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Once the historic Evergreen Inn Hotel, Manitowoc Place is known for its many ghosts. There have reportedly been a great many deaths here, which some surmise have led to the hauntings. Witnesses have reported pounding noises, blood that appears on the floors (apparently a remnant from a long-ago murder), and apparitions of people in early 1900s clothing dining and dancing. Also, the elevator is said to stop at floors where no one requested it — no one living, anyway!

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Geographic Information

204 North 8th Street
Manitowoc, WI
United States

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44.0939662, -87.65798319999999
Manitowoc County, Wisconsin
Nearest Towns:
Manitowoc, WI (0.4 mi.)
Two Rivers, WI (6.0 mi.)
Francis Creek, WI (7.9 mi.)
Whitelaw, WI (8.8 mi.)
Mishicot, WI (10.1 mi.)
Valders, WI (11.4 mi.)
Kellnersville, WI (11.6 mi.)
Cleveland, WI (13.1 mi.)
Saint Nazianz, WI (14.4 mi.)
Maribel, WI (14.6 mi.)


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  1. i live here in manitowoc ever since i was born i am now 37 yrs old and there have been many deaths that include many people jumping to there deaths from the way top of the roof so wondering if that has proceeded to haunt the place also i was born in 77 so in the 80’s so that is way after the 1900’s so there is more recent deaths to that place so maybe the new deaths activated the recent hauntings but it is an apartment building now so the people living there everyday would be the ones to talk to and i bet they have good stories of the hauntings for this site also JFK prep in st nazinings has a haunted old prep school i believe it was an all boys prep school ran by a priest and sisters and the priest went mad and murdered everyone and then himself the priest tomb is still on the grounds sometimes in the way back where the grounds keeper lived his home will light up in the dark and the whole building one time had a thing where all the curtians in that buildinng all shut at one time now you explain how the hell that happened then there was a girl in a certain room im not sure which room it was but she was brutally murdered and she is said to haunt that room so i think we need ghost hunters or ghost adventers to come in and get the truth out of all these people saying there findings and see if this place is truely haunted and if it is dangerous for anyone to be in cause now it is open to the public and if this is going on we should know i dont care if anyone knows this about me but once i get to those gates and the minute i get on that property i burst into tears and histarical and all i want to do is get the fuck out of there and far away my guts hurt and i am over whelled with fear and terrified to be there so something is wrong with that place and what ever it is ain’t good its got a dark ora to it and we need it investagated by real people not these fake wanna be’s that don’t have a clue what to look for

    • we were at St. Nazians a few years ago and we saw the groundskeepers house light up but didnt think anything of it because we thought someone still lived there but come to find out later its been up for rent for awhile before we got there, heard noises coming from the second building off the road and it sounded like a someone moving a huge object sounded like a wall locker but no one was there and the door was locked, we tried all the doors, and we heard kids laughing coming from the cemetery off to the left of the road…havent been back since

  2. Yes I lived there. I moved in around 94-95. At that time I lived on the 7th floor. I was in a one bedroom apartment by myself. At night besides the water pipes banging I would hear whistling. I thought I was going nuts! I jumped out of bed drove to my dads and crashed for the night. Didn’t stay long.

  3. I lived on the 6th floor for two years nothing ever happened, but always got a creepy feeling something was watching me.usually on the second floor where the old bar was .it is said that the hotel was owned or visited by the great al capone

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