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There are ghosts of cowboys who appear in the courtyard near the swimming pool. This is said to occur after 3 a.m. Also, there is a phantom patron who asks staff for permission to use the establishment’s restroom.

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Geographic Information

2033 Sidney Baker
Kerrville, Texas
United States

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30.065626, -99.116962
Kerr County, Texas
Nearest Towns:
Kerrville, TX (1.9 mi.)
Ingram, TX (7.4 mi.)
Comfort, TX (14.4 mi.)
Harper, TX (17.9 mi.)
Medina, TX (20.1 mi.)
Fredericksburg, TX (20.6 mi.)
Bandera, TX (23.6 mi.)
Stonewall, TX (29.5 mi.)
Boerne, TX (29.7 mi.)
Lakehills, TX (33.5 mi.)

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  1. I stayed on the first floor of Johnson. Around 1:00am a weird ball of light came across the room and picked up a plastic cup up. (From coffee pot) that had been set out several times and tapped it on the table by the outside door facing the pool.

  2. Stayed here 5-6 Oct 2019. About 0330 a stone my son bought earlier had lifted and was thrown across the room, landing loudly and with force on the tile floor. Also, it was a uneasy rest as odd noises had kept me awake as well as unexplained pressures on the foot of the bed. When asked, hotel staff said there have been stories but never from my building until now.

  3. I stayed there 3 years ago. First night nothing out of the ordinary. Second night I woke up to a rodeo clown bent over looking at me and made eye contact. Third night I heard what sound like drums in the hallway, like Native American drums. I wanted to ask the front desk but my husband didn’t want me to say anything.

  4. August 7-8 2020 Room 214 I thought I was dreaming, someone grabbed my shoulder while I was sleeping it wasn’t my husband he was in the next bed I turned to see who it was and it was thin man I jump in the next bed with my husband to wake him and the man raised and lowered his hand for me to calm down I did and asked what he wanted he said he was a rodeo clown and showed me a place under the floor where he kept his things I told him I loved that stuff and asked if I could have it and I take care of it all I remember is him lifting a metal plate which could do have been the ceramic floor but I told him he needed to leave and he did. I can still feel his hand grin on my shoulder will I stay there again you betcha

  5. I stayed on April 17th while in town to attend a wedding. We closed down the hotel bar and walked back across the property to our room in the Bear Creek section around 12:30am. While walking back across the historic outdoor amphlatheater, we saw a woman dressed in 1800s clothing looking at us. She was motioning for us to ‘come here’ and then suddenly disappeared. We couldn’t believe what we saw! .. and had a very hard time getting to sleep. We slept a few hours and then drove home around 5am. Before leaving, we went and checked out at the front desk. My husband didn’t want me to say anything to the front desk about the encounter out of fear of retaliation. I decided to mention it and they confirmed we saw ‘the maiden of the amphlatheater.’. They had similar reports from the bikers who often stay there on the weekends. I was told she often appears in 1800s fashion but sometimes will be missing either the top or bottom of her outfit. When she appeared to us, she was fully clothed thankfully.

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