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Missouri State Penitentiary, explored by TV’s Ghost Hunters and over 100 other paranormal investigators, is rumored to be extremely rich with paranormal activity. Witnesses have reported apparitions and unexplained noises, perhaps a result of some leftover spirits from the now-decommissioned prison’s bloodier days. Visitors are offered ghost tours, ghost hunts, ghost-investigation classes and more.

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115 Lafayette St
Jefferson City, MO
United States

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38.57367819073757, -92.16173100488959
Cole County, Missouri
Nearest Towns:
Jefferson City, MO (0.7 mi.)
Holts Summit, MO (5.1 mi.)
Wardsville, MO (5.9 mi.)
Taos, MO (6.8 mi.)
Lake Mykee Town, MO (7.7 mi.)
Saint Martins, MO (9.6 mi.)
New Bloomfield, MO (10.8 mi.)
Lohman, MO (11.1 mi.)
Hartsburg, MO (11.5 mi.)
Westphalia, MO (12.6 mi.)

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Please note: It is your responsibility to acquire appropriate permissions before investigating any location listed on this site. Private property should be respected at all times, as should all posted signs concerning trespassing, hours of operation and other local regulations. Many "ghost hunters" have been arrested because they failed to contact property owners and/or local authorities ahead of time.

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  1. My husband and I did a ghost tour and at first I was more interested in the history and the stories from the guide. My husband began having a very uneasy feeling and wanted to to leave the tour early. I convinced him to stay then he began telling me that he was having strong feelings of violence. He felt someone was out to harm him or me and that he was going to have to respond with violence. Before he told me the feelings he was having, I was having a very heavy feeling of dread and uneasiness. When walking into some of the cells I had a feeling of not being wanted there. I chalked it up to being scared and letting the ghost stories get to me, but I began to rethink my feelings after what my husband told me he had experienced.

  2. I worked here as a nurse back in the 1990’s. I worked nights. At night, while doing pharmacy work you would here raddling chains, doors slamming, and sometimes unexplained voices. Upon investigation, there would be no one there. You had to go through three main gates on all open sides to get to me. So no one could get there without someone knowing. I called central and they confirmed that no one had entered that part of the building. I worked here over 2 years and heard this many, many times.

  3. My best friend and I took the ghost tour in Sept. She is a very strong medium and I myself am an empath. From the jump before we even entered the building at the Women’s ward we both had our spidy senses tingling. She kept seeing alot of very angry Native Americans on the property across the street. They didn’t want anyone there living or dead alike. Upon entering the hall that leads along to the gift shop, we both became uneasy. when we got to the area where many of the women were housed cell 10 there is a man and he does not like any other men being there. he wants all the women for himself. When we entered the oldest and second building on the tour I felt like my skin was gonna crawl off me. D saw what i basically was feeling a very dark demonic like presences. She later described him as very very large shadow that just watches. Also in cell seven i had strange whispers in my ear. In the same building down in the dungeon area I had multiple hands on me in the dark. My face went ice cold and my hair was played with also during this time what sounded like the large wooden doors that we came through to enter the down there were slammed. As we walk through the yard toward death row D started to see the horrors from the riots. She later described to me a very young guard that had been gut shot. she said he was early to mid 20s dirty blonde hair and he keep asking her for help and why had this happened to him. When we entered death row I felt a tightness envelope my head the only was to describe it is that of the head band on an electric chair and it just kept getting tighter as we went through the building. The pressure disappeared as soon as we left the death row building. D had a different experience she was physically grabbed by many of the lunatics because under death row was where the asylum was. The last stop was the gas chamber now inside i didn’t feel a whole lot. Outside I saw what seemed like guardsmen patrolling the roof, even heard a what sounded like a “crazy man ” howl. D told me at the end of the that out of the thousands that where there only two souls trapped there are innocent, and she was referring to the inmates.

  4. Been on the ghost tour several times. We have gotten EVPs–they knew both my daughter’s and my name. In the dungeon cells of A hall saw a shadow person and my daughter had her bra “popped”! I had cold airblown in my right ear twice on death row. My daughter had her leg grabbed and Nick Groff got an EVP of the ghost answering ” yes” when he asked if it grabbed her leg. Got an EVP very loudly being told to “F*ck off”. Very active site.

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