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The Historic Castle House is a 165 year-old Queen Anne Victorian that’s been restored and now functions as a “haunted” bed and breakfast. Activity includes lights turning on and off by themselves, cold spots, footsteps, whispering and whistling noises, and some visitors claim to have captured ghostly pictures on their snapshots.

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841 Hwy C
Brumley, MO
United States

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38.08868404966091, -92.48402675983016
Miller County, Missouri
Nearest Towns:
Brumley, MO (0.2 mi.)
Kaiser, MO (6.5 mi.)
Osage Beach, MO (9.6 mi.)
Tuscumbia, MO (10.1 mi.)
Iberia, MO (10.4 mi.)
Lake Ozark, MO (11.3 mi.)
Bagnell, MO (11.5 mi.)
Lakeview, MO (11.5 mi.)
Lakeland, MO (12.2 mi.)
Linn Creek, MO (12.9 mi.)

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  1. I drove past here a few years ago on my way to an NRA class. I did not stop here, but as I drove past, I was totally creeped out. I’ve lived in GA and Alabama, so the sight of an old Victorian house does not spook me usually (no pun intended). But just looking at this place gave me the creeps. When I saw it on the map here, I remembered it before seeing the picture.

  2. Driving by here on two separate occasions the car radio cut out and I heard a woman’s voice say “horrible”. My daughter drove by and her iPod cut out and she heard a woman say ” help”.

  3. You can spend the night there instead of just driving by, if you wish. I spent last night there and had the whole place to myself (the B&B owners have their own house). I stayed in the Martha Dixon room and heard very distinct footsteps in the hallway outside my room for several seconds. An hour later I heard stuff being moved around in the Hospital room (the most haunted room) for about a minute straight while I was laying in bed in the Martha room. I didn’t have the nerve to actually stay in the Hospital room, but I did go in there several minutes later and didn’t notice anything out of place. I think the activity would have been more extreme but a paranormal group was in there the previous night and spent the whole night provoking and getting all kinds of results, from what I heard. Probably wore out the spirits to some degree. I will definitely go back, soon.

  4. My team went there this year for an investigation. We had K2 meters lighting up like crazy inside, but we got most of our activity outside. We picked a good EVP by the graves and had rocks thrown at us down by the old civil war encampment. We are already planning another visit next year!

  5. I went here last summer, on a night tour of the place with my family and a close friend, and we had a few strange things happen. We looked around the inside of the house first and not much but some weird vibes and a couple of times I felt like I was being touched. Then, the backyard was just very eerie. I can’t even begin to explain it. I took tons of pictures (that I dont feel like uploading unless someone would like to see them) and in one of the last pictures I took I got a very strange and big, orb looking object in my picture. I had a few other orbs in other pictures but nothing like this one. It was yellowish and was shaped more like a figure than a circular orb. My friend and I decided to go back inside while my family was outside, so we could explore the inside alone and hopefully get better encounters. Well as we’ve been through 90% of the house for a second time, with literally nothing happening this time through, we almost gave up hope of experiencing anything super paranormal. It was the back room upstairs we were in last which was supposedly haunted by a little girl who died in the room from a major burn. We shut the door and turned the lights off and tried to talk to a spirit and take more pictures to find something, but nothing happened. My dad calls to my friend and I from downstairs to tell us it was time to leave. I called back we’d be down in a second. My friend decided to record the room instead of just take pictures and this is where it gets really strange. My dad calls a second time and I call back to him. I finally say to my friend, “We should probably go”, and walked towards the door. I grabbed the door handle and turned it, but it didnt open. I stood there confused and continuously trying to open the door and then I realized this may in fact be the haunted moment I was looking for so I quickly put my phone camera on video and start recording in case I still cant open it. And I try the door again. Nothing. At this point I’ve been wiggling the door and making noise in a silent room and my friend asks me what im doing. As im trying to explain she walks over, still recording on her phone, and tried to lock and unlocked the door, thinking I am pranking her. We move the lock to both the locked way and unlocked way and it does the same thing and wont open. My friend decides to scream, “help” (which I was annoyed at, come on this is a great paranormal experience) and then I try for the door again and it opens. We went down and told my family and the owners what happened and they told us they disabled all locks on the doors so this type of stuff wouldnt happen. My dad also said he never heard me which is strange because I was yelling, and it was a small and pretty quiet house. Anyways, we think the little girl who haunted the room wanted company or something and when she saw we were leaving she wouldnt let the door open. I have pictures of the main orb and smaller orbs and the videos from my perspective and my friends if anyone would like to see them.

  6. Douglas colson  |  

    Stayed there , the air conditioner kept turning up to 78, when we kept setting it to 64 the lowest setting, then I videos the digital display going down to 51 , also caught an image of what appears as a small child facing the wall in the upstairs closet

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