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Cold spots and knocking sounds are reported in the hallways of this theatre, and some of the projectors stop working or jam at inopportune moments. (Could it be they just need to hire a better projectionist?)

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Geographic Information

5881 Lake Worth Rd
Greenacres, FL 33463
United States

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26.620403963398346, -80.13626682380374
Palm Beach County, Florida
Nearest Towns:
Greenacres City, FL (0.7 mi.)
Lake Worth Corridor, FL (2.2 mi.)
Palm Springs, FL (2.7 mi.)
Atlantis, FL (3.0 mi.)
Seminole Manor, FL (3.4 mi.)
Lake Clarke Shores, FL (4.1 mi.)
Gun Club Estates, FL (4.2 mi.)
Royal Palm Estates, FL (4.3 mi.)
Lake Belvedere Estates, FL (4.8 mi.)
Lake Worth, FL (4.9 mi.)


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  1. This place is 100% haunted. .although I’d prefer to not use such cliché wording. I’ve had paranormal experiences my entire life, even before the age I can Remember. My mother would tell me how I was able to tell her a loved one passed before they even knew. I went here once ever. Never again. I am prone to these experiences. . they seek me out and I do not appreciate it. The Spirit here is not kind. I still have a scar to prove. I was sitting completely still watching my movie when suddenly a spot on my arm started to burn and continously grow more painful. I finally took out my cellphone to see what could possibly be going on. I had a DEEP cut on my arm like it scratched me. Still have a scar to this day. . I’ve had many experiences over my lifetime and this was by far the most random and unexpected.

  2. I actually work here, and the other day, I was doing some work in the projection room. There were packing peanuts on the floor around me and seemingly out of nowhere, they started to swirl in a circular motion; Much like you might see leafs swirling in the wind. Only problem is, there was no wind, or any air flow, around me. I’ve heard this place is haunted before, and we have had people die in the auditoriums, but I never really believed it to be haunted. A lot of the stuff people claim, I can offer a reasonable explanation for, but this was a little weird, and I definitely have no reasonable explanation for this instance.

  3. Me and my friends hung out in the theater when they were building it in the 90s. We went into one of the theaters and my friend and I heard a man moaning. NO ONE WAS THERE. Around 3:30am I went to explore and was by what would be the snack area. By the bathrooms I heard a scrapping sound and when I turned to look I saw a man in construction work attire. I was frozen for a few seconds then he dissapered. But not like you see in movies. It looked like he was sucked out of the room by a vacuum. I haven’t been there since.

  4. I worked in this movie theatre in 2002 and someone did pass away in a theatre while i worked there. It was an elderly woman, both her & her husband fell asleep watching the movie but only her husband woke up, it was very sad. I didn’t have any experiences but this may contribute to some experiences.

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