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Built in 1830 by Fountain Branch Carter, the Carter House, now a Civil War museum, lay in the middle of the Battle of Frnaklin, one of the worst Civil War battles. It was used by Union troops as a command post, while the Carter family hid in the basement amid the sounds of gunfire and cannons. Sadly, another of the Carter clan, son Tod Carter, had been in the battle. He was found on the battlefield but died in the house 2 days later. The house is said to be haunted by Tod Carter and his sister Annie. Witnesses have described apparitions, a statue jumping up and down, tugging at their clothing, and unexplained voices.

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1140 Columbia Ave
Franklin, TN 37064
United States

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35.917266311794364, -86.87476329828644
Williamson County, Tennessee
Nearest Towns:
Franklin, TN (0.6 mi.)
Thompson's Station, TN (8.2 mi.)
Brentwood Estates, TN (9.2 mi.)
Brentwood, TN (9.5 mi.)
Forest Hills, TN (10.6 mi.)
Nolensville, TN (11.7 mi.)
Spring Hill, TN (11.9 mi.)
Belle Meade, TN (12.4 mi.)
Oak Hill, TN (12.9 mi.)
Fairview, TN (14.5 mi.)

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  1. While visiting here several years ago.. I had a very disturbing experience. As I was peering into a metal casket that one of the soldiers was buried at some point, in the museum portion of the house, out of nowhere I got an extremely sickening nauseous feeling in the pit of my stomach and a putrid odor suddenly appeared from nowhere. I felt as if someone or something was there with me. I was so scared and disturbed, I had to leave the house without seeing the full tour. I felt immediate relief as soon as I left the house. I have never been back inside the house and do not plan to.

    • Omg that same sick feeling happened to me in the “hospital room”. I had to leave and couldn’t finish the tour. Once I got outside however I felt fine. Have also seen a woman standing in the window upstairs.

  2. I visited this house a few years ago and saw the rocking chair in the parlor start to rock back and forth…not much but just a bit. I also had a nauseous feeling when going through the tour

  3. This is a wonderful piece of civil war history and the tour is excellent. My husband and I were the only ones on the tour so our interaction with our guide was more personal. As we were touring the home I suddenly became so overcome with sadness I had to step outside and cry. The guide said many people feel that way about the soldiers and the Carter’s son who died from battle wounds but that wasn’t it. I said there was the saddest spirit in the hallway at the bottom of the stairway, so sad I could not go back in. He looked surprised and then told me something about the family’s history not spoken about.

    • So what did they tell you that wasn’t spoken about ? We did this tour yesterday so I am very interested in what they said to you that they probably didn’t tell us.

  4. As we were sitting on the porch of the Carter House, I felt a connection to the Union soldiers from Missouri. I could see them lined up along the hill with guns ready for battle. I could sense they liked Tennessee as it reminded many of them of their homes in the hills and forests of Missouri.

    Our next stop was the basement. I could sense the anxiety and horror of the Carter and Lotz families along with the slaves hiding out in the basement and hearing the sounds of the battle outside and wondering what horrors awaited them when they left their basement.

    Last, I wanted to go in Tod and Annie’s rooms of the house. The guide said the rooms were closed. You could sense a forbidding spirit behind the locked door of Tod’s room. His photos display a very serious and intense young man and his sister Annie has a melancholy appearance in her images.

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