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Clinton Road begins at Route 23 near Newfoundland and runs 10 miles to Upper Greenwood Lake. The area is said to be traversed by ghosts, odd creatures, devil worshippers, witches, and members of the Ku Klux Klan, and is known for being a spot where murderers choose to dispose of bodies. Stories include a ghost of a little boy who drowned here, who appears at a bridge over Clinton Brook near the reservoir if you put a quarter on the yellow line in the middle of the road; a ghost girl driving a phantom Camaro who crashed here in 1988; two ghostly park rangers who died on the job in 1939; an 18th-century iron smelter that some mistakenly call a Druidic temple; phantom trucks and other vehicles; and strange creatures such as animal hybrids, monkeys, hell hounds, or escapees from a nearby attraction called Jungle Habitat, which closed in 1976. Also nearby is Cross Castle, built by Richard Cross in 1905 and now ruins rumored to have been used by Satan worshippers for sacrifices. The castle was razed in 1988, but its ruins remain. One more eerie event told about in these parts is that of the “Iceman,” which began when a murdered body discovered here by a bicyclist in 1983. The autopsy showed ice crystals in blood vessels near his heart, leading investigators to think the body had been frozen so that his death would have been thought to have happened later than it actually did. In 1986 Richard Kuklinski confessed to being the killer and a mob hitman who killed over a hundred others, freezing their bodies the same way, earning him the nickname “Iceman.”

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Geographic Information

Clinton Road
West Milford, NJ
United States

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41.09350392182487, -74.43951594825194
Passaic County, New Jersey
Nearest Towns:
West Milford, NJ (4.6 mi.)
Highland Lake, NJ (5.8 mi.)
Kinnelon, NJ (7.4 mi.)
Franklin, NJ (7.6 mi.)
Hamburg, NJ (7.9 mi.)
Ogdensburg, NJ (8.0 mi.)
Butler, NJ (8.0 mi.)
Wanaque, NJ (8.5 mi.)
Bloomingdale, NJ (8.6 mi.)
Pompton Lakes, NJ (9.9 mi.)


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  1. Back in 1997 a friend of mine and I were driving down Clinton Road In his mom’s Dodge neon. All of a sudden it was like somebody was riding our ass. The lights right behind us like the vehicle wasn’t even a car length away. My friend sped up and the lights were still there. So finally being the tough guys we were, we stopped and the lights went off. We immediately turned around and raced back the other way To see who it was and there was nobody. And I was in an area where there was no where to turn, no side areas, nothing. Kind of freaked us out. There was another time where people were around a bonfire next to the water. Me and three of my friends pull down one of the little dirt driveways towards the lake And we came up on a bunch of people around a bonfire. I don’t know if they were devil warshipers , KKK or what But one of them got in the vehicle and chased us back to 23. My buddy was literally doing over 80 miles an hour on the dangerous road and this dude was keeping up. It freaked us out. As we were only teenagers. Thank you

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