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This bridge is rumored to be haunted by a man who was hanged here for committing robbery and murder. According to legend, Stuckey was a local inn-keeper who would rob and murder those who stayed at his inn. When he was finally caught and hanged, his body was later cut from the bridge and fell into the river below. Supposedly, people have spotted a man walking the river’s edge with a lantern and some people claim they have seen the apparition of his hanging body, followed by a splashing sound.

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    Geographic Information

    Stucky Bridge Rd
    Enterprise, MS 39330
    United States

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    32.255739687868356, -88.8550774455507
    Lauderdale County, Mississippi
    Nearest Towns:
    Enterprise, MS (5.8 mi.)
    Chunky, MS (6.4 mi.)
    Stonewall, MS (9.3 mi.)
    Hickory, MS (10.8 mi.)
    Nellieburg, MS (11.4 mi.)
    Meridian, MS (11.6 mi.)
    Pachuta, MS (15.0 mi.)
    Marion, MS (16.5 mi.)
    Quitman, MS (16.6 mi.)
    Collinsville, MS (16.7 mi.)


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    1. that’s not completely true. he found a house in the woods and he bought it turns out it was haunted by demons. they went inside of him. and he turned it into a motel and the demons was controlling him by killing them. the towns people found out about him killing the people. they was suppose to pass the bridge to get to town where the gallows were. but instead they told the governer that he had escaped and hung himself on the bridge but he didn’t they did

    2. I had an experience of a life time. me and 7 other friends went. and we saw the lantern and heard stuff drop. but as soon as we left their was someone inside of me showing me visions

    3. Well, we had no idea about the lantern or the splashing soundS! Me and my FBI baby were laying on the bank sipping blueberry vodka and orange juice. Observing the engineering of the bridge. Talking about how many model T’s had drove over the old beautiful bridge. Lit a little fire to drive off the gnats. Then fooling around a little bit and laughing, we heard a big splash close to the bridge. We looked for ripples from a bass or even maybe a gator. Nothing. Then hearing it again. Well didn’t pay any mind to it. We stayed there about 4 or so hours. Then left. Later on riding thru the game reserve we decided to look up the date of the bridge being built. Only then discovering about the splashing sounds. One or two things happened. One- The ghost of stucky decided , hey they don’t even know about me lol and I shall splash again or Two- in August of 2015 a 15 year old boy drowned in the chunky river by Stucky’s bridge as he fell in 2 feet of water he screamed “ouch” maybe it was the splashes, of stucky being cut down and the other splash was that of the boy drowning. I feel this is an evil place. I don’t believe in nothing but the holy ghost but demons are alive and active. They intimate deceased persons especially evil deceased people. And someone should bless the place. I enjoyed my visit there but after leaving and reading, I still do have an eerie and very uneasy feeling about this place

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