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The Walt Disney World Haunted Mansion is said to be haunted by several entities including a ghostly man in a tuxedo and a limping pilot with a cane said to have crashed his plane on this spot in the 1940s. Urban legend tells of a little boy who was cremated and his mother, against Disney’s wishes, spread his ashes along his favorite ride. Reports differ, though, as to whether this occurred in Disneyland (California) or Walt Disney World (Florida). However, a photographer taking shots of the WDW Mansion for a documentary found, in one shot, the face of a ghostly little boy peeking back at him from another Doom Buggy. The photographer said nobody was there, or at least visible, while he was on the ride.

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Liberty Square
Bay Lake, FL
United States

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Orange County, Florida
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Comments (10)

  1. As a Current Cast Member for Disney & This Location.

    Those stories are false. The little boy is in Disneyland & those cast members have seen them.

    Our Ride was built for the opening in 71. Since then Several Guests have tried to spread ashes of loved ones in the ride. We always find out (other guests or we just plain catch you) The ride is evacuated, a team comes in vacuums your loved one into a ziplock bag & then you are fined & banned from the park.

    So, we do get eerie “feelings” sometimes. but never seen anything Except for once. the ONLY “ghost” story we have is late one night, the park was dying out. cast members were in the load zone. the empty buggies were comg around. they saw an old man in the buggy. he didnt nod or reply to there hellos. Once he passed. the cast member called the unload area & asked about him. The cast member insisted that they never put anyone on the ride. they gave the buggy # & when it got to unload, it was empty. I have never seen anything. But if you keep dumping your loved ones in places. Something to bound to appear

    • Thank you for the insight. I’m sure it happens but wonder howe people think they will get away with spreading ashes in the ride, sure it’s dark but the ground is very smooth and even for the safety of the guests, at best somone’s uncle bob is going to lie there until the end of the day then end up mistaken for a big dust bunny by the cleaners.

  2. I was on this wide with my mom a while back and turned to look at her and all I saw was her skeleton sitting beside me, I freaked out and after a blinks saw her normally giving me a confused look…

  3. I am a former Cast Member and annual passholder. I don’t doubt that there is a little boy at Disneyland as well, but I know for sure that there is a boy at Disney World. My mom and I were riding once, and as we passed the hall with the suit of armour, right where it curves, she saw a little boy’s face peeking at us from around the back of a doom buggy. When the buggy turned to face the other way further down, we saw that there was no one in the buggy or any of the other ones for quite a while. I never told that to my husband, so it gave me chills when I was riding it with him a few months later and he asked me why a little boy was sitting in the cemetery crying. We have both seen the boy there multiple times since, and haven’t ridden in almost a year because we got too freaked out after getting stuck in that part of the ride for a half hour, seeing him bounce around the cemetery. The previous poster is correct about the procedures for sprinkled ashes inside a ride, but that doesn’t mean the hauntings don’t happen anyway. My husband also saw a ghost sitting on the bench that has the Minnie Mouse and Roy Disney statue off Main Street on the 40th anniversary. We are pretty sure it was Roy, it looked just like him.

  4. I think you left a story out.

    In the book, “Florida’s Ghostly Legends and Haunted Folklore: South and Central Florida” by Greg Jenkins, there is another “grim, grinning ghost” on this ride. It is said that on one of the Grad Nights, the ride broke down in the seance room. So a curious young man decided to get up and explore the ride. He ended up falling into a mechanical pit and dying.

    Now, the ride commonly breaks down in this room. This is thought to be due to this playful spook. I’d know from personal experience.

    Well, what do you guys think???

    • This is doesn’t make sense for many reasons:

      -WDW’s Haunted Mansion is an omnimover ride. If it breaks down there, it literally breaks down everywhere else because all the buggies are connected to complete a circuit. It it stops for a minute, it’s usually to help a less abled guest get on, ocassionally a technical fault, or someone ended up triggering a sensor (it happens a lot.) These are Not individual cars like you’d see on a Haunted House ride on cartoon on TV.

      -photos I’ve seen of this with the lights on do not show a “deep mechanical pit.”

      Honestly I’d say it’s a load of edgy bull 10 year Olds tell enough other around a campfire or something for years. Sorta like the stories of people losing their limbs/head on space mountain.

  5. To Tori^ :

    I just read about that just now. Funny how we’re looking up the same stuff in this time-frame even though we’re 12-13 hrs apart from posting.
    I’m just reading a lot into Disney since we’re going in a few months.

    I’m not all entirely sure if the story is true about the boy who fell 15 ft. to his death in the Seance Room. Not that we should totally believe the internet or even take credit from Wikipedia (which is where I looked up most incidents from the park, just curious), but they never mentioned that case on their website.
    It’s possible it’s a rumor.

  6. One time I was riding in the haunted mansion with my family and I was about to get in the ride(the boggy) and my family member was going to go with me in one car when suddenly I was walked by a cast member to a buggy and went in alone in the buggy. After that I went the ride alone in the buggy when I felt a presence next to me and the whole ride I felt something or someone was looking at. When we went in the room with mirrors I saw the face of a entity next to me and I was 11 at the time and got scared and started to cry. I’m completely freak out by this ride.

  7. There was another time that I went to haunted mansion. This time the ride broke down and it kept saying “ sorry playful spirits are playing tricks on us” at that time I was freaking out. I love Disney but this ride needs to be blessed. It’s a great ride but they should blessed everything. Sometimes bad spirits can take form of whatever they want.

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