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Duncan Chapel Methodist Church, built in the 1850s, has a cemetery known as the Children’s Graveyard. The road to get there is across from a McDonalds. Apparently the cemetery is older than the church, as the dates on the gravestones are said to range from the late 1700s to the late 1800s. Folks have reported unexplained lights, disembodied laughing, and the running footsteps of someone unseen.

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Geographic Information

5055 Old Buncombe Rd
Greenville, SC 29617
United States

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34.91265750122289, -82.43003904819489
Greenville County, South Carolina
Nearest Towns:
Berea, SC (2.4 mi.)
Sans Souci, SC (2.4 mi.)
City View, SC (3.5 mi.)
Travelers Rest, SC (3.9 mi.)
Parker, SC (4.5 mi.)
Greenville, SC (4.6 mi.)
Judson, SC (5.5 mi.)
Wade Hampton, SC (5.5 mi.)
Welcome, SC (6.0 mi.)
Dunean, SC (6.1 mi.)


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  1. This is one of the few places that I have ever got a credible EVP, it no longer exists, I went last Halloween and it had been bulldozed and the tombstones were all shoved to the end of the “road”, they to my knowledge did not move the actual graves themselves, just the stones, all in the name of beautification of the area. I’ve often wondered if those left behind are somewhat angry at the cost of “progress”

  2. The graveyard is still there but the church is long gone. I went to the graveyard yesterday, opened the gate, and walked around. It’s overgrown a good bit but you can easily find the stones and other markers. I found many markers were laying flat, not broken but just laying flat as if someone had laid them down. All of the markers I saw were right at the gravesites. (You can see depressions in the ground for many of them.) I never saw any markers out of place. Perhaps someone went to a different graveyard? These graves are clearly marked. As for haunted…rubbish!

  3. Does anyone know who is responsible to maintain this property? We went by there the other day and sadly the vegetation in the graveyard is extremely overgrown and needs to be cut down.

  4. I went to this graveyard Yesterday evening before dark and I have to say it’s pretty sad that no one is maintaining this graveyard,, Yes there’s a fence put around it but the tombstones are knocked over there’s a lot of weeds and it is totally not cared for and I’m sorry but I think it’s wrong and PLEASE,, hunted? No such Thing of it,, does anyone know if there is a committee for this grave yard ?

    • You guys probably wouldn’t know what a haunt was if u seen it . Scooby and the mystery machine aren’t going to come out of the bushes . LMAO

  5. Laraine Curtis  |  

    We just moved to the area and was horrified to see this graveyard in the middle of Walmart and construction basically on top of it. Why isn’t this being preserved and maintained? Some trees to block out the parking lot and flowers would surely help. Who is responsible for this historic graveyard? It is a disgrace.

    • An article from a few years back said furman university was supposedly going to take on maintaining and cleaning it up but obviously that hasn’t happened. I used to live over that way. When I was somewhere around 13 I rode my bike to the gas station at the corner there. All of what’s developed now used to be woods. I went back there just exploring and randomly stumbled on the graveyard. It was really interesting seeing it just tucked away and all the super old graves in it. It seemed even at the time that there was some possible grave robbing that had gone on in the past as well as alot of the stones knocked over and everything just in an obviously neglected state. Didn’t feel haunted or anything but I was also there in the middle of the day. That house I lived in actually was haunted so yes it is a real thing. My eyes sure didn’t lie and also had alot of odd things in general happen at that house. Either way I’m glad they didn’t just bulldoze it but I do wish a historical society would come in and at least clean it up!

  6. karma wilde, dark corner paranormal, llc  |  

    This graveyard is now buried underneath the Walmart grocery store. The markers were removed but the graves remain. This is a travesty, but sadly happens many times over, as it is simply more cost effective to build on top of an old cemetery than to disenture the graves and re-locate them. I can assure you that the place is still active and the best analogy I can give you is that, placing a bandaid over a wound does not remove the wound, it only conceals it.

    • Oh my goodness! The Shaw Co. cleaned that cemetery, cut down trees, and put a fence around it. They did not knock down any markers. Many of the graves did not have stones; they had large rocks; a small metal marker or nothing at all. I have about forty or so relatives in the the Pike/Neely section. When I was a kid, we kept it in pretty good shape, just our section. Duncan Chapel FD does a lot in there. The piles of concrete that people saw was from the old dairy that used to be
      there. It has never been haunted; however, when the woods were there, it was pretty creepy.Jerry

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