    My great grandparents used to own a lot of property that borders “Spooklight Road.” It’s technically in Oklahoma, not Missouri. The nearest town is Peoria, Oklahoma. Yes, it exists. Many members of my family have seen it. I never have, but I there are too many stories of people seeing it. My grandparents went a couple that were friends of their’s. It was a bright light. It was so bright they said it was like the old headlights on freight trains. It was white and came through the windshield of the car at which point my grandparents dove into the floorboard of the backseat. It made believers out of them both. This would have been in the 1950s.

  6. Me and my wife are going to go see it when she gets off work tonight, where is the best place to pull over or into and park????

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