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Lake Ronkonkoma has quite a few legends attached to it, one of the most popular being the Lady of the Lake, a Native American woman who drowned herself here during the colonial times. Some say the ghost comes every year and takes an attractive man between ages 18 and 38, which accounts for some of the many drownings that have occurred here. A nearby mural is dedicated to the ghost, painted on the side of a strip mall on Rosevale Avenue. Another legend about the lake is that it has no bottom, only a whirlpool or an abyss some claim is a gate to Hell. Still another lake legend is that pirates once used the area to bury their treasure; some witnesses claim that a skeleton was found on the beach long ago, bound in chains.

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Geographic Information

Lake Ronkonkoma
Long Island, NY
United States

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40.8279716806634, -73.12254810341983
Suffolk County, New York
Nearest Towns:
Lake Ronkonkoma, NY (0.7 mi.)
Ronkonkoma, NY (1.0 mi.)
Lake Grove, NY (1.8 mi.)
Nesconset, NY (2.3 mi.)
Centereach, NY (2.4 mi.)
Holbrook, NY (2.5 mi.)
Islandia, NY (2.9 mi.)
Village of the Branch, NY (3.9 mi.)
Saint James, NY (4.0 mi.)
Bohemia, NY (4.1 mi.)


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  1. I just read a story about Lake Ronkonkoma being on a list of haunted places and was stunned. It coincided with an event that happened to me there in m1961 when I was 5 or 6 years old. I was there on a family and friends outing. We all lived in Brooklyn NY and everyone decided to have this big pick nick/outing at a place we’d never herd of called Lake Ronkonkoma. Back in those days this was still consider a country almost rural area.

    Any case, as a kid I was a wanderer. As soon as the adults were otherwise occupied playing softball and bbq’ing I wandered off. I went through a trail to the lake shore. There was not a sole around. All of a sudden I saw a group of Indians in full costume chasing an Indian girl into the lake. The whole thing looked surreal and like what today would be called a hologram image.

    I stood there transfixed. I almost walked out into the lake, then felt that they were all focusing on me. I turned and ran. I know this is not the standard story but I remembered it the rest of my life in detail. When I told the adults they laughed at me. Then some took me serious and thought of real world people trying to grab me. A few came and looked. Nothing to be seen.

    The only person I’ve ever told this story to since was my wife. Then about a week ago she shows me the story about haunted places. She was shocked as was I. It’d been over 50 years since it happened and now there it was. I thought the whole time I was the only one who’d experienced anything like this there. I knew I saw what I saw but seeing it in print made me feel kind of vindicated. At the time I’d been told I might have fell asleep and was dreaming. Not a chance. I was very excited to be on the trip, My first time out of Brooklyn and out in the country. My first look at a lake.

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