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Currently under restoration and not open for business, the 1920s gothic-style inn was originally a residence for a Czech baron. Later it was a speakeasy and then the Hotel Chateau La Boheme. Most lately the restuarant that occupied the space was said to be haunted by a woman named Maria, who was strangled in the back bedroom long ago. Many other apparitions and phenomena have been reported such as cold spots, ringing room-service bells and footprints in a just-shampooed rug in a locked bedroom.

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Geographic Information

Smithtown & Lakeland Ave.
Bohemia NY
United States

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40.7794511, -73.1100614
Suffolk County, New York
Nearest Towns:
Bohemia, NY (0.8 mi.)
Ronkonkoma, NY (2.5 mi.)
Holbrook, NY (2.8 mi.)
Oakdale, NY (2.9 mi.)
Sayville, NY (3.3 mi.)
Islandia, NY (3.5 mi.)
West Sayville, NY (3.6 mi.)
North Great River, NY (3.8 mi.)
Lake Ronkonkoma, NY (4.0 mi.)
Bayport, NY (4.2 mi.)


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  1. I can see the old Inn from my office window…. I haven’t experienced anything too strange, other then odd noises and a putrid smell… however, there is a good chance the smell comes from a combination of mold (that I’m sure it has from water coming in thru the visible hole in the roof) and the stray cats that I believe live there. BUT it’s still pretty unique (and unpleasant) and it doesn’t smell all the time, and when it does smell it’s the same way every time. As for the noises, I can only assume so many of them come from the feline tenants, but it wasn’t too long ago it sounded like someone was working inside. Loud banging, and a slam like someone dropped something or slammed a door.. but when I went to look, no one was there. at least no one I saw, and no car.. The property owner put a fence up blocking the driveway(s). A few days later the property owner (or someone who works for him) came by and asked if our cameras could see the Inn, however they really only focus on our parking lot and entrances, so the answer was no. The guy didn’t elaborate. Must have been something strange. could have been a trespasser but I just don’t think so, at least not during the day (it’s a pretty visible structure on a busy corner).

  2. My grandmother and her husband were the Proprietors of the Chateau La Boheme in the fifties and early sixties. My grandmother died in 1961 in one of the downstairs bedrooms. She had cancer. I stayed there many times for extended periods and have vivid memories of the place but no memories of anything weird. I did a lot of exploring into the basements and the Attics as kids do and it was always a fun place to me. The best times of my childhood was spent there.

  3. Hello my name is susan i lived at gus vosses old home lorraine did you ever visit there I had some very seriously odd things happen and im interested in connecting some dots and you maybe the key to info. I had many things that were left behind maybe even seen you in old photots the house was full of them we tryed to give them to the previous family and i think they came a picked a bunch up but im unsure. Alot of books and art work . that was a long time ago now.

  4. I wish they would open this place back up! Make it a themed restaurant – those are big right now. I think it would do great!!! I work around the block and would go there for lunch!

  5. Robert Stundis  |  

    I was visiting a chef friend in the eighties. While sitting alone in the foyer/bar area, there was a cold breeze blowing and jiggling the bottles,etc. no fan or windows!.The self-playing piano started playing! No shit! I’ve also heard about many tales of ‘hauntedness’ throughout the building, including animal (or human) bones strewn across the basement. Shadows of a woman in the windows, etc.

  6. Last year 2020, I seen construction going, they tore off the back room. That was it, nothing else. I still cant figure out what that was all about. I was excited, thinking possibly, someone bought it and it would become something. But nothing. Why, has it been sitting there boarded up for decades? Just makes no sense.

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