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Two rooms here are said to be especially haunted. Room 255 is said to be visited by Anita Conklin, a longtime inn resident who lived there with her husband, manager of the Miami Seaquarium. Ms. Conklin passed away in the room in 1994; her husband had passed away earlier. The switchboard lights up with calls from this room even when it is vacant. Near the kitchen, witnesses say something has tugged on their clothing, or they’ve felt an eerie presence around them. Another room said to be extremely haunted is Room 118, although little is known about the woman’s apparition that appears here. The ghost has been photographed by the manager, and the staff takes care to show respect to the ghosts by knocking on the doors before entering.

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    Geographic Information

    108 Royal Palm Ave
    Clewiston, FL 33440
    United States

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    26.754684, -80.93284
    Hendry County, Florida
    Nearest Towns:
    Clewiston, FL (0.1 mi.)
    Harlem, FL (1.6 mi.)
    Lake Harbor, FL (8.5 mi.)
    Moore Haven, FL (11.3 mi.)
    South Bay, FL (14.8 mi.)
    Belle Glade Camp, FL (16.8 mi.)
    Belle Glade, FL (17.1 mi.)
    Pahokee, FL (17.1 mi.)
    Canal Point, FL (19.8 mi.)
    Buckhead Ridge, FL (26.1 mi.)

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    1. Born and raised in Florida. Around the time of my sisters 8th grade year, she was a bit addicted to visiting the haunted inn. Being a small town community, the Inn allowed her to come and go as she please, eventually she hosted a few ghost tours. One day she was giving a tour to her friend, and experienced a door close in one of the rooms. She turned around and began hearing noises. Looking around the two girls became scared and confused. They left, and on their way out my sister noticed the cross missing from her necklace. Later she found it back in the Inn. After that, she stopped visiting.

    2. My husband and I just stayed in room 255 on Dec. 5, 2015…Found out from the locals that the Clewiston Inn might be haunted…googled it and only then did we find out that our room was one of 2 haunted rooms….found out the history and let Anita Conklin know we were only staying for one night…it was and always will be her room…After going to bed that night all my toiletries were knocked downed from the bathroom sink onto the floor…that was our experience…..

    3. I dont know about this, but there was an air conditionor thing that covered the light on the generator. I clicked it in and went to bed. About two in the morning I woke up to a light. I leaned over the and the thing had been knocked off. I thought it just fell from a vibration. I clicked it back in and went back to bed. At about five I woke up yet again to the light. However, the cover lay about 2 feet from machine. I have tested many times and it has never rolled or fell that way. The best part is, it was in 116, right next to the haunted room of 118? Coincidence? I think not. Please tell me your thoughts on this encounter.

    4. Joyce McKiever and Norman Carter  |  

      Stayed over night Oct 22, 2016 along with bridal party. My husband and I stayed in room118, no sign of a ghost at all.

    5. I stayed in room 118 Jan. 26-30, 2017. I kept finding the filter compartment to the coffee maker open after I had closed it. Odd because it snaps into place.

    6. I stayed in room 118 Jan. 26-30, 2017. I kept finding the filter compartment of the coffee maker open after I had closed it. This happened numerous times. It was odd because the compartment snapped shut.

    7. Sharon Marshall  |  

      I am not sure what room I stayed in, but I immediately felt uncomfortable in the hotel. And I travel for a living. I was scheduled to stay for 4 nights. A very nice hotel for sure. But all night I heard clanking and felt occasional breezes, but there was no fan on or window open. I had paid in advance and thought for sure they would not refund my money. But I couldn’t stay one more night. I checked out and they did refund the balance, no questions. Which made me think, I wasn’t the only one. If you like this sort of thing, it really is a nice hotel.

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