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Voices, crying and ghostly lights are said to appear in the hallways of the hospital.

If you've had a paranormal experience here, or have any additional information about this location, please let us know!

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    Geographic Information

    1127 University Blvd. NE
    Albuquerque, NM
    United States

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    35.093191, -106.62687
    Bernalillo County, New Mexico
    Nearest Towns:
    Albuquerque, NM (1.5 mi.)
    Lee Acres, NM (4.0 mi.)
    Los Ranchos de Albuquerque, NM (4.8 mi.)
    North Valley, NM (5.5 mi.)
    South Valley, NM (6.4 mi.)
    Paradise Hills, NM (8.5 mi.)
    Sandia Heights, NM (9.6 mi.)
    Carnuel, NM (9.8 mi.)
    Rio Rancho, NM (9.9 mi.)
    Corrales, NM (10.1 mi.)


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    1. I have family whom live near this hospital and are having paranormal experiences with babies crying, strange presences and lullaby music. Toys going off by them selves and their real children crying that they saw a ghost baby. Has anyone else in the area experienced this type of thing? Dartmouth Dr. NE….

      • I had a friend who was a security guard at CT Hosp. back in the 80s. I’d visit him there at night a few times. We both had ‘strange’ experiences there. Mine was seeing a green glow in a room, feeling creeped out to walk down a hallway only to find that a field or entity blocked my way and I got pushed up against a hallway wall and could barely squeeze by the ‘thing’. It kind of screeched at me while in it’s grasp. I told friends about this and they wanted to see what the deal was. Several of my friends went to Carrie Tingley Hosp late at night and noticed a barely visible shadow of what I’d say was an Indian warrior in the window of the same room that I’d seen the glow in while inside. Spooky shit. Jake

      • Yes I’m here an an just posted below my story I’ve got pic’s to prove it an I proved it to the nurses here an they come into my room an hear the cry of a baby or a young child I I don’t know how to load the pic my girls where doing that face thing an the camera detetakes your face an you can add dog faces an thing well it cought the face up in the sealing it was crazy

      • It is a well known haunt….. And it is 100 % haunted. Trust me!!!! On the other hand you will not find evil entities here ! This is more of a past residual child like , baby cry haunting!!! A little poltergeist activity, not your Amityville haunting, but we’ll deserved actual documented activity rests at Carrie Tingley Hospital….

    2. I’m in the 5th room 8 with my son since the 25 of May today is the 4th of June I proved an provided staff that the room was haunted well to me it ant haunted it’s just a young child or more like a baby… I was feeling cold as I was in the room I went to the restroom during the day too well as I sat there I began to hear a soft cry an the again an then about 3 soft acing cries as if the baby was in pain I thought it was my son but I looked an he was asleep so I didn’t think nothing an later went again an the same thing only this time the baby was crying an crying soft cry to an I said to my family I’m I hearing things but then we all heard it My husband began to cry it hit him hard an so I began to do research an I couldn’t find anything an a nurse told me there was a child her an at the time them cought a man standing over the baby on a 24 hour services no one was or should have been in the room as the where looking at the screen they walked into the room an no one was in there so I tell them about my experience in he room there thinking no no so I convince a nurse to come into the restroom with at this point she a lit scared an we’re waiting an it begins to cry softly an over again she ran out the room told her staff she had heard it so then another comes in an I believe the baby wasn’t happy we where bothering him or her so I close my eyes an I say I’m not here to hurt you my hear ackest for you lit one an then it starts up an the nurse was do scared she began to pray it never scared me it more made me sad an I just wanted to know so bad who this babies is an what’s it’s story well this was all yesterday the 3rd when I had let the staff know an before had my daughter was taking selfies like all teens an a face of a baby or really young child apeared in the top left of the sealing in the photo an I went to them with the prof an on of what we could her an they seen an heard it them self an today they come an asked me if I could move rooms because they needed it for a little one coming in that needed to be monitor but it’s been since this moring the 6/4/16 an I yet to have seen any child in the room the door has been shut all day an no nurse has gone in I BELIEVE they where asked to just the room down…… So tell me what’s do you’ll think of this I will be uploading the photo in a bet

    3. I don’t have any personal experience is here but I’m trying to recommend some places that you guys should put on the website the first one is The Wyndham waterpark in Albuquerque New Mexico supposedly one of the rooms is haunted here and the sun village apartments the apartments are built on an old cemetery the portion of the cemetery still exists where they have not remove the bodies And the hanging tree in old town this was used to execute people in New Mexico in the 1800s however the branch that was used to execute the prisoners was removed and mulched and activity has since stopped all of these locations are in Albuquerque New Mexico

    4. Caprice Caballero  |  

      I worked at Carrie Tingley Hopital. There was several sightings of a your girl in dated clothing on a rehab tricycle. We also had an elevator that would keep taking you down to they basement where the was once a morgue. You needed key access to go to basement but it still would go down by itself. When you were down there you felt like something was watching you. The air was very heavy. I also worked in radiology and the rad. Tech. took an extra and set the film cassette to be processed in a chair while she finished with another xray. When she came out of exam room it was gone. It showed up months later in the same chair. We had also brought an old tv up from basement and the static came up on tv without us turning it on. We also had a front entrance and a back door used for emergenies only. Our clinics were done for the day and I was on my computer and my coworker was picking up waiting area. She looked up and asked if I hear a child walking past hear. I didn’t but a moment later the locked back door slammed.

      • Caprice!
        You know the bathroom by the PBX office. Well one day the door was slowly opening and closing its self very slow. No one was in it and it did it for 5 minutes! The Ortho clinic saw it! And don’t forget Harvey! He is the one who took you down the elevator.

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