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A school in its olden days, this building stood empty for three decades before it was renovated into an inn. During the time it was empty, it became known as a hot spot for haunts. TV’s Ghost Hunters has caught an image of ghost children running down a hall; shadow figures and a ghost nurse have been reported as well. The rooms are named after longtime teachers at the old school, and many guests have reported strange occurrences such as ghostly children who crawl into bed with them and disturbances with electrical equipment.

If you've had a paranormal experience here, or have any additional information about this location, please let us know!

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    Geographic Information

    4788 County Road 200
    Joplin, MO 64801
    United States

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    37.122385230924955, -94.420549213919
    Jasper County, Missouri
    Nearest Towns:
    Carterville, MO (2.2 mi.)
    Duenweg, MO (2.7 mi.)
    Webb City, MO (2.9 mi.)
    Oakland Park, MO (3.1 mi.)
    Duquesne, MO (3.8 mi.)
    Brooklyn Heights, MO (4.1 mi.)
    Airport Drive, MO (5.2 mi.)
    Oronogo, MO (5.3 mi.)
    Joplin, MO (5.7 mi.)
    Silver Creek, MO (6.3 mi.)

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    1. My sister visited there last night. She had my little nephew who is almost 2 years old with her. He had stopped at the bottom stairs and began talking to a little boy named charlie and was asking his mom what charlie was doing. My sister said he spoke with this little boy for a while and even said bye to him when they left.. But when they got home, my nephew stopped at the front door and began to invite the little boy inside and refused to go inside for a moment as he said “come in charlie”, but soon came in as if the little boy had came in.

    2. back in 93 -94 a bunch of us spent the night in there before it became a b&b, it was one weird night but one i still remember to this day. i was 15-16 then. i remember an old rocking chair that gave me the creeps. has anyone heard or seen the dog he is normally not to far from a little boy? i would love to go back now that it is a b&b and see what might still be around maybe stay more than just the night. my friends were scared so we didn’t stay the weekend like we first started to do.

      • We did one back in 14, I know it was sold not long ago after one of the inn keepers passed. We have tried to get back in touch with the gentleman who was still living but no such luck.

    3. I don’t know about this old school but I have searched a lot about it and these comments are saying they have been seeing paranormal activity about a little boy and a dog? I’m not sure what’s all happening but I’m curious I want to investigate this situation in this old school

    4. I don’t know about this old school but I have searched a lot about it and these comments are saying they have been seeing paranormal activity about a little boy and a dog

    5. Hi Im Lucas a 12 year old boy I experienced something there in 2015 so I was 5 my family was going from house to house until my mom’s adopted sister took us in to the house and was working for some weird old man in order to live there we lived there for a couple months but one day there was a Humpty dumpdy statue that fell on my little sister and was half broken some weeks went by then one day we were cleaning the basement and found an old book that had a date of 1890 and all of the pages were empty except one it had my mom’s sister Jessylan dead in a rive with glass shards it was written before she was born and she was still alive there was a noose hanging from a chandelier we didn’t have a tall enough ladder to get it down we went to our rooms and I was taking a bath I saw a symbol and I was 5 so I asked my mom what it was she freaked out and took me to our bedroom turns out it was a pentagram made out of blood on the ground we were okay but the the door was banging so hard it almost broke then we heard Jessylan scream bloody murder for help we left the room to check on her but she was in her room and said she heard nothing we ran out of the house and left all our possessions there we were leaving when my mom so the humpty Dumpty get up and Chase us but we left and it couldn’t leave the yard we never went back

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