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Alabama is fond of getting into Hell it seems. Not only is there a Hell’s Gates bridge, but there’s also this place in Huntsville, which is also called Hell’s Gates, which in reality, appears to be nothing more than a set of gates blocking a private driveway to some rich guy’s mansion. This poor sot is apparently bedeviled by the locals, who like to drive up to his gates and wait and see if anything spooky happens. They swear if they sit there long enough, a car will appear to chase them down the mountain and then suddenly disappear. Could it possibly be the irate homeowner with a loaded shotgun?

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Geographic Information

South Green Mountain Road S.
Huntsville, AL
United States

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34.5790846, -86.49377040000002
Madison County, Alabama
Nearest Towns:
Owens Cross Roads, AL (2.1 mi.)
New Hope, AL (6.4 mi.)
Gurley, AL (10.8 mi.)
Paint Rock, AL (10.9 mi.)
Redstone Arsenal, AL (11.4 mi.)
Huntsville, AL (11.7 mi.)
Union Grove, AL (12.5 mi.)
Woodville, AL (12.9 mi.)
Triana, AL (13.6 mi.)
Grant, AL (14.1 mi.)


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Comments (13)

  1. Montgomery Miller  |  

    Your information concerning Hell’s Gates is flawed.
    I know which gates you’re speaking of, and those aren’t the gates involved with this tale.
    If you follow Shawdee it’ll turn into Green Mountain Road (or drive; I can’t remember, exactly), and it’s there that the gates used to be (in an attempt to stop the flow of teenagers to the spot, they were removed).
    Now, unless you knew exactly where they used to be, it’s nearly impossible to distinguish from any other gap between trees.

    The actual Hell’s Gates sit in front of a very narrow dirt path (very overgrown due to lack of use) that leads to a small clearing where a very stately manor once stood before it burned down sometime during the last century.
    When the gates were still there, they were very decrepit looking, just barely appearing to hang onto the bars they were mounted on.

    If you go on Google Maps and follow Shawdee (which is fairly confusing to anyone unfamiliar with the area) until it becomes Green Mountain, you can still see an image of the gates in street view in one of the curves.

    Unless you’ve been there before the gates were removed, it’s very easy to mistake a regular driveway for Hell’s Gates, but I assure you that the location you speak of is not the area you intended to speak of.

  2. Ghost Hunter Alabama  |  

    Definitely been here before. Nothing more than a pointless trail to nothing. Although I did lose my car keys there randomly as if they disappeared out of my pocket! An old giant generator of some sort sits off the side of the trail. Nothing more, nothing less.

  3. We used to stop by the gates at night back in the 90s. Nothing more than some spooky old gates to drive by. They were a good ways past the nature trail if I recall.

  4. Strange thing, Ghost Hunter Alabama posted.

    In 2006, went with a group of folks (3 cars) on a “haunt night” to see the haunted places in Huntsville.

    –most were intoxicated in one way or another, save myself and 2 or 3 others–

    One guy lost his keys, had to bust out the window to get back in the car.
    one guy got lost in the woods, another fell off the path and laid in the ditch the entire time laughing.

    Creepy? The area sure was. Although, we weren’t chased away by anything.

    DCP has real stuff happening though.

  5. I went to the green mountain Madison County Nature Trail and I saw this black figure appear three times; By what we think was a buried tomb, In the middle of the woods near a construction site, and by the bridge… there was also a BOOM! and thats when he disappeared. We went off the trail a couple times and back to the tomb thing…we saw a spot where all the trees were cleared and it was hollow underneath..Thats when he started following us… Do you think that that was the man’s tomb..the PIONEER maybe that FOUNDED the place but died a couple decades back???

    PLZ tell me what you think

  6. The girl appears to be black , usually not being able to see a driver

    Wrong: He might disappear but in most cases he turns around and goes back up.

    When I was in Pre k my grandma went up to look around. But got lost ( as it is easily to get lost up there) she wandered through the woods. Every time she turned she swore she saw a creepy man following her. She ended up at a highway in New Hope. Walking about 5 miles. She got me and didn’t tell me for years.

    I have been up. I don’t wanna drive on that road anymore.

  7. I grew up on green mtn. The black gates going down the backside of the mtn are gone now. There were real devil worshipers that would park on the side of the road up hill from the gates. They would walk down the trail and sacrifice animals. They had weed growing back there too. They drove a white 1970s camero, black 70s camero and a black s10 truck. The last house up on top on the right was one of their lookout friends. This was up until around 2005. I dont know what goes on up there now. I moved off the mountain. We rode by there every single night and day looking for them. We been chased. They were no joke years ago. I once saw a male ghost standing in the woods on the right side just as you start going down the rear side of the mtn. A few hundred yards above those gates. My research turned out that it was a boy i had went to school with. His father killed him up there and dumped his body not far from where i saw his ghost. A friend told me and i verified him in our school year book without a doubt.

    There were gates on the other side of the mountain up on top. Actually 2 different locations over there. One blocked a power line or tva entrance that led across to monte sano mtn. The other blocked a pull off across from the pond. As you go up from bailey cove rd, stay straight, dont veer right. Veer left, go straight til you see pond. On your left side the gates where there where it turned left at the rear corner of pond. Follow that rd til it ends. Thats the gates that lead to monte sano. Lots of murders have bern committed on that mtn over decades. The kkk use to be strong up there. If you go up…turn right on s shawdee. Half way down there is an old green house on left with bushes in front. They use to burn crosses in that yard in the late 80s. I hate that mtn. Its beautiful but there were a lot of evil on that place.

  8. I lived there for yrs. Was taken to where gates used be supposedly. I’m not scared of much. So I slept night there in truck few times. Nothing.
    But here’s what’s weird. I’m descended from a voo doo queen. We have practitioners in family. They say my magic is too strong to be affected. But they claim to have seen demons & ghosts in nearby areas over yrs. We went up there one night. They swore they saw a dark shadow get in a very old dark car. It’s lights were ghostly & chased us down the hill. That’s rich. I saw a black car appear behind us. I just slowed & flipped it off. I went real slow. As we neared the bottom it wasn’t behind us anymore. It must have turned off near the bottom. They said it stayed back because my magic is too powerful for it.
    I will say this. Once after getting new brakes I nearly got killed on that dang road. Brakes barely worked. Don’t get hocus pocus. They didn’t turn rotors; I went to friends & took them to be turned; new pads, problem solved.
    As for the area there were klan. That’s true. In woods in the area I was hiking as a teen. Came across devil worshipers eating a live dog. That was some real life scary stuff. I was chased by these people. I never knew who they were. But there were a bunch of them. I told no one.
    As a kid I grew up hunting. We were warned if you see the Klan just mind your business & tell no one. But if you see devil worshippers (they are all over north Alabama & central Tennessee) you had better run your ass off. If they catch you they will kill you. You can’t tell anyone.
    See the problem with both groups is you never know who they are. They can live next door. Work with you. You’ll never know. The klan only wear sheets for ceremonies. The devil worshipers only dress up & go in the woods for sacrifices.
    Old people warned me they sometimes kill people. Who knows if that’s true.
    I honestly thought the devil worshipper stuff was made up. I’ve hunted woods in that large area my whole life. But that one day I became a believer. I’m old now. I told one old person back when I was a teen. They told me everyone hopes they go away. Pretend they do. But someone always sees them. She said I was very lucky. Most people who see them don’t live to tell. They just disappear.
    Laugh if you want but there are real things to fear in this world. We make up stories to scare ourselves. But real life is scary enough.
    So I wouldn’t advise wandering those woods. Especially at night. Sure we hunters do it; but we are the most dangerous thing in the woods. But unarmed & inexperienced; I’d pass on that.

  9. Yeah I was took up there in 90’s to old area with no gates. We went multiple times & slept in vehicle. One Nate I woke up to two morons screaming for me to drive. I started taking off fast. A black car was following us. But I get mad easy. I’ll fight anything. So I kept slowing down & making it slow. I flipped it off. It was very dark. That’s a steep road. Do not drive down fast.
    Near the bottom it disappeared. Must have turned down side road. The two morons swear up & down that the saw a tall dark shadow. A real old black car appeared out of the mist. Ghost lights came on. Their screaming woke me & I took off.
    I’ll admit they were scared as crap for days. Would never drive up that road again. But I did. Nothing scares me. God is on my side.
    The kkk stuff is real. I saw them yrs ago. I’m old. I also saw devil worshipers eating a live animal. They chased me. Their were a bunch of them. North Alabama has a lot of devil worshipers. I’ve hunted my whole life. Old people warned me they sacrifice in woods. If they catch you they sacrifice you. I used to laugh at that. Then as a teen I stumbled on them & had to run for my life.
    We are taught if you make it out tell no one. You never know who they are. They could be your neighbors. But they know who you were because they saw you. If you tell no one they will leave you alone. If you start talking they may come get you one night.
    There are real things to be scared of. By the way it was hard to see; but the car behind me seemed newer. Not scary. Just somebody driving home in a dark car. They still believe they saw a ghost get in a ghost car. Whatever. If it was real I’d kick its butt. They let their fear mess with them.

  10. CraftyCobra1661  |  

    Steve, oz and jake. You all sound full of shit. Sound like the same person. I’ve been up there. Multiple times. nothing is there. I’d like whatever you’re smoking.

  11. Another Haunted Place Is Clarkson Covered Bridge If You Sit In Your Car With No Lights On Amd Everything off you will Here someone running in the water and see a black Figure and it goes through the whole vehicle

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