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The Chapel of Ease is reportedly a deserted church, and it’s haunted. Rumor has it that when workers attempted to seal its old crypt, its ghostly residents wouldn’t have it. The bricks used to seal the opening would be stacked in a neat little pile the next day.

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    Geographic Information

    Saint Helena Parish Chapel of Ease Ruins
    United States

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    32.375585763879535, -80.57663402513123
    Beaufort County, South Carolina
    Nearest Towns:
    Beaufort, SC (6.7 mi.)
    Port Royal, SC (6.8 mi.)
    Shell Point, SC (9.3 mi.)
    Burton, SC (9.5 mi.)
    Laurel Bay, SC (13.2 mi.)
    Hilton Head Island, SC (15.1 mi.)
    Edisto Beach, SC (15.8 mi.)
    Bluffton, SC (19.1 mi.)
    Ridgeland, SC (24.6 mi.)
    Yemassee, SC (27.0 mi.)

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    1. Lands End Road has a large spirit light, appearing as a green fireball. I have visual confirmation, as it follows vehicles and pedestrians, then veers into the woods or just simply fades. It acts almost too natural; however, it is very rare, do not be disappointed if not seen. Stop by the chapel ruins nearby, it has orbs. Further down the road boasts a civil war fortification. A few orbs, and a lot of destruction. Not worth the risk of going there at night, as you could get hurt or worse (by the living, of course.)

    2. Our group visited this location last year, and we did not find much there. A few good voices on the spirit box, some EMF readings, but most interestingly while reviewing the footage on our camera, we heard the faint sound of a woman singing, which we did not hear while at the church. It is a very beautiful location though.

    3. Joey Zebrowski  |  

      I’m a 44 year man who purchased a property in Myrtle Beach in 2014 with now my Fiancé. On a day excursion we where out to see the 400 year old Angel Oak In Charleston SC where we met a old artist who had mentioned a old Church Ruin called Old Sheldon Church. He had mentioned this because I had photography equipment as a photographed the tree he was painting. As we headed out to the Church Ruins we noticed signs for Savanna Georgia close enough to extend our trip over night. We decided to double back the next day. The next day we headed out to Savanna Georgia Harley Davidson where we met another person who after we had told her we where going to check out Old Sheldon Church she then told us about The Church of Ease, after The Old Sheldon Church we headed to The Church of Ease. When we arrived I began to take pictures and as I did this I was having a conversation with a gentleman from Ohio and my Fiancé was talking with 2 other people from the area. This is when a strange event took place, out of the 5 of us in different locations I started to get bothered by Nats…those annoying little Summer bugs!! As these bugs started flying around me I noticed them on my photography equipment, they were all over me and my equipment and NOT anyone else out of the 5 was being bothered!! My Fiancé and I both sprayed ourself with Off bug spray as soon as we arrived there! Now I can’t explain why I was the only one being bothered or why they were landing on my equipment but after we left I doubled back and had my Fiancé wait in the car so I could walk the grounds and apologize if for some reason I disrespected them!! This happened about 4 hours ago!! 7/9/2019

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