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There are a lot of stories about this little white building that has been left to rot for the past 4-5 decades on Logmill Road in Haymarket, Virginia. Some call it the “Old White Chapel,” others the “Hickory Grove Chapel”. At least one person says it was never a chapel, but rather an old meeting house for the Daughters of the Confederacy.

Whatever the case, the vacant house certain has a creepy vibe – so of course the locals believe it to be haunted. Some swear they hear voices and see strange white blobs of light around the building at night.

If you've had a paranormal experience here, or have any additional information about this location, please let us know!

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Geographic Information

Near 2611 Logmill Road
Haymarket, VA
United States

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38.900444134694354, -77.62614154802577
Prince William County, Virginia
Nearest Towns:
Bull Run Mountain Estates, VA (1.9 mi.)
Arcola, VA (6.1 mi.)
Haymarket, VA (6.1 mi.)
South Riding, VA (6.7 mi.)
Gainesville, VA (7.3 mi.)
Brambleton, VA (7.3 mi.)
Middleburg, VA (7.5 mi.)
The Plains, VA (8.4 mi.)
Bull Run, VA (9.9 mi.)
Broadlands, VA (9.9 mi.)


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Comments (10)

  1. Hello,

    I’m very interested in who owns the little white chapel? I would like to live there!

    I am very serious. If you can help me locate the owner, I’d be grateful!

    Thank you ~ Chrissy

  2. I’ve heard about this little chapel for awhile now and have heard stories and rumors. Tonight, my friends and I wanted to check it out and see what all the commotion was about. At approximately 11:45/midnight we pulled off the side of logmill road and walked down the street to the building. The sight was eerie because the entire building was engulfed with overgrown trees and vegetation. You could barely see the top of the building peeking through the treeline. Anyway, we walked through a little pathway to the left of the chapel to get up to the front porch. As we approached, I noticed that the front door was wide open. I was a little nervous, but was curious so I decided to keep walking. As I stepped closer to the door, with my iphone flashlight on, we heard a creek coming from inside. spooked at first, i then assumed it was just because I had just stepped foot onto the porch and it was an old building so that was natural. I walked a little closer and immediately I heard a strange and very clear noise. It sounded as if an inanimate object, like a ball, fell off of a bookshelf and started rolling across the floor. knowing that none of us did that and that we all heard the same thing, we turned around and booked it the hell out of there. Definitley going back there with more people next time so that we can actually get a glimpse of the inside of the chapel and maybe see and hear some more crazy stuff!

  3. went in there. theres a nice old wooden piano, only 3 keys work. vulture nest when i was inside. not much else in there. just plain old wood floor and cieling

  4. I live about 5 minutes away from this old chapel; moved here in 1989 and was never aware of the existence of this antique building until I one day just happened to stop by. The Prince William Real Estate Commission gave this building to a Pennsylvania resident who has no interest in communicating with anyone locally who is willing to raise money to restore and preserve this building. The stained glass windows have been vandalized and broken out and the front door is stuck open so crows can nest inside. What a pity.

    • drove by there today on our way home – first time I have ever seen this place. I turned around and pulled in the little drive are in front. What a shame its in ruin – it would make an awesome little chapel.

  5. I’d stopped by this abandoned chapel several times since I first discovered it several years ago and took this photo of two birds perched on the front porch. As mentioned in my prior comment I live only about 5 or so minutes away from this property; the chapel sits on a 1/3 acre lot so the land has little resale value. Peeking in thru the open front door I saw an old piano sitting overturned on the floor of the main room. This chapel was a meeting place for the 8th Regimental Chapter of the D.A.R. (Daughters of the American Revolution). The woman who headed this DAR chapter was named Alice Maude Ewell and her gravesite is just outside the front door of St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in downtown Haymarket, VA.

  6. I’ve lived off of logmill road since 1984. I’ve never had any odd experiences in this church. That being said, I’ve had many experiences elsewhere. The old house off Little River Road by the graveyard (about 1 minute from the church) is much more eerie but is private property. The church is owned by the Daughters of the Revolution. I’m enclosing a pic from inside the church from a Halloween photo shoot I did with my sister.

  7. I live in haymarket,va about 7 mins from where this old building is located,one night about 6 months ago me and my best friend were out on a Friday night around 10:45-11:00 pm just driving,going Down backroads,I have a four wheel drive so we went to little river road,not knowing then that this building even existed we were driving through the creek to get to the other side of little river road and we both see this strange blue ball of light almost glowing so we stop turn my headlights off and watch,first we thought it was someone coming with an led flashlight then it got bigger,we thought maybe aftermarket headlights from an oncoming vehicle,then this ball of blue light is pretty much zooming and flying around up in the air so we look at eachother totally confused and creeped out soon as I turned my headlights on it was gone not to mention where it was is just an open field no road or anything near it personally me and my friend think it was a spirit orb but one thing for sure we will never forget that night who knows maybe it had something to do with this old hickory grove building thanks!

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