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At this playground set up near the cemetery, the ghosts of children play and swing on the swingsets. Apparitions have been seen, and captured on film by paranormal society investigations; orbs have been reported as well. The swings sometimes can be seen swinging by themselves, and the sounds of laughter and children’s voices can be heard. This occurs from around 11 p.m. until 3 a.m. Who the children are is uncertain; there are two stories circulating. One is that around 1960, a group of abducted children’s bodies were found on these grounds. Another is that they are simply children who have been buried over the years in the nearby cemetery.

If you've had a paranormal experience here, or have any additional information about this location, please let us know!

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    Geographic Information

    Maple Hill Cemetery
    Huntsville, AL
    United States

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    34.73108056408994, -86.56545174148056
    Madison County, Alabama
    Nearest Towns:
    Huntsville, AL (1.2 mi.)
    Redstone Arsenal, AL (5.7 mi.)
    Moores Mill, AL (8.2 mi.)
    Meridianville, AL (8.3 mi.)
    Madison, AL (10.6 mi.)
    Gurley, AL (11.0 mi.)
    Owens Cross Roads, AL (11.6 mi.)
    Harvest, AL (13.6 mi.)
    Triana, AL (13.8 mi.)
    Hazel Green, AL (13.9 mi.)


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    1. I have been out there numerous times with my daughter and grandkids… we used a ghost vox and got a lot of stuff, ie, “playing” “laughter” “push me” and a lot more.

      They have replaced everything in the park after a purposal to remove the playground to expand the cemetery was submitted but had not been approved by the mayor Loretta Spencer. She was angered about this and ordered the park to be put back… having destrpyed the old equipment they had to put in the new.

      Still the children are playing…. swings move and you can feel them. Especially when children are around and playing.

      The man that killed these children was a pedo and he would sit atop the rock walls surrounding the park watching the children…. he was never found.

    2. We went there lastnight and we was walking around and a teenager was up there already well this other giy popped up out of nowhere and was watching us and following us the other dude took off running and then the dide that was warching us was walking off toward him we got into the van and took off down there and then the teenage boy dissapear and that one guy was atthe end and made it there so quick the guy was freaky anfd creepy looking he didnt talk pr blink not once…

    3. I was at the dead children’s playground and i was speaking to the wind. I then sat on a swing and the one next to me singed too

    4. I meant moved too. I then had a game of who could go higher,and the swing moved higher . I love my history, but I love ghost history more.

    5. me and a couple friends went recently.. at first it was creepy we walked down the stairs to the playground and looked around.. no swings where moving but it was really cold in front of the swing I was standing next too.. the back part is really cold and really scary.. we left and came back not even ten minutes later and boom.. two of three swing where moving.. creepy

    6. Me and my friends use to go there all the time and we haven’t heard any of those story’s. The story we were told buy our parents was there use to be a big fence around the playground and a guy locked the gate and was walking around with a coffee mug clinging on the fence. and killed the women and children. We got pushed off the swings and got scrached and saw a big black shadow figure chasing us

      • Yes that’s because if people read there bibles and understand it there is only demons or Angel’s….demons manifest theirselves into things trust me I use to ghost hunt and a demon attached to me and I’m so thankful I got rid of it so everyone please take this advice

    7. Me, and my fiance, and some friends went. The swings started swinging by themselves, we also caught 3 small children in a picture we took of a grave. This place is 100% Haunted.

    8. I have been to this place several times and I love to hear the children laughing and playing I went there in October of 2014 .

    9. The stuffed animal was placed at the top of the slide and left there for about 45 minutes while we went to the cemetery. It was still in place when we returned. I asked if one of the kids could push it down the slide on the count of 3, this happened 2 times so I placed it back at the top and went to get someone else to come watch, took about 8 minutes before I returned during which the toy did not move, then asked if they could do it one more time and they did!

    10. I used to take my kids there to play while I practiced climbing on the rock wall. Once while climbing alone I witnessed a swing moving (swinging) on its own. No wind and no explanation of why this happened. I was standing by the rock wall and was no where near the swings. Um, so, I left.

    11. Today it was still light and I asked the spirits if they wanted to play and asked to give me a sign and nothing happened so I turned to leave and i felt Å hand grab my leg like a kids and no other kid was there so I ran but I’m going back and I took photos and I looked and there was a face and orbs.

    12. I am finally vacationing in Huntsville, Alabama to see my lady, Carrie. One of the things we did today was go by the Maple Hill Cemetery. It is very old with graves dating back before the War Between The States. (Most people say “Civil War”, but let’s face it, there wasn’t anything civil about it.)
      Next to the Cemetery is a playground known as the Dead Children’s Playground. Most people say that the ghosts of dead children in the cemetery play here, usually between 10:00PM and 3:00AM. Weird, huh? Others say that the ghostly children are the victims of a serial killer and it is here that they play in a special area that doesn’t remind them of the manner in which they died.
      When Carrie and I arrived, we got out of the car and approached the deserted playground. We stopped on the concrete steps and looked around. I remarked to Carrie that there was a great energy in the area. No sooner did I say that, a branch from the top of a tree snapped and fell, almost hitting us! That was all it took for her. She brushed the bark out of her hair where a twig had hit her. I went to her aid to see if she was alright. She was shaken but unharmed. She went and sat in the picnic gazebo as I explored the playground.
      The energy I had felt was gone, but with its departure had come a warning: “Go away!”
      Taking this as good advise, we departed, but not before I got some pictures.

      • NOTE: There is a very STICTLY enforced curfew between 6:00 PM and 8:00AM.
        If you are caught in the Cemetery or even in the AREA of the Cemetery or playground, you’ll get a warning first from your friendly neighborhood HPD Officer, then you will be arrested for breaking the Curfew Law and Trespassing.

    13. A group of friends and I live about 40 miles from here in Guntersville. As we were investigating a local haunted area, the cops were called on us due to our flashlights. Once they saw we were all in sweatpants and had a camera and knew we weren’t vandalizing they gave us directions to here. The Dead Children’s Playground. (Coolest cops ever?)First, we entered through a main gate off the street. We had 2 cars so we decided to park in the very middle of the cemetery away from the roads. (Just in case we were trespassing although the gate was open.) We searched the massive cemetery on foot what seemed like forever until we found it. I had my night vision camera ready. We walked around the playground saying hello and trying to get a response. We swang on the swings hopefully to encourage any spirits and even played our own game of tag. After about 20 minutes of that we decided to sit on the picnic tables located above and further away from the playground with a perfect arena-like view. By this time, the swings we were on were now still and everything was so quiet it made you not want to breathe. We waited for about 30-40 minutes. Sadly, none of us witnessed any paranormal activity. We all were “creeped out” but witnessed nothing.

      The only thing that was actually terrifying was on our way out. Walking through that cemetery was the most unsettling anyway between the large crypts and realistic statues all around. So we get in the cars and make our way back to the gate we entered from. I’m driving up in front and come to a complete stop as my stomach fell through my butt. The gate we came through was shut and locked! Not just locked but wrapped with a huge chain and an old huge pad lock.
      I look at my girl friend next to me and we both just start crying after already being creeped out. The guys in the car behind us had eyes as wide as deer. The entire wall around the huge cemetery is about 4.5 feet worth of stone. Our wimpy sedans were not a match to try and drive over. And trust me, I thought about it. Before we know it, we were driving frantically but carefully trying to find a way out. Even searched for an employee for help in case they were the ones who accidentally locked us in. After crying off all of my mascara, we come up on what turns out to be the main gate with the employee office right next to it. A get a wave of relief seeing our possible exit; however, it was also shut. I get out of my car with a friend to search for an employee in the building but the hours of operation for them said they were gone by 8. My guy friend who was out of the car with me was able to get the gate open and we high tailed it out of there. Met up at a local Waffle House to talk about our adventure. So, nothing caught in camera but definitely creepy. Will be going back soon. Sorry for the novel lol

    14. When I was a child I use to climb the cliff above the play ground . I use to play football for blossomwood we had practice in the graveyard . not far from there it was not until tonight I went back 39 years later to hear this story. I spent many days there even when it was a open field . it was used as a dump for the grave yard . I found the place when I was looking for bottles return deposits of 5 and 10 cent . to put it into perspective I seen one of the monkeys from the space flight of the of the Saturn rocket. And never have I known of this story until tonight. Can anyone show me a news paper clipping of the discovery . all I am saying is if you want to learn about ghosts . open your mind and just listen they are all around us everyday. If e=mc2 then this tells you . when we die we still exist but in a different form. Right . a computer consumes power from the power company and from this a electric field is product along with heat. . our brain is the computer our thought is the field . so every action in life is transmitted into our world . so is it not correct to say we all leave a imprint upon this earth in a form not seen nor can be felt but still exists . and if enough angry is produced at the time if death . it acts like the decay of a atom leaving a measurable angry behind . from history death could have left it imprint for many reasons . I have found people tend to make there own fear a truth . true or not . if you want to find paranormal angry look do a know place of fear open your mind and allow thought and feeling with out thought in it . there you start open the mind and then understand what you look for and start finding answers . not made up story’s bring truth not fear.

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