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Allegedly haunted by a headless nun.

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Geographic Information

2827 Babcock Road
San Antonio, TX
United States

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29.512317, -98.58935299999996
Bexar County, Texas
Nearest Towns:
Leon Valley, TX (2.1 mi.)
Balcones Heights, TX (2.8 mi.)
Castle Hills, TX (4.5 mi.)
Shavano Park, TX (5.5 mi.)
Olmos Park, TX (6.5 mi.)
Helotes, TX (7.6 mi.)
Hill Country Village, TX (7.7 mi.)
Alamo Heights, TX (7.7 mi.)
San Antonio, TX (8.4 mi.)
Hollywood Park, TX (8.6 mi.)


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  1. My nephew died here and he was only 11 he still would be here today if these idiots that worked here would hav known what thye were doing.
    When they we going to disconect him from his life support macheine some of the nurses laughed and kept saying that “no you disconnect him I dont want to deal with all the crying”
    There was alnost 30 people in my nephews room and of course there would be crying especially since eveyone in there was family.
    Theh killed him… Its thier fault that hes gone…..especially that he was 11.
    But hes with his mom in heaven were he needs to be.

  2. Yes, I was also here but in the maternity ward!!! My husband had left and while I was asleep, I heard a little boy laugh!!! And then when I opened my eyes I saw the curtain move by it self…I got so scared… And then on the 6th floor we went for a walk up there and up there was like a storage area but anyways you could hear 2 woman talking but no one was there… You could also hear footsteps of high heels…

  3. well today the lights were switched off mysteriously by themselves. nobody near the switch..although it could have been a wire trip or some type of electrical issue…it has never happened prior or at all afterwards. very strange. and makes you wonder a little. I immediately thought, hmmmm must be a ghost..but had to get back to work. keep in mind were working so most of the employees just ignore it or shrug it off. I’m in the basement rn, which is where all the food service/cleaaaning personnels lockers and break rooms are located. my locker room is just a few feet from the old hospital morgue, which is now a storage room for the kitchen..lots of eerie things go on, ex. voices, noises, those word’s feelings of being watched or a prescence. but like I said we’re at work so usually it passes fairly quickly. I have yet to see or hear something new and genuinely spooky.

  4. When I was about 3 years old, i was a patient in the hospital for surgery for my right index finger. One night I was asleep and woke up and saw a woman that looked like a nun at the foot of my bed and looked at me. I got so scared that I covered myself including my face with the blankets and embarrassing as this sounds I got so scared I wet the bed. The next day as they were changing the sheets my mom had asked me why did this happen and I stayed quiet because I didnt know how to tell her what I saw.

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