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Reportedly haunted by no less than 8 ghosts. Two of them are allegedly students who died at the university.

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Acorn Blvd
Kerrville, TX
United States

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30.02856049442218, -99.13177120681212
Kerr County, Texas
Nearest Towns:
Kerrville, TX (1.4 mi.)
Ingram, TX (7.3 mi.)
Comfort, TX (14.2 mi.)
Medina, TX (17.4 mi.)
Harper, TX (19.9 mi.)
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Fredericksburg, TX (23.0 mi.)
Boerne, TX (28.9 mi.)
Stonewall, TX (31.4 mi.)
Lakehills, TX (31.4 mi.)


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  1. We just finished working on a remodel of this building. Tools would disappear and we would find them in another room later. Materials would disappear and we would find them on a different floor or room a week later. Nothing stayed where you put it down.

    • WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I go to Schreiner and I have sometimes drive by there at night and would always see figures or shadow people in the windows moving from left to right.

  2. I’ve recently went to Schreiner University for and jrotc camp and while staying there myself and other girls kept hearing the dorm doors open and shut and we thought it was other girls but when we would go check everyone was asleep.

    • Haha, I went as well this year for JROTC too.

      You’re lucky the CTOs didn’t find you up past lights out!

      This place is definitely haunted.

      I was in Faulkner hall and the room next door to ours in the shared bathroom got up to answer a knock on the door in the middle of the knight. When he opened the doir, nobody was there.

  3. I was a Resident Assistant in Delaney Hall for several years in the mid 80’s. The RA’s would arrive about a week before fall classes would begin and that is when I witnessed most activity. Voices down the hall when no one was in the building, the sound of doors slamming. Items moved in my room. Also witnessed several ghostly apparitions outside near two of the gravestones just north of the building by the parking lot next to the deep creek bed.

  4. I was just there for an Air Force leadership camp. After everyone left the school, a few of us decided to go out and explore until our bus got there. Two of my friends and I saw a shadow in broad daylight, right in the living room of the newly remodeled building. Other than the weird shadows; before entering the building, there seemed to be a mannequin looking out of the window from the attic.. We tried to go figure out what it was doing there, but we never found our way up.

  5. A friend and I that lived in Delaney went under the bridge one night around 3-4 am. We didn’t go all the way down to the river but stayed at the top part; anyway we both saw what appeared to be a little girl in a white dress. When I shined my light from my phone it dissapeared. I was creeped out a bit but I remember staying calm. I’m guessing whatever it was wasn’t evil

  6. In the cemetery across the creek from this university my sister, nieces and myself were visiting the grave sites of some relatives who have died. It was evening just before dark. I saw someone with his back toward us walking on a grassy area going toward the creek, but thought nothing of it. As we were talking I looked up toward the older section of the cemetery. Suddenly, I saw a dusty black stagecoach with horses come to a brief stop. As it began to move forward again, it simply vanished into thin air. I gasped and exclaimed to my group, “I saw a stagecoach!” My sister said, “We need to leave.” And I said, “Yea.. cause I also saw someone walking just over there.. and now they’re not their.” We got out of the cemetery right away. I never visit the graves there anymore.

  7. Esteban Erik Stipnieks  |  

    I lived in Delaney Hall 3 of my 4 years as a Schreiner student….. saw nothing…… only bangs in the night were some very drunk dormates coming back home from college night little River class of 1998 only remotely weird thing was the building on weekends could be viscerally boring and wwe had an RD whose moods were almost to the point you would be depressed then you would see him in the room

  8. I stayed there one semester in 1984. Nothing unusual happened with the exception of the hot water pipes in the room restroom exploded. Maybe A ghost did it.

  9. I stayed there alone for an art festival around 2008? I woke up in the middle of the night around 2-3am before I opened my eyes I heard the sound of two kids playing outside the door I thought who let’s their kids play in the middle of the night? Then woke up paralyzed w an entity on my chest. I was able to push it away but it was terrifying. Before bed I had driven through the cemetery on my phone..

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