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At the New Salem Baptist Church Graveyard, visitors have reported unexplained moving lights, voices, temperature anomalies, eerie feelings, touches from something unseen, and other strange phenomena.

If you've had a paranormal experience here, or have any additional information about this location, please let us know!

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Geographic Information

Off 414
East of Tigerville, SC
United States

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35.08187363582548, -82.33998012536176
Greenville County, South Carolina
Nearest Towns:
Tigerville, SC (1.9 mi.)
Slater-Marietta, SC (9.2 mi.)
Travelers Rest, SC (9.8 mi.)
Tryon, NC (10.4 mi.)
Saluda, NC (10.7 mi.)
Landrum, SC (10.7 mi.)
Campobello, SC (11.0 mi.)
Taylors, SC (11.4 mi.)
Gramling, SC (11.7 mi.)
Greer, SC (11.8 mi.)


Please note: It is your responsibility to acquire appropriate permissions before investigating any location listed on this site. Private property should be respected at all times, as should all posted signs concerning trespassing, hours of operation and other local regulations. Many "ghost hunters" have been arrested because they failed to contact property owners and/or local authorities ahead of time.

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  1. this place is terrifying lots of stuff happened to me an my friends here and when even leaving the place something dark followed us and did something to my friends.

    • This is my family church and my grandparents are buried here. I also knew some of the people who are buried here. African-American Christians. I’ve never seen or heard anything and they are buried at the back of the cemetery

  2. I have visited this location several times, day and night, I have never seen or felt anything here. No EVP’s, no photo anomalies, my personal opinion: Not Haunted

  3. Went to the Graveyard this evening, Took pictures. The one thing that happened right off was that my cell phone battery went from 49% to 3% immediately. I’m talking from the road to the end of driveway, which is about 150 feet. I was shocked that i was able to get some pics taken. The only thing i thought and felt like i saw was running dark shadows in the few woods around it. like real fast going behind tree to tree. Wasn’t enough to scare me. But when i looked at pics,after charging battery, there was like a weird haze behind the graves and in the woods.

  4. My wife and i visited about 12 am and both had such bad feelings apon arrival and she felt a heavy presence as well as something tugging at her necklace. We did not stay to walk eventhough wanted to. Personal opinion something bad was lurking the grounds.

  5. Bethany Harris  |  

    Went there twice now. Apparently hangout for teens backed into dirt road next to cemetery. We got out and walked. Was just about to get right up on the back of the cemetery and big dog was next to our car…growled and barked… disappeared into the woods next to the car. Never saw or heard dog again because we went straight back to the car and sat inside and locked doors. Did catch some orb activity, quite large in fact for orbs. Looked as if something was pacing back and forth at back of cemetery as well. There are no trespassing signs and the cemetery is not gated off. Easy access. Just be mindful and don’t desecrate graves.

  6. 8/9/2019 around 10pm.
    I heard footsteps around us. At one point the energy around us changed and it felt like something was there. We got some hits on the EMF (electro magnetic field) detector. As you see in the video of the EMF it spikes to a 4.7, drops down and spikes again at 2.9, .4 and .9. The spirit seems to move on as it stays at a .1 after that. As you can see it is pitch black in the graveyard so we feel it couldn’t be any sort of electric field causing the spikes. My wife heard a soft woman’s voice in her ear at one point. To us this is very cool!!
    I tried to post video, but this site won’t take it. Have to settle for screenshot.

    • Years ago we found this place around halloween just looking at haunted places. We went to this location and several things happen. There is definitely something evil on the left side of the graveyard. The woman you heard i have heard as well. Beware of this place.

  7. I had just left home nearby and pulled over to enter my last bit of sweepstakes about 11:55pm and parked aimed at the rd ready to leave when I got done. Had the car in park. I had seen lights coming over the hill I thought on the rd thought it was a car didn’t think much of it other then a car going down the rd. I kept playing I seen out the side of my eye bc I was watching to make sure car didn’t come in to check out make sure why I was in the church parking lot so late but I looked up and the light was so fast and no car or car sound just light headlight level going super fast like a ball of light like super super fast then disappeared I had a weird feeling it creeped me out I locked my doors and rolled my half way window all the way up and left immediately. I had a shiver up my spine this just happened and I’m stilll freaked out it looked like car head lights but no sound when I looked up it was moving really fast just a ball of light but also looked like a dog running in a weird way super scary ! Never parking there again I didn’t even know it was supposedly haunted till just now !!!! Omg I’ve stopped there late before to put steering fluid in and had a weird feeling to watch my back. But I figured it was just my habit to making sure a wacko wasn’t gonna grab me in the dark 2 light church lot but no now I know it was ghost or something idk but definitely not stopping there again I know last time I jumped in the car pretty quick such a bad feeling and tonight when I seen that I immediately locked doors rolled windows up and had the scariest feeling ever !!!!

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