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At Ye Kendall Inn, according to local lore, reside the spirits of Erastus and Sarah Reed, who bought the land on which the inn stands in 1859. The Old Reed House, as it was called back then, was a stagecoach stop. Reports say the spots most often visited by the ghosts are the lobby, the Marcella, and the Victoria Room. In the lobby, a sign has flown off the wall, landing across the room, and sounds of phantom horse and carriages have been heard. And in the Victoria Room, a claw-foot tub has been known to fill itself during the night.

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128 W Blanco Rd
Boerne, TX 78006
United States

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29.794213, -98.73360070000001
Kendall County, Texas
Nearest Towns:
Boerne, TX (0.1 mi.)
Fair Oaks Ranch, TX (6.4 mi.)
Scenic Oaks, TX (6.7 mi.)
Cross Mountain, TX (11.2 mi.)
Grey Forest, TX (12.7 mi.)
Helotes, TX (15.2 mi.)
Comfort, TX (15.8 mi.)
Timberwood Park, TX (16.5 mi.)
Bulverde, TX (17.2 mi.)
Shavano Park, TX (18.1 mi.)

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  1. Wife and I stayed here on our wedding night. After going to bed I woke up to someone whispering my name. I turned over to my wife and she was sound asleep. Happened numerous times.

  2. I stayed there one night after driving for many hours. I went to my room,showered and fell asleep. During the night I dreamt that I was being seduced by a spanish woman ghost dressed in white. When I woke up the next day, I found a condom in my bed, I washed up,got dressed and when I left, I saw one of the cleaning ladies (who was dressed in white) staring at me with a big smile.She then told me,”Gracias por tu chorizo.” I then realized that she was the woman whom I had drilled that night. I turned around and walked back to where she was,and she vanished. I asked the lady working the front desk who the lady was and she said that she worked there until her death several years ago. I never did get her name, but I know that she must have been religious because she kept yelling out loud as I banged her saying,”Oh god,oh god!” lol! Wow, that is very scary!

  3. Jennifer Abbey-Dyer  |  

    I stayed for a conference with work this past summer, I checked in late to my cabin by the pool since I arrived after work. I had been very ill with a respiratory infection and was having a hard time breathing so I tried to sleep with several pillows but kept waking to someone patting me on the back. I was so tired I thought surely I was imagining it until I looked over and saw a woman’s hand on the bed next to me. I went to my meeting the next morning, shook it off and returned to my room that night planning on going to sleep early to get some rest. Again several times through the night I woke to someone patting my back and the hand on the edge of my bed. At this point I was awake at 3:30am and could not go back to sleep. I told my coworkers the next day about the past 2 nights occurrences, then called and told my husband. My husband offered to come and stay with me, but it hadn’t scared me, was actually kind of a comforting feeling but it certainly was odd. Someone mentioned maybe the hotel was haunted, I again blew it off and passed on going out to dinner to go to bed early. The 3rd and last night it repeated again, the next day I looked up information on the hotel out of curiosity and found that there had been a long history of haunting reported. Definitely an interesting place to stay!

  4. My husband and I stayed on our wedding night. When I walked into the bathroom my husband was laying on the couch waiting for me. He closed his eyes and felt a solid tap-tap on his arms which were crossed. Thinking it was me he opened his eyes and I was still in the bathroom, nobody was there with him. We turned the water on to take a shower later on and the water was perfect. The water about 3 minutes in would become SCALDING! We would turn the faucet to where it would be regular warm temperature and again it would become SCALDING after a few minutes! This happened several times…the next morning we took another shower and the water would never change like it had the night before!

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