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Rumor has it that this hotel, originally built in the 1800s as a resort, may once have been owned by Al Capone. Its nickname is Motel Hell because of all the strange happenings that occur here. For one thing, the whole place is said to glow by the light of a full moon, a ghostly reminder of a 1920s fire. Among the other spooky experiences here are the apparition of a little girl in a black dress, blood appearing on the walls, yells and oppressive bad feelings from the basement, and the smell of sewer gas in the restrooms. Witnesses say there is a stack of books that at least once has burst into ghostly flames, and an eerie singing sound is always heard here. Also, a spectral carriage pulled by white horses has been reported near the stables.

If you've had a paranormal experience here, or have any additional information about this location, please let us know!

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    Geographic Information

    N Packer Dr
    Maribel WI
    United States

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    44.28929693158766, -87.77591639754974
    Manitowoc County, Wisconsin
    Nearest Towns:
    Maribel, WI (1.8 mi.)
    Kellnersville, WI (4.6 mi.)
    Denmark, WI (4.8 mi.)
    Francis Creek, WI (6.8 mi.)
    Mishicot, WI (7.5 mi.)
    Whitelaw, WI (10.2 mi.)
    Bellevue, WI (12.9 mi.)
    Reedsville, WI (13.0 mi.)
    Two Rivers, WI (13.9 mi.)
    Manitowoc, WI (15.1 mi.)


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    1. Hello I am writing to let you know that my grandparents live in maribel and your story on here is all wrong…it is known as hotel hell…al capone never owned it but he did stay there…there was a bottleing company on the roof and it os not really haunted it burnt down twice and was destroyed in August of 2013 when a tornado ripped through the area it is located on county highway R and there are stories of the wishing well being a portal to hell. My grandpa knows many things about this place and grew up in maribel/cooperstown! Another note is that the owner of the property asks that people stay away from it at this point do not walk up to it he does not want anyone hurt! It is truley beautiful!

      • Hotel Hell is actually haunted! A few of my friends went there and reported many different activities, while they were walking down to it, they saw an apparition walk past a window, and when they go close to it, they heard a blood curdling scream from the inside of the hotel! They were actually able to get inside of the old hotel and once inside they heard loud footsteps, noises, voices, screams, and saw orbs, and shadowy figures! Please be mindful, this was before the hotel was blown down in the storm and was way before it was privately owned.

    2. Does anyone know the rough dates it burned down? Just curiosity struck wondering if its the same month/day as the tornados that tragically hit that area.

    3. I am in the spa and cosmetics business and am directed to visit someplace far in the distance to bring a talisman to shed there as a shielding needed to occur to protect myself and business from afar. God this life is just weird sometimes.

    4. Back in 1999 myself and 4 fds went to Meribel Caves, parked our trucks ,walked down the path to the 1st cave, below us the river, the guys all stopped by me got a beer and i walked into the mouth of the Cave and said “come you all lets go inside” and thats the last we all remember!!! We all woke up on the ground laying on our stomachs, raining, and dark , we all jumped up in a frantic hurry ru ning toward our vehicles, though trees, bushes as it was pitch dark, we held lighters to try to find our way, one of our crew got to his truck, turned on the headlights and we all followed the lights up. We left went to a bar and rehashed it all…. we all lost 9 hours!!!! From when we got there 1ish pm, to 9pm!!!! Dark, light rain, 9 hours lost!! None of us remember anythg in those 9 hours. Just me saying come on lets go inside and waking up on our stomachs all together in the darkness and rain… now …ive never in my life been back there… ill never go back.. ive heard the guys with me that night never went back either… ive lost touch with them now but i know what happened and it scares me yo this day… ill never go near there again, something is not right there…

    5. One Knowles medium/high driver, one Knowles very-high driver, and one Dynamic Driver with a 10mm titanium diaphragm provide the bass.

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