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It was in 1862, during the Civil War, when Union soldiers at Fort Pulaski first tested a rifled cannon, which eventually made brick fortifications useless. The fort also was used as a POW camp. At night at this historic site, it is said that the ghosts come to relive their past. Witnesses have reported unexplained sounds including gunfire, the screams of people dying, and a small child crying.

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Geographic Information

Fort Pulaski Road
Savannah, GA 31410
United States

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32.027035564946736, -80.89030444600212
Chatham County, Georgia
Nearest Towns:
Tybee Island, GA (3.2 mi.)
Wilmington Island, GA (5.1 mi.)
Whitemarsh Island, GA (7.4 mi.)
Thunderbolt, GA (9.4 mi.)
Isle of Hope, GA (10.5 mi.)
Skidaway Island, GA (11.2 mi.)
Savannah, GA (12.9 mi.)
Vernonburg, GA (14.1 mi.)
Bluffton, SC (14.6 mi.)
Montgomery, GA (14.8 mi.)


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Comments (7)

  1. matt "spookykid" hicks  |  

    I’m vacationing on tybee in about nine days, planing to do a little ghost hunting! i’ll post more if i catch any evps or pics!

  2. Me and my daughters went here last summer. We were walking around and I went into one of the rooms that had stocked the cannons (magazines). My daughters would not come in there. I was alone and all of a sudden I fet the hair on my neck and arms raise and a cold draft. Then it felt as if someone was rudding my leg. I walked out and didnt say anything at first and when we were leqvingI asked my daughters if they thought Fort Pulaski was haunted. We were joking around about a soldier rudding my leg. We came home and found it was the most haunted places. It still raises my hair on the back of my neck thinking about it.

  3. I have pictures, of what appears to be a man wearing a hat. It was super creepy I had a really anxious feeling and then I went back to look at my photos. I had to get out of there!

  4. I hate to pick on the copy at the start of this but rifled cannons did NOT make brick forts useless. regular cannon’s did that as early at the 17th century. The French engineer Vauban developed the design of modern forts with earth works protecting hard walls and projections providing interlocking fields of fire.. Variations on this still exist today.

    rifled cannons allowed artillery to shoot further just as rifled barrels allow muskets to fire further and they were being developed before the start of the civil war. The site has a horrific history BUT the copy above about cannon development? not so. I mean think it through. Why would the union develop high tech weapons so far behind enemy lines?

  5. This was on the way to my great aunts old house so I grew up going there all the time & always being anxious. I remember talking to a guy I thought was a war actor when I was hiding from my dad & he disappeared when I turned around. I’d see him walking around there almost every time I visited & my dad never did. Wonder if I’d still see him…

  6. One of the creepiest places I have ever been. My adult daughter and I were visiting and on our way out I decided to visit the ladies room while she continued on to the car in the parking lot. While I was finishing washing up I heard a voice distinctly say “Hey”….I went out of the restroom right away thinking my daughter had pulled the car up next to the restroom. Nope, and there was absolutely no one walking by or walking away. The restroom is brick so I don’t believe it could have come over from the men’s side, plus there are no windows. To this day I think it was a voice from the past. Very haunting.

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