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There’s no one definite story or location. The entire road is haunted. All stories involve a satanic cult involving sacrifice, and other occult behaviors. Cars traveling the road at night report engines shutting off and an ominous feeling of being watched. Some instances also claim seeing shadows around the vehicle, the vehicle violently being shook and hand prints appearing on the car even though no person actually approached the car. The other set of stories include a farmer who worshiped Satan. He sold his soul for power but the devil tricked him and he instead became a demonic creature referred to as Goat Man. He’s reported to have a Satyr like appearance over 7 foot tall with white furry legs an animal like head horns and glowing eyes. He’s said to carry a pitch fork or axe and is able to appear and disappear at will. He is said to stand In front of stopped vehicles and watch the people inside.

(Submitted by Michael Owen)

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Geographic Information

Waynesboro Shubuta Road
Waynesboro, MS
United States

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31.7584186, -88.7201551
Wayne County, Mississippi
Nearest Towns:
Shubuta, MS (7.1 mi.)
Waynesboro, MS (7.2 mi.)
Clara, MS (12.4 mi.)
Heidelberg, MS (17.8 mi.)
Sandersville, MS (18.4 mi.)
Buckatunna, MS (18.9 mi.)
Belmont, MS (19.1 mi.)
Quitman, MS (19.5 mi.)
Pachuta, MS (21.7 mi.)
Sharon, MS (22.3 mi.)


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  1. Lets not forget the little Indian boy walking on the side of the road at night. When you get close to him you can see that he is bleeding from his head down onto his face. And the woman in the gray dress. Her skin is just as gray and when you get close to her she turns around and her face is about 2 feet long and her mouth is stretched open with sharp pointy teeth and no eyes… Just black holes… Once you see her she runs off extremely fast and it looks like a streak of gray just bolting around until its out of sight. Devil worshipper road also has a swimming hole and a cave system directly connected to it. I’ve heard some pretty interesting stories about those two places as well…

  2. YESS!! i drove down this road one night with my aunt and uncle we stopped at one of the entrances and saw 2 sets of eyes behind the fence and we kinda freaked and left and drove a little farther and saw the place were they did the worshipps and the devil star was spray painted and we saw the the slave houses and there was lights on.. also we got kinda to the end of the road and stopped at this old buliding cause mt uncle had to pee and he got out of the car and we heard this clicking noise and it got loyuder and finally he got back in the car and i think we might have tore the car up trying to get the hell out of there

  3. My brothers and I went down waynesboro shubuta road one night at 3am because we heard of what kind of stuff happens down there and we wanted to see for ourselves. We all got out and stood on the bridge. With flashlights we shined into the water and the woods around the stream on both sides. For about 20 min. Nothing happened. My brother yells out here I am and cussing whoever/whatever entity we were planning on seeing that night. 10 min pass. This warm summer night starts to get colder and colder and colder until the point were we can actually see our breath. And this feeling that there was someone dead infront of us behind one of those trees. We get in the car and don’t say much cuz we all have a strange feeling about what happened. But it wasn’t until we got home we noticed what happened to our car we were in. There were hand prints ALL OVER THE CAR! I mean tires,doors,hood,roof,lights. And a very small pair of bare foot prints going up the left side of the windshield up onto the roof.

  4. We went tonight as a group my boyfriend wanted me to take some pics of him. When I did I could see the image of something and saw it move as I snapped the second pic

  5. People are so gullible. This road is as safe as any other road. No such thing as ghosts of goat men. I travel this road several times a week, often alone at night. The scariest thing I’ve ever seen is the garbage that gets thrown out by the local litterbugs and occasionally a snake in the road. The devil worshippers were just metal head kids in the 80’s and 90’s rebelling against the oppression of the bible belt.

  6. Wow, that picture really shows a scary image of “pig man.” lol. I too traveled down this road as my wife and I ventured to Virginia. We cruised up and down this road during the day and night and did not see a thing,nor felt anything..

  7. Waynesboro-Shubuta Rd is not Devil Worshippers Road. The correct road is Old River Road, which connects to Wabo-Shbuta Rd. There is nothing haunted about any of it. It was just a popular story in the 80s and has always been a backroad for drinking so probably just drunk people “seeing” things.

  8. I’ve lived on this road my whole life and literally never seen anything that was talked about. This road is haunted I guess since people have died in gruesome ways in the fields next to the road but sadly no goatman just farmers with really annoying goats

  9. my friend and i just recently went down this road, just out of curiosity. i am from around this area and have been down the road several time but not realizing it or knowin that it was even a “devil worshipper road”. we drove down the road but didn’t seem to see anything creepy, other than the fact that it had been raining heavily and steam/fog coming off of the road. after we had went down the road, we turned around heading home. on our way home we came across a curve in the road, not remembering it being there. it was raining pretty hard and was very foggy, barely seeing the road. it almost felt as if we blacked out for a moment. i felt confident in the road we were on, so i turned my map off on my phone. we continued driving and then we realized the road we were on didn’t seem familiar at all. there was nowhere to turn around so we kept going. slightly scared, we ended up on a road in the middle of waynesboro without crossing highway 84, which was impossible to do… getting home we find several handprints covering my friends windshield in “clusters”. handprints of all sizes.. we looked on our map when we got home, and there was no route explaining how we got to waynesboro.

  10. Actually had a few experiences back in the mid to late 90s. Pulled up to Mill Pond and me and some buddies saw a pentagram made of rocks with a burnt cat in the middle of it. At one point for a few weeks there was a hollowed out pig head on a fence post. On one occasion the head lights on my vehicle started turning on and off. My mom would tell me stories from when she was in high school in the 70s. So many stories for so many generations something has to going on, and since the bridge collapse there’s no telling what new spirits are hanging around. If you’re interested in another haunted location Frost Bridge has had weird happenings over the years.

  11. Fill out your name  |  

    I live on the road in question. I’ve see an hear things but not devil worshipers just so you know . Be careful if y’all come to visit

  12. Freddie Clements  |  

    Well I live right where everyone is talking about an yes I’ve seen an heard things but no goat man everyone just stop parking in my yard

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