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About a 10 minute walk into the woods off of Patchogue Bay takes you to a clearing near the water, where the “Hanging Tree” is. As urban legend goes this tree is where early people in the area hung supposed witches, while another legend is that a teenage supposedly committed suicide by hanging himself from the tree. While neither of these stories have been proven, there is most definitely something paranormal here.

When first walking up to the tree a group of friends and I suddenly felt a steep rise in temperature, so abnormal since if you walked a mere 2 feet away from the tree the temperature dropped back to normal. There was also a subtle but growing foreboding feeling at the tree, which eventually drove us to start to leave the clearing. As we did, I stopped short after hearing an extra set of footsteps, and as I did my friend and I both heard someone whisper in our ears. Spooked, we made our way (much quicker) out of the clearing where we heard a rustling in the bushes as if something had been thrown at us. After getting back into the car, my friend looked into the rearview mirror and swore on her life that she saw a little girl sitting in the middle of the street, but when she looked back a second later she had vanished.

So thats my story of the tree. I know several people who have went and also experienced things such as hot flashes, flashlights and cell phones suddenly not working, and strange sounds.

(Submitted by Matthew C)

If you've had a paranormal experience here, or have any additional information about this location, please let us know!

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    Geographic Information

    Behind Grove Ave
    Patchogue, NY
    United States

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    40.75170235703433, -73.00007951242151
    Suffolk County, New York
    Nearest Towns:
    East Patchogue, NY (1.1 mi.)
    Patchogue, NY (1.2 mi.)
    Blue Point, NY (1.9 mi.)
    North Patchogue, NY (2.5 mi.)
    Bayport, NY (2.8 mi.)
    Bellport, NY (3.2 mi.)
    North Bellport, NY (3.4 mi.)
    Sayville, NY (4.4 mi.)
    Medford, NY (4.6 mi.)
    Brookhaven, NY (4.8 mi.)


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    1. I had my cell phone die at 75% battery life at this location. Want to go back with my equipment to see what else I can document.

    2. My pH drained out. I felt the spiritual present.
      The hairs on my arms were standing up..I got really cold chill , but I have these experience since I was a kid.

    3. Me and my gf went here she practices witchcraft she’s a white witch that alone set it off and her hair got played with and she felt like she got knocked in the head she was dizzy but we took a few shot also and we heard a lot of thing the audio we have we caught something saying “get out” and “go away” there was also growls as well we felt like we were being watched and followed and just all around heavy when we go closer to the tree we stopped and took a few snaps where we thought we heard some noises and we caught what looks like a witch hanging from the tree we got a few other good ones but this was beyond creepy for us

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