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Room 206 has long been considered a haunted hot-spot in this Orlando hotel. Make the bed in this room and sometimes you’ll find the faint imprint of a human form underneath the covers. Others swear they have felt someone in the bed with them, or that it starts to shake violently. Temperature fluctuations are common and the room can be tooth-chatteringly cold even when the air conditioner is turned off.

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Geographic Information

5900 American Way
Orlando, FL
United States

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28.464883684566516, -81.46041772750857
Orange County, Florida
Nearest Towns:
Tangelo Park, FL (1.1 mi.)
Doctor Phillips, FL (2.2 mi.)
Oak Ridge, FL (2.2 mi.)
Bay Hill, FL (3.4 mi.)
Williamsburg, FL (3.6 mi.)
Sky Lake, FL (4.2 mi.)
Holden Heights, FL (4.9 mi.)
Windermere, FL (5.0 mi.)
Orlovista, FL (5.1 mi.)
Lake Butler, FL (5.5 mi.)


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  1. Monica DiMaio  |  

    A few years ago a friend, my son and I took a trip to Sea world. We stayed at the super 8. I woke up freezing,when I sat up there was a glowing white woman at the foot of the bed, staring at my son and I. I don’t know why but I just grabbed the blanket and pulled it over our heads and just held my son,eventually falling asleep. The next morning I told my friend I had a crazy dream. He interrupted me to tell me about his crazy dream. He woke up to pee. When he opened the bathroom door a woman was standing by the bed my son and i slept in! He said he closed the door and opened it again, she was gone. We figured out it wasn’t a dream and stayed at a Different hotel.

  2. I lived in that room for about 3 months in 1999 and have seen this man who seemed to be 30 rise from within the bed sit up staring me right in the eye as he walked across the room and in a flash went thru the door. He wears a flannel shirt and from the energy he gives is not friendly. I always felt like I was being watched in that room I went as far as looking for peep holes in the walls. The bed would often move and shake and felt like someone was getting in next to me. I would think it was my boyfriend only to roll over to nothing. The morning I actually saw this ghost/ man I was in the bed closest to the door and woke up suddenly. Very early which was not normal for e at the time and he just rose from within the bed walked across the room and disappeared thru the door. My instinct was to pray, I was not a religious person by any means. I got up after and ran to the mirrior and started slapping my face to make sure I was not dreaming. I have told this story to a few people over the years. Not sure if they believed me or not but I know what I felt and eventually seen. There was also a time when I didn’t stay in the room for a few days and came back to find the sink on and the room flooded. I had no idea all this was on the internet until tonight on Facebook the Orlando weekly has an article on the top 37 haunted places in Orlando and low and behold there it was. Wow. All I can say is wow. I really did see a ghost!

  3. My husband and I stayed in room 236 for one night. I had a restless night I just couldn’t get comfortable tossing and turning, getting up to urinate a few times. It was around either 4 or close to 5 AM and somehow it sounded like my husband had just finished peeing in the bathroom. A few seconds later I then thought how could that be him and I didn’t feel him get up out of the bed. I moved my foot over and he was sleep beside me. I know that I heard water trickling and I am now convinced that this hotel Super 8 is definitely haunted. Another weird experience was the room door wouldn’t open with the cards at first it took us a few tries then I was able to get in, we went back out when we got back the card keys wouldn’t work at all. Someone from the front desk had to give us new keys. Weird!

  4. I stayed in Rom 206 in Orlando at the Super 8 motel in 1987 with my mother before doing our trip to DisneyWorld. A time before it was called haunted. I was 7-8 years old and woke up to someone humming next to me. I had a full aspiration and it reached out and touched my foot that was sticking out from my covers. It spoke to me too. Told me to close my eyes and that everything was ok. I fell back to sleep like I was influenced. I had a sense of calm fall over me. I woke up the next morning and asked my mother if she had woken up at all last night, she said no.

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