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Its an old two story house that has been there for at least 20 to 30 years, unkept, and feels like you’re being drawn towards it. Ever time I walk past it, its feels like danger, like something demonic is calling me to come with him or her somewhere. A family used to live in it, until something strange happened to the family. I saw a little boy, about 5 or 6 yrs old, walking out of the path way leading to the house. The other members of the family or walking around restlessly, and has caused people to crash into the curve following the house. (Submitted by S.W.)

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Geographic Information

387 Old Corinth Rd
Petal, MS
United States

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31.3513158, -89.24706900000001
Forrest County, Mississippi
Nearest Towns:
Petal, MS (0.8 mi.)
Hattiesburg, MS (3.1 mi.)
Glendale, MS (3.6 mi.)
Arnold Line, MS (7.5 mi.)
Rawls Springs, MS (7.6 mi.)
West Hattiesburg, MS (7.9 mi.)
New Augusta, MS (16.2 mi.)
Purvis, MS (17.3 mi.)
Ellisville, MS (17.7 mi.)
Sumrall, MS (18.0 mi.)


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  1. We visited 387 Old Corinth Road. There isn’t much house left to walk through, it seemed as if bums had been in there. We did catch an orb in two different pictures around the same place. We had an infrared camera, two GoPro Hero 3s, and a Cannon PowerShot. We have checked if it was particles or debris. They were taken a few minutes apart, but in the one picture you can see the orb much better and it’s much bigger. I honestly felt alright in the house, truthfully was more scared walking up on somebody crashing in that place than anything. Pretty fun place to explore at night and even in the day

    • There’s another building down a path to the right of the house. It’s concrete, looks to be more of a shed type building. Multiple rooms.

  2. I have been there 3 times and haven’t seen , heard or felt anything. The house has just about completely fallen in so you can’t get very far past the front door. The strangest thing I saw was to the right side of the house in the back there is a in ground swimming pool that is still full of water (green water) I would like to know what all is in the bottom of the pool. I would also like to know the name if the people that used to live there, I would like to do a lit research on them.

  3. I have been there 3 times during the day. Twice we went up the patch that brought us up to the side of the house. And both times we could hear what sounded like a little girl talking, but couldn’t understand anything she said. And the voice was loud! The third time we went there we walked up the path that brought us up to the front of the house. That time we didn’t hear anything. We have never seen anything or had anything show up in pictures. There is however a beautiful HUGE tree in the front of the house. I would love to know what is in the bottom of the swimming pool that is in the back right side of the yard. Does anyone know who owns the land? I would love to do some research on the land and would also like to metal detect around the house.

  4. My friend told me a story about what happened here. Apparently there was some wealthy man who had built this house for his family. His wife had decided to leave him and in a fit of rage he killed his family and then himself. People were angry and took revenge by destroying the house (it seems like I remember something about a fire). One of the parents (I think it was the man) had a brother who allegedly owns the house now. I don’t know if this is a true story and I’m sorry I don’t completely remember it.

  5. I decided to ask my mom about this since I assumed (correctly) she was alive when all this happened. She went to school with a girl named Mary Priest who’s family owned this house. Mary was in a wheelchair and mom said she was a swimmer and would often exercise in the house’s pool. She doesn’t know exactly what happened to the Priest family but thinks they moved away. Apparently, they didn’t sell the house and so it fell into disrepair. There was a man who was a manager either at Howard’s (modern day Dirt Cheap) or Wal-Mart. When he got home from work one day, his severely mentally ill wife had killed their children and then herself. This happened on (735?) Old Highway 42 sometime in the early 70s. Mom showed me the house and I tried my best to find the address on Google maps. I don’t really know how the stories got mixed together, but I really think that’s what happened.

  6. I am from Petal and never heard anything about this. My grandparents, when they were alive, lived too far away from there. They never mentioned anything about it. I have driven up and down Corinth road (both at night and during the daytime, and never saw or heard anything out of the ordinary.

  7. My roommate and I take that road quite often, and we know if the story or at least that it’s supposedly haunted. One night maybe a week ago she and I were going to get some McDonalds (the new location is right off of that curve) and the street light in the middle of the curve flickered and then it blew sparks and cut off as we drove through. We were only going about 30 mph maybe less because it’s a pretty deep curve. It was horrifying tbh. I think we were more scared because we knew that it was supposed to be haunted…

  8. Yea I live in a fairly old house off Quinn st and a lot has been going on in it recently at night. Cabinets opening, plates flying and knocks on my doors and no one there. I just find it odd. Probably don’t need to freak

  9. I went to this house about ten times in 2015 because i couldn’t stop checking it out. I lived close by and I’m obsessed with paranormal shit. Anyway, There is a creepy green pool. It feels like super charged energy around it. Maybe something bad happened in the pool. The house was falling apart and there were a bunch of old clothes lying around. Just decrepit and falling apart. There was also that concrete building someone mentioned. Feels like bad stuff happened back there too. Anyway, I still want to go back to see if I see anything more. Overall feeling : dread.

    • No one ever said ghost hunting was going to be easy. And today, I definitely found that out first-hand. I believe my friend did as well. It was our first time to the location. We experience some degree of difficulty getting back to the old cement “shed” (as y’all have called it here). I believe my friend and I became some sort of ghost hunting archeologists!! We were not only VERY intrigued by the stories which we read here; we became fascinated by the structure and surroundings! we spent about 2 hours at the location and barely looked at and got through half of the stuff that we wanted to. We will be going back in the near future, especially after we’ve done a little more research on this location. I hope this next photo intrigued you as much as it did us. And as always, Happy Haunting!

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