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The Black Angel statue is said to follow visitors with their eyes, and may curse visitors with sickliness. Also reported here have been lights in the trees behind the older graves, and a feeling of being closely followed.

If you've had a paranormal experience here, or have any additional information about this location, please let us know!

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    Geographic Information

    Fairview Cemetery
    Council Bluffs, Iowa
    United States

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    41.26944, -95.8495613
    Pottawattamie County, Iowa
    Nearest Towns:
    Council Bluffs, IA (0.8 mi.)
    Carter Lake, IA (3.8 mi.)
    Omaha, NE (4.6 mi.)
    Crescent, IA (6.6 mi.)
    Weston, IA (7.5 mi.)
    Bellevue, NE (9.4 mi.)
    McClelland, IA (9.5 mi.)
    Offutt Air Force Base, NE (11.0 mi.)
    Ralston, NE (11.0 mi.)
    La Vista, NE (11.1 mi.)


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    1. I was there yesterday, and had a tour at the Fairview cementary and also spend some time at the Black Angel statue, I had the most relaxing sensation at that place, my husband, took a video at the statue, and when we got back home we tried to see the video and we couldn’t see a thing, it showed the fountain but when we tried to see the Angel the video just stopped playing, after a while, about 3 hrs. later we were watching TV and the channel started to change by itself!!! and the TV from our bedroom turned on by itself and the control remote was far away from us! I have no explanation for this, but I wanted to share this with you guys!!!

      • That is actually the Black Angel in Oakview. Cemetery in Iowa City. She changed from bronze to black. The stories of the 2 different black angel statues have gotten mixed throughout the years

    2. We were driving around the cemetery at about 9:45 PM on Christmas Eve Eve and a man popped into the road and we almost hit him. Why would anyone be walking their dog at 9:45 at night.

    3. Ron McClelland  |  

      My dad took me, my older brother, and our friends up there nightcrawler hunting in the early 80s! We were all over the place next to headstones, crypts, and the Black Angel! We were teenagers and heard urban legend, but never saw a thing except 5gal buckets of worms!

    4. The top of the cemetery towards the long road is where the cemetery is most active. ridiculously unsettling and frightening especially at night. Not to mention the black angel moves it arms by itself

    5. 2 friends & I were there last night after a few minutes of taking pictures my 1 friends phone shut completely off & my other friends battery instantly dropped to low battery, mine seemed to be fine but Everytime I’d take a picture the flash would not come on for anything?!? So we were taking pics of different angels with 2 phones we had left no matter what way we pointed we all saw greenish orbs & no explanation for it! Soo we all got creep feeling got back to car as we’re driving off my 1st friend who’s phone shut off started taking pi tires in car all we saw was a flash! As we were comparing pictures later only o e that came out were a few green spots bye angel & the pictures that were took in car was freaky the whole car was filled with hundreds of lil green lights & another one u can almost make out a male figure in the side car mirror!!!

    6. The Black Angel statue was designed and sculpted by Daniel Chester French around 1912. The design was based upon a series of dreams Ruth Anne Dodge experienced prior to her passing. The perceived angel was encouraging her to drink and receive a promise and a blessing. (biblically this is sketchy, so don’t get any ideas) Most of Daniel Chester French’s statues and works located throughout the United States also have paranormal activity associated with their locations. He was one of the most prolific and acclaimed sculptors of his time and is accredited with the design of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington D.C.

      There is a smaller watcher demon assigned to this statue 24/7 and he usually perches himself like a gargoyle on one of the statue’s wings. The paranormal activity associated with the statue is typical with demonic hauntings. If you visit the site you should use extreme caution when doing so. This is a territorial type of minion demon and acts like a watchdog. The overall intent of this demon appears to be to scare people. It feeds on fear and anxiety but a demon like this should not be provoked. Don’t touch, say, or think anything that may seem provocative. Demons have an acute sense of hearing and have the ability to read minds. They also have the ability to project images into your mind such as seeing the statues eyes follow you, arms move, etc. It would be safe to assume if this watchdog demon starts barking, a higher ranking boss type of demon will be alerted. The location of this park is next to the cemetery and to the best of my research, NOT on Holy Ground.

    7. Eric S Wilkins  |  

      I came across this location 3-26-2017 Sunday around the 9th hour of the day. Now I had no idea it had a special name. that name black Angel did not occur to me. My story will not be completed until I analyze and receive some answers​ as to what happened to me that day. I guess you would have to know my complete history to understand my situation. I have been staying in a shelter called Joshua House located at 1435 n. 15th CB,IA. Anyways I started researching at the library on Willow Ave on Saturday 3-24-2017. I had a spiritual Awakening in 9-2016 which is 100 years after Ruth death. So with my Fuji absolute 2.3 I walk up to the top where I must mention that I didn’t see The circled bed of pruned bushes. I was tired and ready to sit, this site provided a choice of two benches . One on the south side of they roses one on the North. I believe I was on the North bench. Everyday I follow my higher power and read out of the new world translation Bible given to me by member of Jehovah’s witnesses. Every scripture that is at the site around the sculpture in read that chapter in its entirety . And WOW I felt compelled because following it from Proverbs 31,to matthew, to Revelation 22:1&17.please note all the 23’s. Take a second with it all. So from my reading I was told to follow a trail that ran swse. Along the way I came across 3items of wonder and awe. First was a huge conifer in the shape of a Arrowhead or triangle, I’ll try to attach pictures . 2nd was a snail shell hidden along the north bank bluff on the trail. 3rd was…. Well I don’t really know what it is,but it was facing south and it is Black and coned shaped. It has a tunnel in the middle but it is not completely hollowed out. There are marks maybe fossils in and on it I was at the start of a restricted area which is the very Old looking stone water tower. I was needing to be somewhere else so I picked up the black object​and it is now in my backpack. I am unsure what exactly it is, maybe you all that read this can help. My name is Eric and my email address is sevensevenfast@gmail.com please help.

    8. We were at the cemetery after closing time. I want to say maybe 10:30 pm. We were walking through joking around and then I had to clean my glasses and as soon as I looked up I saw a grey figure glide through the tombstones on the hill on front of us and come aceros our path! I could hear what I think were hooves on the cement path where I descended. If I had to guess it was a horse. It was dark and we had no lights on whatsoever. Whatever I saw tonight I know no one will believe and only one of my friends saw it towards the end but didn’t hear it. I was truly scared tonight.

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